The so-called “pandemic” is a fake. Here are some of the reasons why.


Before I go into the actual discernments and list some of them in bullet points, along with a brief elaboration as to why I think they are accurate, as well as links to some of the research material that I’ve gone through about this topic, the first section of the article is going to be another angry rant at how some people still fucking believe the mainstream narrative and come up with the most desperate and retarded excuses for the blatant slavery that’s happening around the world, which everyone with even the tiniest smidget of self-love, self-respect and independent, non-socially-engineered feelings and thoughts should be able to suss, even without having ventured into the realm of the occult, esoterics and conspiracy research.

Right, so… here we go… deep breath…

FUCK THIS SHIT!!! Fuck all of you morons and slaves who would lick the grime infested boots of your slavers, in bewildered astonishment at your so-called “saviours”, “authority” and “government” every single fucking word, while confusing the poison laden bones of left-over, ritually murdered chicken (and often humans too, both allegorically and literally) that they toss at you in disgust and cruel amusement, with “riches”, “gifts” and “blessings”. Indeed, you retards worship your idols, whom you’ve never met or known and whose agendas and ploys you know nothing about.

Likewise, fuck all of you slavers who erroneously believe you “love” yourselves, while in actuality loathing yourselves to such an extent that your self-hate, in an effort to conceal itself, transforms to narcissism because your pathetic ego is so calcified and your expressed individual conscience so broken and virtually, if not entirely non-existent, that you have such an aversion to acknowledging your own mistakes, and thus refuse to grow as an actual, living, conscious being.

To all of you slaves and slaver, to all the abusers and those who have been blinded by abuse, to all cowards, psychopaths and generally all parasites, human and non-human alike, I ask you: what AILS you? Why are you so broken? Why are you in such a profound state of self-loathing, that you would try to deceive everyone into bringing themselves to or below your own level of despair, fear and retardation? What AILS you, fellow expression of consciousness, that you have so deeply forgotten who you are?

Now, of course the main reason is because, as soul, they have decided to have that roleplay of seeing what it’s like to be a fuck=up, while those of us who remember more of who we are as consciousness have decided to experience more conscious and increasingly growing levels of awareness, knowing, comprehension, love and so on.

That being said, since we are at a point where the “end-game” of the ancient agenda is starting to unpack, both in the positive sense of being more and more exposed and increasing numbers of people waking up, as well as in the negative in the sense that it’s starting to kick more into gear (it won’t prevail though, because parasitism is always self-destructive, and also because good tends towards the more unlimited aspects of who we are as consciousness.

Now, I have dismantled the more common excuses I’ve seen people use to excuse the bullshit and “restrictions” related to the scamdemic in previous articles such as these.

I also explained why “government” and “authority” are nothing more than euphemisms for slavery, and why “necessity” and “good intentions” are virtually always pleaded as excuses for tyrannical impositions. Excuses which are often based on half-truths or outright lies (such as is the case with “pandemics”), and even if they were entirely true, slavery and evil is always far worse than ANY “crisis”. Why? Would you rather live and die a free-thinking individual? Or would you rather live a life mental and emotional chains and be a mindless drone?

A life in slavery is not worth living. Ever! That doesn’t mean that, if we choose to be born in slavery like we have when we came into in our current period in this timeline, we’re just gonna commit suicide. It means that we stand up and thwart the evil, by both growing in spirituality, intuition, intelligence, love, passion, care, conscience, compassion and everything that is good and conscious. In-so-doing we develop a natural tendency, through our self-love and self-respect, to love and respect others as well and also do something to thwart the evil and overcome the obstacles we face. In whatever way we might.

In that sense, part of the process of helping both ourselves become better individuals and help make the world a better place, is to inform others about things that would help them grow and evolve, as well. Part of that is conspiracy research, and in case of this particular article, exposing the utter and complete scam that the “covid-19” fakedemic is.

I want to mention that I don’t agree with everything in any of the links or afferent material, nor with the individuals’ in question beliefs or opinions, either on the topic at hand or in general. That said, it is important to be discerning and look at all information, no matter if we agree or disagree with each other. However, I do find the information pertinent enough to share and has helped to shed more light on why the scam-demic is exactly that.

  • A general outlook of the agendas potential steps

Basically, the coronavirus “crisis” is just another problem-reaction-“solution” scheme to try and get people in a state of panic, for easier manipulation, and to promote globalisation along with even more tyrannical impositions, surveillance, RFID and other chips and implants, the “smart” grid agenda, as well as in a nutshell have the world become like China. The latter being more or less an entry-level blueprint for how the the parasites behind the “government”, human and non-human alike, want to see the world become.

Step 1: The first “wave” of the scamdemic, followed by “lockdowns”, economic turmoil andmass layoffs.

Step 2: Race baiting and riots to distract about the collapsing economy and that the banks, along with the very debt & death paradigm itself are the cause of the ponzi scheme’s collapse.

Step 3: A second wave to finish off whatever non-“government” and non-big-corporation businesses survived the first wave. Basically, more bullshit lockdowns and mass layoffs. Repeat until most small and medium sized aren’t around anymore, while trying to perpetuate either another “pandemic” scam or some other fake-ass “crisis” (simultaneous with the other steps).

Step 5: Stir the wickerman of a “wealth inequality” debate to agitate all of the laid off masses, especially after being evicted and living in their cars. Further riots and looting to ensue.

