Remembering ourselves as infinite consciousness, while still having the in-reality experiences


I was talking with someone about metaphysical stuff, as well as some other things, and as I was talking about remembering ourselves as infinity, while still experiencing the in-game character’s perspective as well, I was asked: “That’s both a blessing and a curse, isn’t it?”

I’m like: “Fuck no! It’s neither. That’s just a matter of how the ego might perceive it.”

All knowledge is always good. No matter the implications of said knowledge or aspects that one is aware of, however good or fucked up any manifested thing might be, being aware, knowing and comprehending of it IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING!!!

There is no such thing as “bad” knowledge. There are “bad” things, but knowing them (as well as, of course, recognizing the good and conscious, as well), besides the beauty of “knowing for the sake of knowing”, it’s also pertinent to realize that the more we know and comprehend something, the more “equipped” we are to actually make pertinent choices with regard to that something.

If you ignore something negative, not only is that bad in-and-of-itself, but you’re also less apt to recognize the differences between right and wrong, and so you’ll be less apt to overcome that negative thing (by “negative”, I specifically mean limiting and evil, in this context). Or worse, you may actually confuse something bad with something good, and vice-versa, as is the case with people with cognitive dissonance who say they want to do good, but fail to recognize that their belief systems, behaviours and actions actually produce in their lives, exactly the opposite of what they say they want. Like someone saying “yay, liberty”, while supporting the slavery system called “government” or the cult religion of so-called “authority”, “money”, “scientism”, “cultural religions”.

If you ignore something positive (by “positive”, I mean good, moral, ethical, unlimiting, etc), then you are that much less equipped to actually manifest it in your life.

Ignorance and fear are the only two conduits for evil to manifest. Funnily enough, even those two only ever work for as long as the “target” isn’t completely engulfed in them, because if they do let themselves fully blinded by evil, they become parasites and thus “lose” the very “juice” that they’re supposedly looking for in the first place.

In other words, in order for a parasite to exist in a host, the host needs to still be alive. The extent to which they are alive, is the extent to which they thwart the parasite. If the parasite’s “agenda” is fully manifested, which is what all parasites erroneously believe is the point where they “win”, when in actuality, their very nature and agenda ensures that they always lose, for as long as they remain parasites. Even if, or rather especially if the host completely falls for their bullshit.

And, of course, when someone is conscious, alive (and I mean way more than just having a “physically” functioning body), good, freedom oriented, healthy and all this good stuff, parasites don’t even manage to touch us. The only extent that parasites ever seem to “have their way” is the extent to which we let them, through our choices and what experiences we choose to have as part of our reality, what we “resonate” with (as the saying goes), and so on.

Choose bullshit, limiting beliefs and all manners of retarded notions such as “can’t” or “impossibility”, then that’s what you’ll manifest. Not because you “can’t” do more, but because you’ve chosen to experience that illusion of handicap. In other words, if you think you “can’t”, you won’t.

If you think you’re “sort of” gonna do something, you’re “sort of” gonna do it, to whatever “sort of” extent you choose.

Likewise, and infinitely more so, when we always KNOW and COMPREHEND that we ALWAYS CAN, ARE AND WILL, then we ALWAYS CAN, ARE AND WILL!!!

When we choose to question, know and comprehend everything and everythingness, as well as, of course, ourselves as such in all ways and beyond ways, then we are much more equipped to make pertinent decisions. Because, among other things, we look at all the “negative”, “meh” and “positive” things.

Thus we are much more equipped to make pertinent discernments about what’s good, because we are intimately aware of what evil and “bad stuff” is, which then obviously is very helpful for discerning for recognizing the good and conscious aspects of ourselves.

You see, evil is a very limited and simple (or rather, simplex) concept. Which is why it’s very easy to define.

Right is unlimitation.

Wrong is limitation.

A wrong (from a moral perspective) is any action that results in the “harm” of a living being. Therefore, wrong doesn’t necessarily equate to “evil”. You can produce the illusion of “harm”, but without necessarily having deliberately desired that outcome. It’s still wrong, but not necessarily evil. The latter means doing wrong in a either a deliberate fashion (knowing that you’re doing evil). However, if you are not evil or malicious per se, but you deliberately ignore knowledge about evil, you’re still condoning and propagating evil. Which makes you an accomplice to evil, and therefore basically still evil in practice, albeit not primarily so. Either way, it’s not excusable.

