Vaccines are bullshit. Big Pharma is a cartel that profits off trying to keep people in a state of constant sickness.


First and foremost, I want to ask you a moral question: do you think it is ever moral or right, for someone to try and force you – or anyone, for that matter – to do something against your expressed consent?

No? Good. Let’s continue. I recently came across this article ( that basically attempts to dismiss the notion that vaccines are actually poison and are being used for attempted population control, and for degrading the human genome for later generations. If you come at this from a government sponsored and corporate funded, brainwashed perspective, here are some other questions:

1) How long have you been studying health? Both esoterically and exoterically.

2) Have you been looking only at “official” sources? Or have you actually looked who’s funding what, and what agendas are behind them? How they’re connected to other agendas, etcetera?

3) Why are alternative forms of medicine being censored or banned? Stuff that the pharmaceutical cartels can’t put a patent on. Stuff that has been constantly shown to both not be poisonous to the human body, while also actually helping the body heal.

4) Why does something that supposedly “works” need to be promoted via violence and censorship of alternatives?

5) Why are pretty much all studies that say “vaccines are okay” funded (i.e. bought and paid for) by the government or the pharmaceutical cartels? While pretty much most independent (i.e. not backed up by gov and corporations, and who – at least seemingly – don’t have an agenda of control) studies show that it’s basically poison. Among other questions.

Through both insight, individual experience and research, I’ve found that the pharma cartels are nothing more than yet another attempt at population control, as well as gaining profits off of promoting chronic diseases, by temporarily suppressing symptoms, while keeping the cause of disease in place. Aside from attempting to produce a population of feeble, stupid people who are easier to deceive and manipulate, for both human and non-human agendas, but parasitic either way.

I’ll address each element of the article in question, while also rephrasing the notions they call “myths” to actually express what the case is; or, what I discern it is, anyway.

First off, the site is one funded by big pharma. The CDC is a governmental organisation. Both rely heavily on deceit, hiding, as well as obscuring and misconstruing information, along with engaging in violence and censorship to carry out their agendas. Also, they do not invite conversation. They just discredit alternatives, and when genuine research comes up that shows the contrary to the “official” story, they try to censor it.

#1) Vaccines do help cause autism

If vaccines don’t help cause autism, how is it that, statistically speaking, many more cases of autism arise in vaccinated kids? Autism is also an umbrella term that is pretty vague, and can be “diagnosed” from a lot of different symptoms, but generally can be summed up to stunted mental and emotional development.

I don’t recall the names, but numerous government “scientists” have actually spoken out against vaccines, and were censored or killed, if they produced enough evidence to support their claims or “blow the whistle too hard”, to so speak (doesn’t matter though; doing what’s right should come way before, in priority, compared to just biological survival).

Also, one of the guys who came up with the definition for autism, mentioned that it was just an umbrella term for vaccine injuries of different kinds, but that it was meant to look like something that could develop naturally, because of its vague definitions.

#2) Infant immune systems are (typically) not developed enough to handle that many toxins and input

 The article refutes it’s own logic. On one hand, it says the baby’s immune system is super strong and could withstand so many viruses and bacteria. Then, I ask, why are the “immunizations” necessary, again?

The whole point of the vaccines, by their own logic, would be that “oh, the baby needs immunizations, because it’s so weak”. Yet, at the same time, they say it’s strong enough to easily handle all these toxins. If it can handle those toxins and heavy metals and shit, wouldn’t the actual disease be a sinch, by comparison? So, again, by their own admissions, why does it need “immunizations”?

At best, that would just be something completely unnecessary, while at worst (which is actually the case) it would just be poisoning and attempting to degrade that budding immune system, so that it’s more susceptible to disease down the line, and such that the pharma cartels can milk them for profit; as well as, obviously, for there to be an increasingly sicker, easier to control population that is less likely to think critically.

#3) Natural immunity is actually better than any, supposed “immunity” induced by vaccines.

What the article claims on that particular bullet point, is blatantly false. Most people have negative reactions, allergic or otherwise, from vaccines. Sometimes, these reactions are external. Other time, they’re internal. Some are chronic and often unnoticed or “rationalized away” (because of propaganda), while others are acute and immediate.

The definition of what is classified as a “negative reaction” to vaccines has been manipulated to exclude the actual reactions to the stuff. I had vaccines before, and have experienced more or less severe effects from it – ejaculation without producing sperm (loss of fertility for population control is also one of the objectives of the agenda), a severe decline of motor functions just minutes after the vaccines, feinting, painful migraines, vertigo, diarheea, pain urinating and takin’ a shit, chills and a lot of other things. In most cases where it was acute, it was literally “poof” – minutes after the vaccine.