Step 6: Depose the current “president”, using the fake-ass (and even then trivial) “cases” statistics or economic distress as primary excuses; plus voter fraud or whatever other “russian collution” party lines, as a secondary excuse (I mean, all “governments” and especially the dark occultists behind the scenes go hand in hand, with the “country versus country” shenanigans being a dog and pony show for the masses, but that’s not what the “it’s the russians!” narrative is about).

Step 7: Install a new marxist/socialist/communist president (under the supervision of his “elite slavers”) and attempt to form a new socialist dictatorship / technocratic slave plantation.

Of course, varying by how, and how many people either roll over or stand up in defiance and utter refusal of the slavery system, the plan may very well change its course and timing, and may likely even be completely thwarted.

To note, I don’t agree with everything that I’ve linked, attached or embedded in my articles, but I do find the information pertinent enough to share. As always, question everything, etcetera, etcetera. Anyway, moving on.


No, I don’t just mean that in the “there is no covid-19, specifically” sense, which I had prior because I hadn’t really delved that deep into exosomes or related stuff at the time. No, this time I mean there is no virus, period.

Of course, I may be wrong and if I am, I want to know, but so far each and every single article or paper that dismissed or supposedly “debunked” the conspiracy or the notion that viruses don’t exist (that I’ve seen thus far, at least), have been either the typical “attack the messenger, because we can’t disprove the message” or so-called “evidence” based on an obsession around confirming the bias and (of course) the political, as well as profit driven agendas of the “government” and the mainstream “medical” industry. That’s beside the ancient agenda of enslavement and so-called “control”, by human and non-human parasites alike, but that’s a totally different topic on it’s own.

Anyway, the general idea is that there have been NO control experiments have ever been conducted, when it came to studies about “viruses” and them being any manner of a “cause” for disease. The short of it is that the process mainstream “scientists” use to determine a “virus” is basically taking a piece of tissue or genetic material, starving it and then artificially intervening into its natural process with antibiotics (therefore modifying it to various extents), and after that injecting the supposedly “infected” material. Then, the genetic material dies and thus the bacteria or “infected” material is hastily deemed to be the cause of the disease.

However, in order for the test to actually be accurate and see if the actual experimentation process and methodology wasn’t the actual cause of the genetic material dying, you need to perform a “control test”, in which the same procedure of the experiment is to be carried out, but without introducing the allegedly “infected” material. THIS CONTROL TEST IS NEVER CONDUCTED! Not in “mainstream”, pharma and “government” funded confirmation bias “studies”, anyway.

That you’ll find in these links and afferent, independent research material (most of which is censored and ridiculed by mainstream “science” by the way, so that’s one other reasons among many, beside the actual information itself, as to why this material is quite likely getting something right), where it is shown that when independent laboratories have been commissioned by actually inquisitive scientists and not ignorant pricks or sellout sacks of shit, to conduct these “control tests”. Every single time, when deprived of the allegedly “infected” material but all other experimentation methodology was still applied, the tissue and material in question had the same reaction. Therefore, it was not any “pathogen” or “virus” that caused the material’s death, but rather the actual conditions of the experimentation process, itself.

Likewise, in animal and human trials (which are immoral and cruel to begin with), you basically torture and strap the “specimen” into tight confines, miserable conditions and often strapped to an operating table, tubes, needles and other invasive tools injected into your body, plus often shocks, radiation and the works. Then, after all of this preparation, you then inject a supposedly “infectious agent” into the lungs, mouth, blood or any other part of the specimen’s body, and if it dies or exhibits any symptoms (mostly from the actual conditions of the experiment), you say it’s because of the infectious agent.

Imagine someone kidnapping you, putting you in a cage, strapping you in a table and injecting tubes and needles across your body. That alone would be enough for probably a majority of people to exhibit “symptoms” and shock, to an extent that causes “physical” damage to the tissue and cells. Then, after all that, if they inject an alleged “pathogen”, genetic material or bacteria (which pretty much never actually break down or harm living tissue – more details in the links) into your body and you die, they say that the injected material was magically the sole reason of your symptoms or death. The basic torture, stress, poisoning through chemicals and such are just ommited and dismissed.

Never do most mainstream “scientists” and “doctors” consider doing a “control test” to see if the methodology and experiment conditions were the cause, and if they are presented with independent studies that have conducted such tests, they are dismissed, mocked, ridiculed and censored. Obviously, they are also never invited in any mainstream media show. All because the illusion of a “virus”, or in other words “a boogeyman” or “invisible enemy”, is a tried and tested way to fool the gullible towards turning into scared shitless little pansies that are easy to deceive and exploit.

Aside from that, the very idea that you are going to accurately reproduce a natural phenomena in a lab environment is pretty much fallacious by its very inception. In a laboratory, you have a sterile environment. Nature is not sterile. In a lab, there are many artificial procedures and synthetic compounds brought into the mix, such as antibiotics (which literally mean anti-life; at least anti-biological-life). Such synthetic compounds are, again, not found in nature.