In brief, evil is just the deliberate or ignorant initiation of violence, theft, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit. That’s it. Very simple to define, because it’s a simplex and limited concept. Which is exactly why evil tries to desperately to wrape itself up in smoke and mirrors, fake eloquency and plethoras of masks, all as a fluff to hide (both from itself and others) it’s own handicap and simplistic, limited design. Which it can overcome, if it so chooses, but for as long as it chooses to remain evil, it’ll continue to experience it’s own retardation. Anyway, moving on…

A right (from a moral perspective) is any action that does not result in the “harm” of a living being. “Good”, therefore, is the conscious decision to choose right over wrong. As for a list of “rights”, “right actions” or “dem goods”, the list is literally endless. So, trying to list it all would take literally forever. So, it’s better to “define” good through the process of apothesis (definition through exclusion, basically, or “this thing is everything other than this thing”). In that sense, GOOD is everything other than evil. In other words, everything involves an active anc conscious refusal to initiate violence, theft, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit, and also stands in defiance against all evil. In that sense, rebellion is always good, because rebellion is essentially the process of thwarting evil and overcoming ignorance and fear.

Another word for “rebellion” would probably be “courage” and “fearlessness”, in this sense.

So, do as you like, so long as you don’t impose it on anyone and utterly refuse to accept any imposition.

In other words, live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit. That is literally the only thing people need to agree upon and apply in practice, if we want to create an actually freedom-oriented society and abolish all slavery.

If you can agree to that and actually mean it, as well as apply it, then no matter what other grievances, annoyances, disagreements and whatever else of that sort we might have between us, I personally consider you a friend. Otherwise, fuck off.

There is only one essential difference between people, on a moral level. From a moral perspective… I mean, there are of course infinities of others, but from a moral perspective, there are two kinds of people in the world, as well as in all “reality”: those who love freedom and liberty, and those who support slavery.

Even though that itself is also an illusion, because we’re all infinite and unlimited consciousness, so therefore everything and everythingness, but what I mean that it’s always a choice what we decide to manifest. Obviously, liberty is always the better choice, by the very nature of evil being self-degrading and GOOD being self-improving and self-elevating.

Freedom, of course, is who we are as infinity, unlimitedness and veyond, including infinite and unlimited potential. So, all the evil and all the good, as well as everything and everything else. What we choose to manifest is always a choice, and we are always responsible.

The annoyance and rage comes not from being aware of it, but from seeing that others are still mostly unaware and not even aware that they’re unaware, or worse, wouldn’t even want to know, because of biases, beliefs, etc.

In a sense, it’s kinda like coming to a society where most are blind, and when you tell them about “hey, this is what I call light, and here’s a bit of something with regards to what it’s about, or what I interpret that it’s about”, and they either blindly dismiss it, or blindly derive an egoic image of what they erroneously assume light to be (formed in the egoic level of their mind, in such a way that still supports their erroneous biases and beliefs), and then placing that egoic image on a pedestal. Either way, with neither of the two actually remembering what “light” is.

Or, another way to put it, is like how we’re all breathing. Let’s say someone who is aware that they’re breathing and what that implies, goes to a place where everyone else is also breathing, but they’re more or less wholly unaware of it. One would tell them, “hey, did ya know we’re all breathing, always?”, and then you’d get some who’d say “breathing?! that’s preposterous!”, while others would be all “woaaah, breathing is so suuuuper advaaaanced and shiz!” and develop a religion around their delusion about what breathing actually is.

And we’re like… yeah, we’re breathing… it’s cool, it’s beautiful, we know it, we live it… so fuckin’ what?!

We’re infinite and unlimited consciousness, potential, beingness and everything and everythingness… and veyond… we’re beautiful, we know ourselves, we evolve, we grow, we are everythingness…so fuckin’ what?!

Look at me, I’m breathing! WOOOAH, imagine that! So kool. Much wow. So are you! So is everyone!

