We don’t stand for this! This is child exploitation and manipulation! Stop sexualizing kids, motherfuckers!


I mean, holy fucking shit! I occasionally read and watch stuff about how “pedophiles should also adopt children”, or things about how “pole dancing isn’t sexualizing kids”… while the little girls wear skin tight, revealing clothing and spread their legs before an audience.

“Oh, we’re not sexualizing kids. We’re just, um… teaching them about their bodies. Starting from five or lower… about sex… personally and practically.

Oh, no, it’s not about some adults wanting to get off to mentally, emotionally and physically abusing kids, for the attempted degradation of humanity, at the behest of some psychopathic, parasitic fuck ups who just so happen to engage in human trafficking, ritual murder and torture, as well as “hunting games” (with children being hunted and shot, with hounds tearing away at their flesh, quite literally – look up some of Davic Icke’s work, Mark Passio, Cathy O’Brien, Pizzagate, the Vatican child abuse situation, and other similar things, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Also look into what the so-called “royal” families and “high class” pedophile rings are doing, plus Jimmy Savvile, Jeffrey Epstein and other such depraved, retarded husks of “people” who procured little children to those utterly depraved morons, who only ever have a speck or semblance of cleverness at best, but otherwise lack anything that even comes close to resembling genuine intelligence, intuition or empathy).

Anyway, that aside, there is a reason why kids having sexual or sexually inclined “experiences” with adults is bad. If humans started out as sexually developed creatures from the get-go, it would’ve been a thing, but humans start sexually maturing in their mid to late teens, generally.

That isn’t to say that sex or knowledge of sex should be kept from kids. Bullshitting your children with the “cabbage patch” or “stork express” is both unnecessary and teaches the child to be dishonest. If kids start becoming curious about something and they ask questions like “where do babies come from?”, it’s far better to just tell them: “Well, kiddo, from a biological perspective, we had sex and, nine months later, out you came from your mom’s hole.” Or, whatever variation of that you might feel more inclined to tell, so long as it’s honest. In my case, I’d also tell them that we’re spiritual beings that chose to manifest here and made a “custom character” to play out this game we call life.

Now, I remember being sexually curious myself, when I was way younger than 10 years old. I had a few girl friends (not girlfriends) who were my age at the time, and we just sort of naturally oogled each other and wanted to see one another naked and such. I remember being fascinated with how I had a cock and they had a slit. Although, this was more of an innocent curiosity, since as a kid, I had little to no notion what sex actually is. Until I somehow stumbled upon a deck of cards that had nude pinups on each one and thought the women looked quite pretty.

What I’m saying, is that this sort of interaction between kids, if it develops naturally, isn’t a problem. It’s innocent curiosity and nobody’s being coerced or manipulated into doing it. When an adult gets into the picture and starts wanting to “help the kid” by offering some “practical know-how”, then there’s a problem. Even if it’s not outright abuse, compared to trafficking rings and sexual brainwash cults,like supporters of the “tranny” agenda and media presstitutes, it’s still a form of manipulation.

Why? Because, in the case of humans, children are pretty much not going to be mentally and emotionally developed enough to knowingly make informed decisions. Except in cases where someone decides to be born with little to no incarnate amnesia, but that’s another topic. Either way, they’ll be physically too underdeveloped to actually engage in sex without at least some form of trauma.

I mean, this is obvious for anyone with even a smidget of care for children and who knows about the natural development of human bodies.Seeing trannies “teach” stuff in school – and sex-ed, no less! – berating parents for not blindly accepting crossdressing or self-mutilated, modified “men” into their children’s lives… I mean, it’s just fucked up. Gee, what could be wrong with trying to stunt your child’s natural development, by pumping hormone blockers into their body? Or with having a young boy dress up in drag, to provocatively strut on a stage and be oogled by old “men” (or, rather, just males) who call out “you’re fuckin’ adorable”? And who look at him with lecherous looks, while telling him that kids whose parents don’t accept this, should “get new parents”?

I wonder what could be wrong with that. “Everything” should be the resounding answer, even if you aren’t aware of the broader agenda to emasculate men and blend the sexes together, so as to try weaken the family unit and the natural bonds between men and women, in preparation for the eventual sought after outcome, which is to further try and hijack the human race and meld it with AI.

To be fair, no matter how many homicidal tendencies someone has, they’re not exactly a murderer until they commit to initiating the act of killing an innocent. Likewise, if someone has a sexual… attraction to children, but realizes its wrong and doesn’t actually commit to such acts, then they’re not a child abuser. Maybe they get off to the idea in their head, but just like playing a video game (say, Grand Theft Auto) and blowing people up in it doesn’t make you a mass murderer, that also doesn’t make one a child abuser.