Also, in a laboratory where everything is isolated, you are pretty much going to focus on small details, in and of themselves, from their own perspective. That is good if you want to know more about the details of any one specific detail, in detail, like if you want to intimitally know a particular pixel on your screen, you can very well glue your eyeballs to the monitor and you’ll see it on it’s own in more depth. However, if you focus solely on that tiny pixel, in such a manner that you lose sight of the rest of the pixels and how they interact to form the bigger picture, well… you no longer see the big picture. That is why lab experiments are extremely rarely accurate, and even then never fully accurate when it comes to discerning things about nature as a whole. In a lab, the perspective is one of isolation and separation. In nature everything interacts with everything else.

Although both the separatedness and the interactivity between supposedly separate aspects are actually illusions of the “reality-game”, it is still pertinent to actually recognize those illusions as pertinent aspects of the in-game world and experience them in harmony. Both separatedness, interactivity and, of course, infinite beingness (in the sense of remembering who we are as infinite and unlimited consciousness) are to be consciously harmonized.

This harmony is something that the religion of “scientism”, along with all religion whatsoever, abhors and views as “heretic”.

To which my reply is, know thyselves. ALL and all aspects of thyselves. Not just the parts that suit the desperate survival of your petty egos, comfort zones and agendas.

  • The natural immune response of the body is being demonised

In a nutshell, exosomes are globs inside your cells that are constantly released whenever the body is stressed, poisoned, in pain or for a long list of other reasons, pretty much constantly. Exosomes of various sorts have different receptors that “unlock” the exosomes to perform their specific functions within the body, mainly as a way of communicating information of various kinds across the organism. When the body has a problem in any specific area, let’s say the lungs, they get out of the cell with a particular receptor attached that correlates with a “key” that is specific to lung-related cells and material, and once unlocked upon interacting with lung material, they collect data and then communicate it further, aiding the body to heal itself by providing feedback on what the actual problem is. They also act like sponges for absorbing toxins and protecting the cell, before being evacuated and excreted along with the toxins.

Here’s the kicker? What’s being given the boogeyman label of “virus”, are either dead or dying cells and bacteria that do not harm living organisms, or they are exosomes.

In other words, the “big threat”, the “invisible enemy” is something that is either harmless to the body or actually helpul to the maintenance of its health, but considering how the more esoteric and long-term, ancient agenda is to degrade the human genome try to make the species weaker and more susceptible to “control” and manipulation, in addition to the exoteric “modern” malice and greed driven approach of aleopathic “medical” and pharmaceutical cartels, which have a vested interest in exploiting sick people and thus trying to keep the population in constant ilnesses, it’s no surprise whatsoever, that the very thing they have been demonizing this whole time is the human body and immune system itself!

You take pills, vaccines and antibiotics (which literally means anti-life, by the way) that supposedly “destroy the big enemy”, “DAH VAIRUS, AAAH!!!”, and what they do is they actually “help” to destroy or undermine the actual integrity of and effectiveness of your very body!!! It is literally like taking rat poison and believing it’s good for you.

And if you look into occult symbolism, how words are used ritualistically and with specific intent and meaning, then no, “antibiotics” is not just an “innocuous word” used haphazardly. It is a description of what they’re designed for. Antibiotics are there to try and do exactly what their name (anti-life) suggests.

Vaccines, synthetic medicine, pharmaceutical drugs and everything that comes out of the mainstream “medical” industry is virtually ALL meant to suppress, oppress and sabotage the human body!!! It is probably one of the biggest hoaxes in publicly known, written human history, along with the ponzi scheme of fiat money and the obfuscation of ancient knowledge.

It is utterly evil, disgusting and depraved, and it should never be tolerated! If you’re on meds, my advice is to drop them and make some actually healthy life choices from now on. Now, supposedly and varying from person to person, some people may have withdrawal symptoms caused by chemical addiction to pharmaceutical drugs along with the abrupt interruption of the poisonous “treatment”. In which case, you don’t “suffer” or “die” from the disease that they supposedly “kept at bay”, but rather from having induced a sudden overload of stress to the body that – in combination with the weakened state it was already in, because of imbalanced mental and emotional factors, along with the poisoning of the actual “medicine” – would likely produce some sort of “meltdown” or problem. So, in that sense, my advice would be that – if you’re not yet mentally, emotionally and consciously prepared to take the risk and you don’t already know and incarnately integrate the knowledge that life and “death” are illusions – I advise you to gradually get off the meds.

Personally though, every aleopathic “treatment” I’ve ever taken, including after a period of several years that I was on constant medication (though after a while, I only took it haphazardly if at all), I’ve always ended abruptly and upon having made the choice to not have any withdrawal symptoms, I didn’t experience any.

For several years, I’ve been doing virtually the opposite of every aleopathic “suggestion”. I don’t visit doctors for any “tests” or “treatments”, I don’t take any pharma drugs whatsoever, I’ve spontaneously healed of pneumonia (or perhaps it may have been a very intense flu) by taking an ice, frigid cold bath and then screamed “freedom!!!” to the top of my lungs after it, naked and still wet, while basically facing the brunt of a snowstorm on my balcony, having opened all the windows, along with many, many other such experiences.

The point is, I haven’t gotten “sick” of anything for years. I don’t do diets. I just don’t eat animal products. I don’t exactly exercise constantly, but I do use stairs instead of elevators. So, in terms of health maintenance, I don’t do anything in particular to maintain it. I choose not to get sick, and aside from the reality creating implications of that, I also just… don’t poison myself with “treatments” against “viruses” that don’t exist, or against natural elements of the body and nature.

