There is always more to know and comprehend, about everything.


The belief in “authority” is nothing more than the belief in the “legitimacy” of slavery. It is probably one of, if not the most retarded beliefs in existence, and it’s one of the main reasons (and likely the biggest) why humanity is, aggregately speaking, in a condition of slavery.

An order-follower attempts to forget and abdicate their personal responsibility, by blindly doing what others tell them. An order-giver attempts to do the same, by trying to get others to blindly do their bidding, because they’re scared shitless of challenge or doing things on their own. Either way, it’s complete and utter cowardice.

There are also situations where people use the term of so-called “authority”, when referring to someone who is either at or above a particular level of knowledge, expertise and so on, in a particular area. However, it is just as retarded in that sense. Why? Because if someone believes that anyone has any manner of “authority” (like, say, someone who is called an “expert”) on a topic or field of expertise, just because “oh, lookie, they’ve got so many titles before and after their name”, then that someone just blindly takes their word for it, without questioning or investigating the matter for themselves. Aside from being stupid and ignorant approach in its own right, that belief also makes one highly susceptible to manipulation, by whoever it is that they’ve put on a pedestal.

Especially in our current world, where the progress of actual science and magick is attemptively stunted, where the public is sought to be kept in ignorance and drip fed mostly fabricated or manipulated information (through the mainstream, and part of the alt-stream media), because the parasitic dark occultists behind the scenes are evil, obsessive control freaks, and cowards who are scared shitless of anything resembling a challenge.

Doctors, teachers, “experts” and so on are paid off to deceive people, or have let themselves indoctrinated by the manipulative charade that goes on in most of today’s academia. Don’t get me wrong, there are more and more genuine people waking up from the system and speaking out against it, including swathes of doctors who decide to do things holistically and practice alternatives to the big pharma bullshit, teachers who start or go to private schools that have no grading system or “curriculum” in the traditional sense (or who homeschool their kids and promote the practice), experts who have sussed the bullshit and are exposing it in various fields, etcetera.

But, the point is, do you think someone with a title or system-based label wouldn’t try to deceive you? Be it knowingly or unknowingly? Our society is awash with deceit and manipulation, so exercising discernment and thinking for ourselves is paramount.

However, that is one of the lesser reasons for why thinking freely is a good thing to do. It’s more of a context-based motive where thinking for ourselves comes in handy, in thwarting and exposing deceit and manipulation, but there’s far more to free thinking than that.

Feeling and thinking freely, using our own volition and always coming to our own discernments, is a beautiful expression of what it means to be alive. One of the core ideas and principles of being an individual is that we create, experience and perceive reality in our own, unique ways. Though there may be similarities and differences, no two individuals are alike. Everyone is unique, and since we always have and are infinite and unlimited potential, there is always more to know and comprehend, than our minds might think they know, at any point.

So, the very idea that any individual person, character or being is “infallible” is a fallacy. I do not say that dismissively. Quite on the contrary, one of the main ways in which we show strength of heart, mind and character is that we are willing to face our mistakes, learn from them and improve ourselves, becoming better in every moment than we were the moment before.

“No mistake is ever a failure, unless you fail to learn from it.”

On that note, it amuses me (albeit in that tragic, head shaking sort of way) how parasites, by the very nature of them being such, always end up destroying themselves. In the case of the dark occultists and whoever/whatever else (human or non-human) that has the same fucked up mentality (evil, basically), they not only fail to learn, but they fail to even grasp the essence of what they’re doing. Which is kinda like a guy sitting on the outer end of a tree’s branch, thinkin’ “gee, I’mma fuck dis tree up so bad”, before proceeding to make their attempt at cutting off that branch.

Then, the tree watches them fall off, thinkin’ “Well, it looks like I got myself some pruning.”, before growing a stronger branch; probably more.

If we are to talk about who we are as infinity, unlimitedness and veyond (therefore, all potential and everythingness, etcetera), without any beginning nor end, then yes, each and every single one of us, no matter who we are at any point, we already know, comprehend and are everythingness; on every level and beyond levels.

On the levels of our incarnate characters, one of the very reasons why we chose to manifest as individual aspects of consciousness, is to experience stories, as well as the process of making mistakes and learning from them, with the purpose of what pretty much amounts to us, as spirit and consciousness, playing with ourselves – via our characters’ interactions with each other in the realms of the play-out stories; or “reality”, in other words – and remembering who we are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness.

So therefore, there is never any such thing as “authority”. Both because, as individuals, there is always more know, comprehend, learn and discern, as well as because I/we (as consciousness) already know, comprehend and are everythingness; and since every individual is unique, everyone creates, interprets, experiences and perceives reality in unique ways.

If we want to actually live life consciously, we are to create, think, feel and act of our own volition, having harmony between soul and spirit (ourselves as infinity), and ourselves as individual expressions of such, as living beings and beyond.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours.

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