Responsibility versus moral relativism and moral absolutism


I want to clarify something, both for the sake of clarity itself and a more accurate expression of what I mean, as well as because I sometimes find that even the good and authentic people in the “freedom movement” might go ape-shit, upon misinterpreting what I’m about to say. I want to clarify that, yes, there is such a thing as morality; and, yes, it is good to live morally. Actually, living morally is pretty much one of the more advanced ways of actually living, because morality is the absence of evil, violence, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit. Yes, good and evil are a thing, and they do not change with belief, opinion or popularity.

That said, fuck “god” and fuck “natural law”. Likewise, fuck “satan”, “allah”, the bajillion hindu pantheon, and all other pantheons. Fuck putting anything on a pedestal; and fuck new age bullshit, as well as every other religion, doctrine and all that shite.

We are responsible for everything that we do; both our fucking up of things, as well as our overcoming of things. It’s all about choice.

Now, some of you might be wondering why I said “fuck natural law”, if I claim that morality is good. Personally, I agree with the natural principles of non-aggression and self-defence, I realize that “government” and so-called “authority” are just euphemisms for slavery, and that nobody and nothing whatsoever has any higher claim over our lives, than we do.

See, while I can appreciate people doing good stuff because they believe in “natural law”, and some are even quite accurate with regards to some of the mechanics of how our current reality works, but at the same time, I shake my head when they put natural principles on a pedestal or make the erroneous claim that “oh, [insert personified, externalised entity here] gave us life and free will, and we should accept their word as “truth””.

NO, nobody “gave” us anything, and nobody ever “takes” anything from anyone! That’s all an illusion of what I call the “video-game world” of “reality”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that as a means of expressing apathy. Quite on the contrary! People shouldn’t be complacent bitches, and they should get involved and do what is right and live their lives, no matter what anyone says or “demands” of them, including the decrees of whatever supposed entity. If anyone makes the claim “I did this for you, now lick my ass. I want a slave.”, then they can go fuck themselves, no matter the context.

Here’s the thing, with natural principles. Speaking metaphorically or allegorically, they are the in-reality equivalent of a video-game’s developer code. Guess what? Sometimes, the developer can have a hangover. Or maybe they’re shit at what they do, or for whatever reason they produce a faulty game riddled with bugs, at some point. Is the dev code, or “natural principles” of that video-game gonna be “good”, just because “hey, it’s that developer’s creation”? Fuck no. It’s gonna be a piece of shit, by virtue of what it actually is.

Then, we might have a mediocre game-developer, who doesn’t really know his shit all that well, but at the same time isn’t complete trash at making video-games. In that case, the dev-code or “natural principles” of that reality are going to be “meh”; again, on account of the actual attributes of their creation and function.

Likewise, there are genuine artists and compassionate creators, who are very good at what they do, and they can craft a meaningful, intricate and beautiful game that’s going to be a work of art, as well as a breakthrough. Is that game or its dev-code / “natural principles” gonna be good, because it was made by “that guy/gal”? No. It’s gonna be good on its own merit, by virtue of the actual complexity and intricacy that it manifests.

And, in our current reality, the natural principles are pretty good and actually reflect the genuinely good and elevatory aspects of who I/we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness.

See, you are not “god” over anyone else, and nobody is a “god” over you. Moral absolutism is all about “Woe is me, boo hoo. Oh, look at that tough guy in the sky. So high and mighty, I’m such a wittle bitch.”, while moral relativism is pretty much the same shit, but with that self-loathing taking the superficially different façade of “Oh, I’m so high and mighty, so fuck all of you plebs. Worship me, because I need your validation ‘cause I hate myself  – err, I mean… I’m so high and mighty over you! Aaaaah!”

Fuck that shit! When we love ourselves, we don’t put anything on a pedestal. Neither our own ego, nor the ego of others.

Besides, think about it. Infinity and unlimitedness. What does that mean? Among other things, it means no beginning and no end of any kind, as well as no limits nor limitations of any kind. Therefore, infinity and unlimitedness is everything, and everything that appears to have “form” or any manner of “limitation”, is actually I/we, ourselves, choosing to experience that kind of perspective and engage in what’s essentially a roleplay session, conducted by ourselves with ourselves.

I realize that it may sound “woo woo” or like “new age bullshit” to some of you, but the massive, massive difference is that the “new age” cult superficially alludes to the idea of us being infinite consciousness (with which people are naturally going to resonate with, because that’s what we all are), but then drowns that in meticulously crafted psy-op bullshit, which exploits some of the fallacies of current human psychology into an even more profound forgetfulness of our infinity, by propagating messages of lethargy, apathy and basically being a passive, cowardly bitch.

“Ooh, we’re so infiniiiite… so, it doesn’t matter, maaaaann…”

FUCK YOU!!! You don’t even begin to comprehend the concept of infinity, and you definitely don’t remember who you and everyone is, as such; well, for as long as you’re in that mindset, anyway.

Here’s the thing: I/we always and already are infinity, unlimitedness and veyond. Each and every single one of us, on every level and beyond the very concept of levels. THAT’S WHY EVERYTHING MATTERS!!!

So, if you want to have any accuracy to the claim that you’re a “good and moral person”, get the fuck off your ass and DO SOMETHING meaningful with your life. Improve yourself, grow as an individual and do what is right and conscious, no matter what. That includes realizing that “government”, “religion” and all forms of so-called “authority” are slavery, and saying that right out in the open, either without fear, or at least with courage. Likewise, it also means being willing to die, in defense of freedom and liberty.