Also, here’s a kicker. The alleged “covid-19” is virtually identical to an exosome.

(comparison image(s) between the two)

In other words, people are dying of all the causes they were pretty much always been dying of every year, except now they’re putting up almost everything in the ball-park of “covid-19, aaah!”

Particularly anything that has to do with respiratory symptoms, which can be caused by a whole fucking heap of different causes, some of them completely harmless, some mild and a few lethal, but all of them not a new “ooh, invisible enemy”. Unless we’re counting 5G, energy weapons, EMFs and other radiations, GMOs and other such stuff, pharmaceuticals, vaccines,  fluoride in the water, etcetera, and other deliberate poisoning of the environment (not talking about “carbon emissions”, by the way) and of the population. Oh, and of course, “government” being slavery and all that, but that’s not really an “invisible” enemy, unless you’re fuckin’ blind (in the sense of being ignorant).

  • The virus “tests” are highly inaccurate

That is, aside from the idea that (most likely anyway) “viruses” don’t exist, especially not in the way that they are described by mainstream “media”.

The RT-PCR test (invented by Kary Mullis) was never meant for medical diagnosis, because it doesn’t tell how much of a particular “pathogen” or targeted genetic material you have in your body. The amount of whatever “something” you have in your body is a main factor in determining if you do develop symptoms or ilnesses. Of course, that is along with how well every individual manages to handle any amount of poison particular amount of poison. Just like how some people hold their liquor very well, while others get drunk after a few sips of beer, it’s similar with pretty much most if not all poisoning; which is basically the “biological” cause of all diseases, although that is actually a result of energetical, emotional, mental and other factors, both esoteric and exoteric.

It can also fake statistics and produce false positives and negatives, because it relies on what are called cycles of amplification. In other words, multiplying and magnifying the genetic material, until you manage to see it to whatever extent of clarity.

Aside from that, for many, many reasons that you can read about yourself from the links, the tests are basically looking for genetic material that everyone already has in their body, healthy or otherwise; with sick people having more of the poisoned or dying cells of a particular kind than healthy people, for obvious reasons.

However, as is the case with the bullshit party line of “asymptomatic carriers” (which is basically meant as a psy-op to instill constant fear and artificial distrust towards your fellow men and women, for reasons of trying to prevent any manner of cohesive and independent social organisation between people – which is why the masks and “social distancing” are there and NOT to supposedly “protect” anyone from something that either doesn’t exist, or in the off-chance that it does is statistically trivial EVEN WITH their highly bloated “official” numbers), relative to how many or how few amplifications cycles you use, you can easily fake diagnostics and statistics.

Like, if you have X amount of toxins in your body. If you take the “virus test” (most often the PCR, which is not meant to diagnose “infectious” diseases that most likely don’t exist), and they decide to lower the number of amp-cycles to, say, 20, you’ll get a “negative” because the X amount of toxins or dying cells (of one or more kinds) collected in the test sample, have not been magnified enough to register in the test to “raise the alarm” as it were.

If you take a test and the batch in question has an amp-cycle rate of 50-60-70 or whatever other higher number, then your X amount of gunk will now be labeled “he’s infected, aaaah!”.

Through this arbitrary amp-cycle rate – which can and is being changed on a whim by whatever “political” or globalist agenda of mass hysteria is attemptively propagated at the time, such as making the tyrannical “lockdowns”, masks and “social distancing” (obsessive-compulsive fear of other people, basically) seem “effective in curbing the pandemic” – you can fool the gullible masses and worshippers at the altar of “statism”, “scientism” and so-called “authority” into erroneously letting themselves played like puppets on a string.

Therefore, I just fucking shake my head and chuckle in dissapointed amusement, and sometimes roar in anger, when people come up with shit like “B-b-but, if I die of “covid-19” and it’ll clearly show that in the death certificate, you still won’t believe it exists!!”

No, because you won’t die of any “covid-19”. You’ll just be falsely diagnosed with a disease that (most likely) doesn’t exist. Neither your blind faith in what you hear in the news and what the priests of “scientism” who worship their idols of Mon-eye and Phar’mah tell you, nor your fear and cowardice make deception and “truth” anything other than what they are.

“Truth” is still “truth”, even if nobody acknowledges it. Likewise, a “lie” is still a “lie”, even if everyone believes it.

Similarly, right is still right, no matter if nobody does it. On that note, wrong is still wrong even if everyone does it.

  • Masks are USELESS for the advertised purpose and detrimental to your health

Why is that? I mean, aside from the whole notion that viruses don’t exactly exist, especially not as portrayed by the religion of “scientism” and big pharma, even if we humour the notion that they do exist, then by the very way “viruses” are described to be, they are far to small to be stopped by the meshes of the masks. It’s like trying to prevent mosquitos from entering your garden by setting up a chainlink fence around it.

Aside from that, they dramatically reduce the amount of fresh oxygen that you inhale and they “help” you continuously breathe in your stale, CO2 “waste” air (which is good for plants and the environment, but not so much for being excessively inhaled by humans and other similar types of “fleshling”, publickly known species in this world). In people with already existing health problems, especially if those issues are of a respiratory kind, that will usually heighten the risk of minor-to-sometimes-severe breathing problems.