I also find it funny, in a tragically amusing sort of way, how the very people who are either directly engaging in sex trafficking, or are complicit in it by working in, or supporting “government”, are trying to get on a high horse and “moralize” about how people play violent games, or get off to drawn depictions of sex involving kids (like lolicon hentai, for example). In other words, they seek to propagate the slavery system of “government”, attempt to stifle dissent and conversation by promoting censorship, supply little kids to public and private pedophiles, but then try to wag their finger at people who do nobody any harm. Par for the course, for evil to be as hyppocritical, as it is vile.

However, as vile as child abuse is, I wouldn’t censor it. Don’t get me wrong. It definitely shouldn’t exist as an actual practice! What I’m saying is that censorship, aside from the inherently evil thing that it is, also does nothing but help the abuse continue to happen.

See, whenever something is censored, it only makes it more difficult for information about it to be widely available to the public. Say you have a website, where someone uploads a picture of a little girl being fucked by a bunch of… urgh, you get the point. With censorship, the picture just gets taken down and prevents a larger number of people from actually examining the picture and sharing their ideas about how to find this girl, who the “men” (or women) are and how to organize to stop them doing what they’re doing. Without censorship, that endeavor would be easier.

Also, banning something does not stop people from wanting that thing. If anything, it just entices them to be even more addicted to something, because the object of their desire is now harder to acquire, so the work-reward system of the brain kicks in, and gives them the impression that the object of their desire is more “precious”.

The alcohol prohibition in the USA did nothing but spark a syndicate that exploited people who would’ve probably been less addicted otherwise. That is, aside from the idea that those syndicates worked more or less directly with “government”. Just like how the FBI, CIA, Interpol, KGB, etcetera, “conveniently” don’t investigate those who are in the inner circles of the pedophile rings, nor their procurers of children. If you ever see “government” investigating someone engaging in child abuse, it’s only “street level” pedophiles or those who’ve either been exposed or nor longer useful to their agendas. Or, those who are a threat or competitor to it.

It’s also just a way for them to try and “save face” in the mainstream media. Pretty much like how a “family” of murderers would shun a member of their group because of a slip-up that exposed them, and would then try to save face by claiming: “See? See? That guy is a murderer. We say he’s a bad guy, see?! We’re good guys!!” All while trying to cover their tracks and not have that person be too overtly linked to them.

Anyway, not that people suddenly become “mature” upon hitting an arbitrarily set age. I mean, I’ve seen both fucked up, sort-of-okay, as well as genuinely good people of all ages and races (that goes for entities, as well). Besides, trying to call for more “government” to impose “age of consent laws” does nothing but propagate: a) a system of slavery and b) the same system that engages in ritual abuse of children. All “government” is slavery, by design, and “laws” are nothing more than arbitrary impositions backed up solely by the threat of violence, coercion, theft and manipulation.

All forms of slavery should be abolished. That also includes religions and cults. By that, I mean the blind belief in something, along with the zealous attempt to impose that belief upon others.

Genuine spirituality, along with the good, self-elevatory aspects of gnostic teachings and such, are something completely different. Gnosticism was/is a practice that combines esoteric and exoteric knowledge in a mystical science.

Anyway, biologically speaking, people’s bodies do tend to sexually mature during their late teens. It’s also funny to note that 18, numerologically 9, is the number of the ego, which may imply that that’s when the incarnate persona starts to form in a more detailed sense. Or 21, which is 3, implying or suggesting a supposed harmony between one’s thoughts, emotions and actions.

However, different levels of expressed spirituality, intuition, intelligence and genuineness, plus life experiences and how one approaches them, all play a role in the development of a living being.

Anyway, the point is, among other things…  kids are supposed to be joyous and curious, living happily and fully experiencing the love of their family, as well as the beauty of this world, and whatever other realms (well, that would be preferable to be done at all ages, but you get the point). A beauty that is so abundant, that it often goes unnoticed by a majority of people, nowadays.

Part of rising above the darkness is to not hide from it. We are to face it and overcome it, while also remembering our own inner beauty, and the splendor within and all around us. A child’s innocent smile and laughter. A parent’s love. A lover’s embrace.

The delightful energy of song and dance, the beauty and artistic expression of ourselves as soul and spirit, creators and experiencers of life. We are both the dreamers and the dreams. With all the darkness and light we bring forth, within ourselves and all around us.

We are all and always free and freedom… imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours.

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