Also, why is it that pretty much everyone who’s never touched artificial medicine, is almost always gonna be healthier than someone who’s addicted to meds? I told the doctor about it, and their answer was literally: “Oh, don’t worry. That’s normal.” If I gave you a roofie and then told you that getting suddenly sleepy is “normal”, would that in any way make it “better”? If I spiced your drink with cyanide and told you that the reaction from the drink is “normal”, would that make it in any way less poisonous? Of course it wouldn’t. It’s just window dressing.

Also, I’ve been off of meds and any kinds of vaccines (not that I’ve had that many to begin with, though) and have been far healthier than when I took them. This is pretty much the experience of mostly everyone who is off meds and lives at least a moderately healthy lifestyle.

That is, of course, in combination with a lot of other things, such as I and we (as soul and consciousness) deciding to be healthy and spritely, but that’s an esoteric topic I’ll get (and have gotten) into in other articles.

Also, there is the placebo effect, which “modern” science (i.e. scientism, not actual science) cannot explain by sticking to their purely physical model of so-called “reality”. The placebo effect is, in practice, your body healing itself without the need for any form of medicine or substance to be taken. In other words, if you know or perceive that you’re going to heal from something, you will.

I can speak from personal, spontaneous healing of pneumonia and severe exhaustion and starvation. I had pneumonia, I felt like having an ice cold shower and then practically go naked in the winter breeze. I literally instantly healed myself. It’s something I’ve reproduced at other times, as well. It’s not always instant, but I pretty much don’t get sick anymore. If I do, it’s extremely short lived.

The gist of it is that we create our own reality, through choice and consciousness. I’ve experienced instantaneous healing from more or less “extreme” ilnesses. Literally instantaneous, with some outer body experiences and whatever else that’s, again, more esoteric in its nature.

#4) Vaccines do contain toxins.

Is there such a thing as a “safe” toxin? What the fuck is that shit about? If something is good or at least non-harmful to put in your body, it’s not a toxin. Toxins are, by their very definition, bad no matter the amount. Or, at least incompatible with whatever type of organism we’re talking about.

They admit that there is mercury and aluminium, formaldehyde and other poisons in the vaccine. Then, they claim that only a bit of poison isn’t toxic for you, and you only need a particular amount of toxins for it to become bad. False. The main, if not the only type of situations where a particular compound becomes unsafe only when applied or ingested beyond a particular dosage, is in the case of stuff that’s not actually poisonous for you to begin with.

Like, you drink a dozen gallons of water at once. Yeah, it’s bad for you. Not because water is poisonous, but because you had way more than your body would manage to handle. The problem isn’t with the water. It’s with ingesting too much of it and not managing to handle it. If you got the right amount of water in, guess what? No negative “side effects”.

Poisons though, by the very nature of their interaction with an organism, are bad in any amount. That’s why they’re called fuckin’ poison. Sure, a pellet of rat poison isn’t going to kill you. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna be good for you.

That aside, heavy metals, if ingested they go out through the digestive system and are expelled. If injected, they linger in the body for far longer. Mercury atrophies the neurons and the links between them. Along with aluminium, it also makes you more susceptible to EMR (electro magnetic radiation). Plus, other stuff, like auto-immune diseases and such. Do your own studies and such.

#5 Better hygiene, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are what increase health, not vaccines.

Oh me, oh my, measles are gonna be the end of za warudo! It’s just demonizing a trivial diseases that pretty much everyone got in their childhood (ooh, and survived, imagine that) and getting people to be in a state of fear and anxiety. Which is one of the most retarded mindets to be in, and should never be a factor in making decisions.

#6 Vaccines are not worth the risk.

To those who say that the “benefits” outweight the negatives, you have clearly not done any manner of unbiased research. Even if vaccines did supposedly work 100% in preventing the disease (which they don’t), they come with lots of negative effects that far outweigh that supposed benefit, by making you generally more susceptible to other diseases, reducing your brain and organ functions, hampering your immune system and making your body much more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation.

Even if vaccines were 100% effective in treating or preventing the disease in question (which they are not, by the very admission of those who make the stuff), it would still be like choosing to cut off your arms, so that you’ll be “immune” to stinging your finger on a cactus.

Also, it claims that vaccine related deaths are so “rare” they can’t even be calculated? To me, it seems like the rarer something is, the easier it is to be calculated. I mean, it takes less time to count to 10, than it does to count to a million, I would say.