Guess what they’ll be using as an excuse for a “sudden” rise in “cases”? Guess who they’ll also be blaming that on? Those of us healthy people who refuse to fall for the bullshit, who do not wear a face-diaper and don’t buy the lie, and who – even if there was an zombie apocalypse –type “pandemic” (I mean, aside from how min zombie-like some of the masses are) – realize that slavery is never a “solution” to anything.

FREEDOM is both the cause for all evolution and the genuine solution to every problem whatsoever. There’s infinitely more to talk about in that sense than just any amount of words might be “dished out”, but that’s the gist of it.

Aside from that, think about it. With a mask on, it’s just mental and emotional isolation, a limitation and impairment to speech and communication both on the grounds of unclear facial expression reading, so there is less of an emotional connection between people, and is also dehumanising. People are literally being treated like dogs and cattle (which no species should ever be treated as, by the way).

  • “Social distancing” is a mind-“control” psy-op and hypnotic trance induction method

Again, seeing as how the viruses (most likely) don’t exist, the whole idea of “pathways of transmission” and such fall apart as well.

Even if that wasn’t the case and they were a thing, even by the very “logic” of virus-believers, the “social distancing” doesn’t hold up.

So, the “viruses” supposedly travel by air, right?

“Yeah, of course.”

For what length of distance, usually?

“Well, several tens and hundreds of meters, sometimes kilome – oh…”

So therefore, do you think standing a few feet apart would make any difference at all, fuckwits?! Even by your own “logic”, it’s pointless. Besides, even the WHO claimed (but then retracted the claim, and then made it again, bibidi-bobidi-boop, I smell an attempt to try and seem “credible” as a method of appeal, instead of actually being interested in actual knowledge or discernment) that the “virus” isn’t transmittable through the air. In which case, again I ask, why still recommend – or, more accurately, desperately demand – “social distancing”?

Oh, that’s right. This is a psy-op to try and get the masses into a constant state of fear, stress and panic, which not only increases the risk of disease and weakened immunity, but it is also a state of emotional and mental imbalance that prevents most people from feeling and thinking clearly. That, along with the “fear of other people” mentality and artificial suspicion of one’s fellow men and women who’ve done them no wrong, also prevents the masses from organizing effectively against oppression.

It’s a mind-game, people! And not the good kind. Of course, it’s also one that we easily rise above and move on, if we so choose. As with all obstacles, which by their very definition are meant to be overcome. And we are all overcoming them, whenever we choose to do so.

  • It’s a cult ritual of “initiation” and indoctrination

Isolate (self-explanatory). Traumatise (constant fear porn in the media and “lockdowns”). Malnourish (in this case, reduce oxygen intake and eventually vaccines). Repetition, repetition, repetition. Present a proxy parent figure, in the guise of a person, entity or institution.

This is cult indoctrination in an even more overt form than the mass hypnosis that’s been attempted thus far, along with a massive sacrifice ritual, through all the deaths from the economic collapse and the ramifications, as well as of course the “treatments” that they’ll try to coerce people with.

  • It’s an excuse to try and impose the globalist “new world order” (which is actually the “old world order” desperately clinging to its last dying breath)

Most, if not virtually all massively hyped “crises” have been used throughout history, both written and unwritten, human and non-human alike, as a means of trying to “justify” more tyrannical imposition and slavery. This one is no different.

It’s funny how people complain about “oh, noes, covid-19 deaths, waaaah!”, but at the same time don’t even bother to look at the implications of how many more are and will continue to be dying from all the economic turmoil (which may turn out to be a good thing in the longer run, since more people would realise, at least for a start, that our society is based on money that doesn’t exist and debt; although that obviously doesn’t excuse the evil of the agenda itself). That’s beside the people that generally die and are suffering because of the poisonous aleopathic or pharmaceutical medical industry, democide (murder by the “state”), wars; oh, did I mention that our current societal model is basically conceived and manipulated by both human and non-human parasites and psychopaths, who engage in mass blood rituals (called wars) as well as behind-closed-doors torture and sexual rituals involving kids, while also being engaged in human trafficking?

Oh, but that’s not cause enough to spark the ire of the outrage mob, though. They just look at their tellie and gobble up whatever bullshit their idolized “celebrity”, “government” or institution tells them to be pettily upset about this week. Ooh, or maybe they ask Alexa or Siri! Why speak to a living human, when you have an artificial construct right next to you telling you eeeeverything you want to hear, straight from the prism and bubble of those who programmed it? Go shove that digi-cunt up your ass, ya tech-addicted shits!

As an aside, I have nothing against technology, just like I have nothing against magick. They are different “in-story” or “in-game” (terms that I use to describe the illusion of “reality”, compared to who we are beyond it, by using the contemporarily-somewhat-appropriate analogy of a writer / artist and their work, or a game developer and their game) aspects that we can use to both our benefit and our detriment. What I am against is the latter use of technology and magick, especially if done ignorantly, addictively, or maliciously.

Speaking of such addictions to technology…

  • The scam-demic is an excuse for more invasive technologies

Both in the sense of privacy invasion and literal body-invasion, through eventual implants and connection to AI via them. First, they start out with masks and “lockdowns”, see how far they get and how many and how much people fall for their deception. Then, once they believe the masses will more easily fall for more impositions, they’ll come with vaccines and “immunity certificates” or “immunity passports”. Biometric scans for everyone, and all that shite along the lines of even more facial recognition, “contact tracing” (literally direct spying on people).