Besides, what’s the big deal about death? To use the aforementioned allegory about the video-game, death is both metaphorically and almost literally like Alt-F4-ing from the game, and moving on to do something else. Someone who is blinded by the game, is like an addicted gamer who’s lost touch with even the memory of who they are as both developer and player. And, while this may seem derogatory (it isn’t, though) towards the good people who do see beyond the illusions and bullshit of our society, and who are also doing “the great work” of ending slavery in this world, my discernment is that those who do it “because natural law” are still kinda like that.

I’m not claiming that, on a personal level, “oh, I know it all”; and don’t get me wrong, there are many researchers, teachers and speakers out there, who have done this stuff for far longer than I currently have in this particular life, at the time of this writing (started publishing stuff in this endeavor in December 2019). At the same time, it is pertinent to acknowledge and question everything. Nobody is completely wrong or completely right about everything.

In that sense, just as I both appreciate and criticize myself, I appreciate and criticize everyone else with similar criteria.

So, with regards to the video-game analogy again, being stuck in the trappings of “society” and riding the puss-grimed gravy train of the slavery system, whether dark occultist, mindless golem or any other kind of parasite, is like playing a video game where your character is stuck with their head on their computer screen. Like a game-within-a-game, or illusion-within-an-illusion sort of thing.

The ones who are doing “the great work” of ending slavery and realize what a crock of bullshit our current society is, but still limit their view to their character’s persona-level perspective and the game-world that they’re in, are kinda like characters played by someone who’s stuck with their heads glued to their game-screen; not the in-game screen, but rather the actual one. It’s like “awake” characters trying to remind other characters to get the fuck out of the arcade and live life, but without realizing – or at least, not fully realizing, that “real life” is actually a bigger game with a more advanced code.

We are not just the code, the characters or the “life-story” we roleplay, nor the “lore” and setting we play in. We’re all of that, as well as the infinite I/we that create the whole thing, as well as infinitely more than that.

I’m not “god” over anyone, and nobody and nothing is “god” over me. We are all “god”, manifesting in form, and we are “god” beyond form. Urgh, I heavily despise that term because of its religious implications, but you get the point.

Both esoterically and exoterically, I/we always create our own reality. It’s entirely our own responsibility. Whether we create bullshit and slavery, as well as if we create liberty and conscious evolution, that’s our responsibility, both individually and as infinite consciousness.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”


With great responsibility, comes great power!

And, it’s not like it’s something that “comes” to us, but rather it’s something that we bring forth from within. We never “lack” anything, ever. Everything we create and experience is a choice of which aspects of ourselves we choose to manifest and experience. Choose bullshit, you create bullshit. Choose “meh” and mediocrity, that’s what you create. Infinitely more so, when we know and comprehend that I/we always can, are and will, we always can, are and will. Thus, we always grow, learn, evolve, etcetera.

It’s, among other things, about the imagination to conceive and perceive things, to dream and to envision, as well as about the will to bring our dreams and visions into manifestation.

The more we “unplug” or “unglue” our eyes from the computer screen, the more we realize that; and, on that note, those of us with remembrance of other lives and stuff beyond the illusion of “reality”, are like those who casually play the game, as well as doing other stuff on different monitors, while at the same time engaging in the roleplays, getting involved and enjoying it, and likewise doing myriads of other stuff, simultaneously. Living life and being involved in life and “the world”, while at the same time recognizing it as the ride and artform it is.

On that note, think about the process of improving or overhauling a video game, as well as creating something else entirely. We express the creativity to do something different and better, and then change the dev-code to both remove bugs and, more so, add new content. From the perspective of “NPCs” (non-player characters), as well as “PCs” (player characters) who have chosen to experience solely the in-character perspective at any point, it may seem like the “natural principles” or “dev-code” is eternal and unchanging; and from their in-game perspective of time-space, as well as the current iteration or “version” of the game, they’re not completely wrong. From a “game-time” perspective, each version of the “dev-code” has been created as an eternal thing, that pervades the game-world no matter the flow of time.

However, from our perspective of “hyper-time” or “beyond time”, I/we change the “natural principles” at the drop of a hat. In a sense, it’s like adding updates, DLC or expansion packs to a game. If some in-game characters’ perspective remains in “time-space”, they might be oblivious to the addition of the “new content” and, to their incarnate awareness, they might say that the new content “has always been like that”; and, again, from their temporal perspective, it’s not a fully inaccurate perspective. However, time-space is a rather limited level of awareness. There are infinities of levels beyond that, as well as stuff beyond the very notion and concept of “levels” and “form”. When we are aware of such things, we are also aware of “content updates”, and that I/we are always the one(s) creating reality in every way.

And no, the in-game characters are never “puppets” of ourselves as consciousness. They are different expressions of ourselves as infinite consciousness, and ourselves as such manifesting in those forms and having that roleplay experience.

Now that I brought it up, what about synchronicities and things of that sort? That’s similar to how one would use the cheat or developer console to edit different variables. What about lucid reality creation? That’s like directly altering the game code from the dev-kit or game-engine. Beyond that, there’s the artistic and creative expression of ideas and concepts, writing the story, making the concept art and so on, which in this case would be an allegory for the infinite ponderings of ourselves as soul and spirit, about “hm, what do I/we want to create, experience, express and so on” and then choosing to create such realities.

So, you see, something being a “natural principle” of whatever reality we’re talking about, says nothing about the quality of those natural principles. Retarded realities are going to have retarded principles. “Meh” ones are going to have “meh” principles.

Likewise, genuinely good, conscious and elevatory realities are going to have good, conscious and elevatory principles. In such realities, like the one(s) we perceive to be sharing at this point in “time-space”, the natural principles are going to reflect those good aspects of ourselves as consciousness.

Everything is a choice and we are all responsible for everything; both infinitely as consciousness and beingness, and individually as living beings.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted and all evolution and elevation are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Why, how and what we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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