Also, what are “credible” studies? Do you blindly accept something from a “credible” source, while blindly rejecting something from a “non-credible” source? In other words, do you think information is more or less accurate based on who says it? Of course that doesn’t matter. What matters is the actual quality, relevance and accuracy of the information. Not who says it and not who does or doesn’t believe it.

Also, if we’re talking about taking someone’s track record into account (which is pertinent, but not definitive – I mean, anyone can shift gears and spout bullshit, or turn from deception to honesty), then you’re talking about an institution that literally would not exist without violence, theft, manipulation, deceit and coercion. I think they’re not the most trustworthy bunch, no?

And, oh, there is no immediate danger from vaccines, hm? Why is are there courts made specifically to compensate people who have vaccine injuries? Why would they be trying to compensate people for something that’s supposedly “so rare” or “neglijable”? More to the point, why would someone accept compensating a person who blames them of something, if they knew they didn’t actually commit the thing?

If you claimed that I poisoned your kid and your kid died, and I knew I didn’t do it, why would I be paying you to shut up about it and stop accusing me?

#7) Vaccines can infect the child of the disease it’s supposedly “trying” to prevent.

A disease is diagnosed based on the symtoms a person exhibits, no? Then, if they admit that vaccines can “cause symptoms of the disease they are trying to prevent against”, aren’t they practically admitting that vaccines help cause the disease? Or that, even if it’s not the disease in question, it’s still helping to cause some form of illness? If I shot you in the leg, would it be better if I said “oh, well, it’s not because I shot you, that you’re experiencing blood loss. It’s that your body is reacting to the bullet fired from my gun. See, I wasn’t the one who did you a disfavour. It’s just a side effect.”? That’s just trying to rationalize away the blame.

#8 Her immunity is bullshit

There is no such thing as “herd immunity”. How exactly is a vaccine that doesn’t work for any one person, gonna magically be effective if applied to a group of people? On another note, if vaccines supposedly work as advertised, why would the vaccinated people be at any risk from non-vaccinated, or even infected people?

On yet another note, I find it funny how there’s always the supposed claim of “how many times vaccines have saved lives”, yet there is never any actual showcase of that. The only time you see this claim, it’s backed up by either manipulated history, changed names and definitions for particular diseases (you have a disease, you pop out a vaccine and then you change the term for the diseases and call a less common disease by the same name as the one you’re trying to “prevent” or “treat”; then, you claim the disease in question was “treated”).

Do your research, preferably unbiased, and you’ll find that vaccines kill and injure far more than they do anything good. If anything good happens in a case of vaccines, it’s usually in spite of them.

I recommend this book, just to start out: “Natural cures they don’t want you to know about” – by Kevin Trudeau. This is a guy who is now a political prisoner, just for releasing this book. He apparently worked behind the scenes with the psychopaths behind gov and the pharma cartels, but eventually realized that he was promoting evil and slavery, basically, and wanted to expose it. Of course, I don’t agree with everything he says, but I consider it to have enough value and good information for me to share it.(edited)

On another note, I also personally know doctors who have quite the mainstream “medical” profession, after seeing what it’s actually about.

Also, when you go to “medical scientists” (or, rather, scientism-ists) in most big, academic universities and foundations, they constantly try to discourage people from coming up with cures, and just to find more effective ways of temporarily suppressing symptoms, while keeping the causal factors of the problem in place. If you actually come up with a cure, you’ll basically terminate your career in the medical profession.


The only kind of “mainstream” medical care that is actually good, is emergency intervention in case of accidents or severe injuries, as well as surgery in case something’s actually broken or fissured. Other than that, it’s practically an attempt to degrade the human genome. Also, Monsanto is owned by Bayer (one of the largest cartels in the pharmaceutical industry). Food for thought.

Also, my brother was vaccinated against measles… still got measles from a collegue at his school. Or, were these just “measles symptoms” and not the actual thing? (Sarcastic and rhetorical question, obviously). Also, guess what? Both boys survived (imagine that) and outside the mild annoyances of having measles, didn’t really have any issue.

Now, what do you think is a better option? Get poison pumped into your body and make it more susceptible to lots of different diseases down the line, while barely doing anything to prevent getting the disease you’re vaccinated against, if you come in contact with it?

Or just having your body naturally defend against a disease and move on with your life?

Also, did you know that being concerned with what you eat and avoiding chemical, gmo and poison laden food is literally now considered a “psychological disorder” (called “orthorexia nervosa”)? I mean, that alone should be a massive red flag to people, even if they are completely oblivious to anything else regarding the topic.

Anyway, as always… question everything. The more we question, the more we know; and the more we know, the more we question. Thus, through spirit, intuition, intelligence, etcetera, we know and comprehend… among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest, is always a choice.

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