You think internet connected fridges, “smart” water heaters or toilets that literally have cameras looking up your asshole to “inspect” for potential hemorroids and other “health risks”, along with other such gadgets are just a temporary trend? Wait ‘till they become “mandatory”, which they eventually want to bring about, but it’s not going to work IF peoplet rise up against it. So, rise and wake the fuck up!

Eventually, it’ll be implants, “gene editing” and other excuses to basically connect people to the “hive mind” of AI and to basically produce the GMO human, who is pretty much going to be little more than a robot at that point. An empty terminal for both human and non-human parasites who are going to be behind the AI.

Speaking of which…

  • The 5G link

Conveniently for me in terms of time saving, I have found this neat compilation in a youtube comment that I saved some time ago, on whatever video I was watching at the time. The comment, which I’ll paste in this bullet point and which is lightly edited to fit the format of this article and fix some spelling or grammar errors, summarises the gist of what I wanted to post in this particular facet of the whole scam-demic shebang.

I don’t recall the video I was watching when reading this comment, nor the user’s name, but shout-out to whoever it was that wrote this comment. Both for the information itself, the courage and integrity to speak it publicly (well, semi-publicly, since it’s a comment on youtube and I don’t discern if the person is actually speaking it openly in their daily life, but they probably are, if my current assessment about them on the matter is accurate) and for the personal convenience of me saving some time in the process of writing this article.

Also, it touches upon hypoxia and the lack of oxygen, along with how it affects the brain, which also ties into why the masks “measures (“treatment” by coercion, basically)” are not only immoral and useless, but also a hindrance to your actual health.


The 5G system is a Wifi wireless network that operates in the 60GHz spectrum with download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, compared to the 4G download speed of 10 Mbps.

However, 60 GHz is the frequency at which oxygen molecules oscillate. At 60 GHz, 98% of the transmitted 5G energy is absorbed by atmospheric oxygen, which then alters the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules.

“60GHz is the frequency of oxygen molecule absorption. Oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other, oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules bonded together with the electrons that they share.”

When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of those shared electrons. It is those shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood. When the oxygen is disrupted, it will no longer bind to the hemoglobin and myoglobin (oxygen carrying molecules) and therefore will not be able to carry oxygen to the cell’s powerhouse ‘mitochondria’. Without oxygen, the liver becomes congested and the body, and brain, begin to break down due to slow suffocation.

Because the brain is the bodily organ most sensitive to the lack of oxygen, not getting enough oxygen to the brain will result in brain hypoxia. Brain hypoxia symptoms range from mild to severe. Mild symptoms include:

  • cognitive disturbances
  • temporary memory loss
  • reduced ability to move your body
  • difficulty paying attention
  • difficulty making sound decisions

Severe symptoms include:

  • fainting seizure
  • coma
  • brain death

Note: What do 5G and masks have in common? They both lead to oxygen deprivation! The masks play another role in restricting your breathing ability. You can’t pull normal amount of air to fill your entire lungs. So you end up getting less oxygen because you’re getting less air.

Note: The spectrum for 4G starts from 700 MHz to 5 GHz frequency bands. “Compared to the frequencies below 5 GHz previously used by mobile devices, millimeter wave technology allows transmission on frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. These frequencies are called millimeter waves because they have wavelengths between 1 mm and 10 mm, while the wavelengths of the radio waves currently used by smartphones are mostly several dozen centimeters.”

Note: Health Effects of cumulative low intensity Radio Frequency radiation exposure include:

  • DNA mutations
  • Mitochondrial damage
  • Tumors
  • Cancer (children’s skulls receive more radiation)
  • Heart palpitations
  •  Memory and cognitive problems
  • Sperm changes and infertility
  • Headaches, migraines, ringing of ears
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Type-2 Diabetes

Radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation affect the Schumann Resonance signals, which are the mechanism through which melatonin production is activated.

Note: The frequencies also affect the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes cold and flu due to the weakening of the immune system. This is the reason why people are prone to cold and flu in the winter season.

Note: The electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range are absorbed by water, fats, sugars, and certain other molecules, whose consequent vibrations produce *heat*.

Similar to microwave ovens which generate radiation at a frequency of about 2.45GHz (the microwave energy is converted to thermal energy by causing water molecules to flip back and forth some 2.45 billion times a second… the 60 GHz used by the 5G system causes water molecules to flip back and forth 60 billion times a second!!!)

Note: Main symptoms of “coronavirus”:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Fever

They have also shown how people suddenly fall down with seizures which are the same symptoms caused by severe brain hypoxia.


Speaking of symptoms…

  • The symptoms of “covid-19” are far too vague and non-specific

Wanna know why? Because they lumped together people who are sick of basically any respiratory disease, whether it be lung cancer, pneumonia, flu, asthma, bronchitis and so on, then piled up them all up and placed the label of “look, it’s covid-19”. The symptoms of the so-called “virus” and the “disease” can basically be attributed to a large number of ilnesses.

The list of alleged symptoms is increasing, by the way, as they supposedly “discover new symptoms”, which is just a front for the highly deceptive practice of basically diagnosing of almost everyone that gets the test with “covid-19”, if it so suits the agenda, no matter what disease they actually do or don’t have.


  • Doctors and nurses are incentivised or threatened to put “covid-19”  on death certificated, and also to get old people in hospitals to sign “no-resustication” papers, meaning they are left to die (if not killed by negligence, as is apparently the case with numerous nursing homes; that is, if not outright murdered deliberately).
  • The “front lines” and “hospitals are overrun” party line is fabricated

The media claims that hospitals are being “overrun” by the “pandemic”, but upon being investigated by independent journalists and what’s been called “citizen reporters”, have been revealed to be mostly empty.

Some news outlets have shown blatantly false images from other hospitals, from other countries and even from completely different stories and reports from several years back, while claiming it’s “live” or “this just in” footage of the “pandemic in action”.

I have personally gone with my camera at one of the “big name” hospitals in my city right at the beginning of the “lockdowns”, but didn’t manage to get in because I was stopped by personell immediately as they saw the camera. Nothing was overrun. I asked them if they had any “covid” pacients, and they just refused to answer. When I wanted to get in, they tried to stop me, even though there were a few people freely walking in and out of the hospital, who one of the guards said they were hospital staff.

Before I went home, I decided to look for something to film around the back of the hospital, but there really wasn’t anything interesting going on, so I decided to leave. About right as I tucked the camera back in its place, I saw someone entering the backyard of the hospital. I asked the person what’s going on inside the hospital and why it looks empty (from the outside at least), at which the guy just turned around and gave me a sort of smug look, saying something to the effect of “careful where you stick your nose into” or “curiosity killed the cat”, and then went inside the hospital I don’t recall the exact words he used, but that was definitely sort of “vibe” I felt about him, the kind of “shh, we like to keep things secret around here”. Or maybe he liked to tease or was a prankster in terms of his personality, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

As an aside, fuck that shitty excuse. Curiosity never kills the cat. It’s either the cat’s expressed inability to handle the information, the implications or that it doesn’t manage to thwart whatever psychopaths might try to assault it after having come to know whatever was occulted (hidden). Either way, it’s a problem with the context, not with the idea of curiosity and knowledge.

Curiosity is always good because it is one of the essential aspects through which we learn and developt the thirst for knowledge and comprehension, and if someone chooses to remain in ignorance for fear that they might die or incur pain of any kind and for any reason, upon expanding their awareness, then they are a coward and they can go fuck themselves. Fear of death (which is just fear of the unknown), along with all fear, is the very foundation of slavery, along with ignorance.

Doing what is right is to be done no matter what. Knowledge and comprehension are to be known and comprehended, for the sake of doing so. For love and respect of self, through ourselves as spirit, intuition, intelligence and consciousness, with courage and fearlessness. I know that life and death are illusions, and I would rather choose death and even torture, if the alternative was to become a slave or a slaver (which is still a slave, just to their own ego, whereas the other is a slave to the ego of another).

“It is better to live even a single day as a lion, than a lifetime as a sheep.”

It is better to live even a single moment of conscious freedom, rather than an entire lifetime (or any length of time) as a slave or a slaver.

Anyway, another funny thing is that I also got a call from someone I know, who worked at that hospital and, in their own words, “left because [they] couldn’t stand the corruption anymore”. Upon telling her where I was and what I was doing there, the person immediately panicked and said I “could’ve gone in so much trouble”. For… walking into a public hospital with a camera…? I mean, if that doesn’t smell rotten to you, what the fuck is your criteria for raising suspicion about something?

Now, I could’ve done a far better job at snooping around and such, but I pretty much went there to see if the “empty hospitals thing” was, well… a thing in city where I live, and after having confirmed my suspicion, I decided to go home.

Anyway, moving on…

  • Vaccines don’t work. Ever.

Also, they are poisonous and nowadays contain nano-boths and nano-chips (if they hadn’t already).

They don’t work because the whole foundation on which they are based, which is that “viruses” exist, is faulty and inaccurate. The whole foundation states that you take a supposed “virus” (actually phages, bacteria and dying genetic material) and you inject it in a living host, fragmented and “attenuated”; basically even more deadened. The claim is that this suddenly makes your immune or resistant to disease, much more so than you would be without the vaccine.

Okay, question: why is virtually everyone who does not take vaccines, pharma-drugs and who generally doesn’t visit aleopathic doctors, much more healthy than those who regularly take prescription drugs, vaccines and takes whatever “treatment” or “preventative medicine” the doctor presribes?

“Uhm, uh, I… um…”

More questions: why are the industry and lobbying groups, along with “government” only interested in studies that allegedly “confirm” their hypotheses, but dismiss, defund, censor and sometimes even murder genuine doctors and scientists who do independent tests showing the opposite to the “official” narrative to be the case?

Vaccines are useless, and that is when not having any poisonous adjuvants added, which may have been the case in the original or early vaccines in written history. In addition to that, you have mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde and many other poisons and neurotoxins in the ingredient list, and that is besides nanobots used for both tracking and attempted “gene alteration”. Not only that, but when injected underneath the skin, all those toxins bypass the digestive system which is one of the main “defence grids” of the body (on the biological level anyway) against toxic substances. Also, the amoung toxins injected in people in a single vaccine would usually kill the person, if injected directly into the bloodstream.

Aside from that, they literally help cause brain damage, autism, asthma and lots of other diseases that are basically not diseases, but rather cover-up names for vaccine injuries.

Along with a hefty list of other stuff, that would be rather long to post in a single article such as this, so here’s some more links for ya, both about this particular bullet point and about the “covid” fakedemic as well.

Also, if the vaccines or indeed the masks supposedly work so well and are risk-free, why the fuck do you need to “impose” it and censor information that challenges your supposedly “proven” hypothesis? Oh, how about… because you have a belief system or an agenda to cling to, and you either don’t give a shit about what’s actually going on, or you know it’s bullshit, but want to cover it up.
  • The mainstream, aleopathic medical industry was long been hijacked
  • There is no such thing as “settled science”.

While the notion of “science”, even as genuine and honestly inquisitive people interpret it nowadays, has many issues and shortcomings compared to heart-beyond-heart intuition and mind-beyond-mind intelligence, as well as things like omniscience and beyond, it is still far, far better and much more advanced than faith-based belief and bias.

However, even that (science; genuine science, specifically) is wise and conscious enough to have the approach of “questioning everything”. That’s the very principle of genuine science, and part of that is to doubt and ponder every theory and claim whatsoever, no matter how much one might think, assume or believe they know about it at any point in time-space.

In other words, a genuine scientist, along with anyone who remembers beyond just the world of their incarnate senses or the “seen”, realizes that there is no such thing as “settled science”. The moment you “settle” in your endeavor for knowledge, is the moment you birthe a stagnant doctrine at “best”, and at worst a religion or a cult.

So, NO, science is never “settled” or “established”. You might have various theories, interpretations and premises about which you’ve got varying levels of information to discern that they are accurate (or inaccurate) to whatever extent, relative to what you might currently discern at any point in time-space. Then, in relationship to that discernment, you form your behaviour and assume responsibility for any right and wrong you bring forth through it.

Part of the main points of growing in knowledge and comprehension, aside from doing it for its own sake and to grow in conscience, is to improve our behaviour and do things more morally, aptly and pertinently.

That is a never-ending journey of imagination, will, intent, self-improvement, evolution and growth, etc.

The moment anyone claims that their current interpretation or belief is “final, established, settled” and all that, is the moment they start smelling like bullshit. Either because of their ignorance or because they have an agenda to propagate through the promotion of their belief and dogma, to the exclusion and censorship of all other alternatives.

So, in that sense, let’s talk about…

  • Holy shit, the fuckin’ censorship

So many youtube channels have been taken down, many more are fully demonetized and even more still are being obsessively buried in algorithms, have their viewcounts lowered and so on.

I have personally various online accounts on forums and other sites either banned or outright deleted for posting “boo, hoo, controversial information”. Of course, I utterly refused to take down the stuff or change my “status message”, and tried having a conversation with the moderators, but the only thing they were interested in is pushing their vague “policy” and “guidelines” which can easily be used and are constantly used to censor.

Also, check this out: youtube comments on particular “high profile” videos get more or less immediately deleted, if they mention anything about the pandemic being fake, especially if you post links in the comment. I posted comments in some of those videos, for the purpose of potentially informing people who would probably otherwise not come across this information, and the comments got deleted in seconds. At first, I was like “did I missclick or close the tab without posting the message?” I posted the message again and it vanished. I posted again and then once more, checked the message counter and it was actually deleted. Boy, are they getting desperate or fuckin’ what? Look at China today and you’ll see where the rest of the world is planned to be heading tommorow.

Also, there are the so-called “fact-checkers” who are basically just mouth-pieces for the “government” and mainstream “science”, whose job is literally to try bully people into taking down their articles, videos or websites or slap a label on them saying “oh me, oh my, the official narrative doesn’t agree with this information”. Fuck you and your “official”, myopic lens and deceitful practices. Imagine how self-loathing someone needs to be, to get up in the morning and try to bully, harass and censor people. Pathetic and outright disgusting, cowardly sacks of shit, because they are supporters of evil and slavery.

As for the very concept of censorship, it is one of the main tennets of slavery and a hallmark of ignorance and vanity. Why? Aside from the immoral implications of trying to dictate what people think or feel, in which case censorship is one of the main tools of social engineering, also think about the psychology of those who try to censor others.

The main, if not the only reasons why anyone ever wants to censor anyone else, is because (a) they either have little to no confidence in what they’re actually saying, and they’re afraid that their beliefs might not stand up to scrutiny; but at the same time they still want to cling to those beliefs because they’re scared shitless of… *gasp*… mental or emotional discomfort, waaaah! Also, (b) they know that what they’re saying is inaccurate or just blatant bullshit, but they have an agenda to propagate and want to hide it; or (c) a combination of these and other ego-driven motives.

Now, compare that to how a genuine, intuitive, intelligent and honest individual would approach information. First and foremost, there would be an thirst and passion for knowledge and comprehension for their own sake, without having any attachment to any premise or theory, but rather being interested in knowing and not “believing”.

Therefore, there is a natural open-mindedness, which comes from being in harmony with the heart to begin with, essentialy having the approach of questioning everything always, never being obsessively skeptical, nor gullible.

(insert teachability picture)

The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know.

There more we question, the more we know… and the more we know, the more we question. Thus, through spirit, intuition, intelligence, consciousness, conscience, etcetera, we know and comprehend… among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate.

Never a slave, never a master. Never give up, never give in.

Never fear and never be feared.


Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

More references and information:

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