I/we are all and always free and freedom, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

The whole “we’re all infinite” shtick always applies, because it’s what we are. Each and every single one of us, of everything, in-form in infinities of unique ways, as well as and beyond-form.

All worship is retarded. Besides, if you worship another, you’re also worshipping yourself, and if you worship yourself, you’re also worshipping everyone else, erroneously assuming that any one of you is “lesser” or “higher” than the other. In that sense, both “humility” and “vanity” are abberations of a diseased, amnesic mind, and are two sides of the same, grimy coin that rests split in two, on each eye of those who are still “asleep”.

Yes, there are differences in terms of what we manifest, different levels of skill, awareness, whatever, which are important to be recognized, but that’s just a different story that every unique and irreplaceable individual has decided to roleplay, in their own unique way.

To give another analogy for the “I know we’re infinite consicousness” thing, it’s like a character in a video game being fully aware that they’re the writer, the story, all of the other characters as well, among other things. Thus, in terms of their manifested awareness, having broken the “fourth wall”, being cognizant of infinities of other versions of themselves, stories, realities, etcetera, while at the same time still living their own.

When that awareness is made congruent and integrated, but we still want to play out any specific character-story, if that story does not include developing overt in-game, so-called “super powers” at whatever point, then you won’t. If we choose to, we do.

Although, again, we already do infinitely more advanced stuff, like synchronicities, lucid reality creation, etcetera, which is kinda like how the “in-game character level” is pretty much irrelevant, when we consciously use “cheats”, It’s like always having the option to use cheats to “level-up” and get skill points, but deciding to not cheat your leveling process in that overt and in-your face manner, because you still want to experience the illusion of “challenge” of the video-game.

But, even that seems superficial, when we realize that we’re always both the characters, the story, the writer and everything and everything else. I mean, I vividly recall other lives and lifetimes where both those versions of my character and others are omnipotent and beyond the illusion of “power” (there is no “powerlessness”, there is no “powerfulness”. everything is consciousness and choice, etc), and on my ego-level, I’m like “fuck, I want that!”, while at the same time realizing that I do already have that and so much more (as does everyone, no matter if they remember or not), but that this is another story; which I always change at any time, in whatever way I choose, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, good or fucked up any specific experiences might be.  Yes, I have gone through hardships, pain, etcetera, and in some regards still am, so i’m not talkin’ out my ass. However, I recognize those things as obstacles that we put on our path, so that we grow and evolve.

Besides that, we always add DLC, expansions and alter the game code on the fly anyway, as well as create and play different games simultaneously, while also doing the concept art, storyboarding and everything else. Because we’re all and always infinite consciousness, etcetera (We’re breathing! We’re breathing!), which is both beautiful to acknowledge, but also seems kinda silly to even need to mention such an obvious thing in words, but apparently I’ve chosen to experience a world where few people are actually congruent with the different aspects of themselves. (Mentally slaps forehead.) I mean, there’s always more to grow and, as yet and as this current character, I’m not yet fully cognizant with myself, but I am growing and becoming more of who I always am anyway, etcetera. Among other things…

So, no, no matter the annoyances, the rage, the sorrow, the pain (which are there for a reason, and should never be shunned; nor should any emotion, thought or other forms of expression we, well… express), and no matter the joy, excitement, happiness, calmness and so on, it’s always something we’ve chosen to experience, grow from and overcome.

That’s one of the main points of experiencing everything. Besides, the very purpose of obstacles is to be overcome. The purpose of all pain and hardship is not to be avoided, but rather faced, surpassed and overcome. This is what most “new agey” types don’t get, and they show that they’re just saying “ooh, we’re all infinite”, but without actually grasping that idea, when they try to avoid “negativity”; because they’re pansy ass wooses and bitches, who pretty much “meditate” not as a means of knowing themselves, but just to “relax” and suppress their unpleasant emotions, which is far, far worse. Besides, is not actual relaxation, but rather putting stuff under the rug, and it’s also why they aren’t actually meditating at all, and instead they’re just getting addicted to superficial expressions of momentary and fake “happiness”, which is akin to a fake smile that someone uses to hide and deny their inner pain. Which is exactly why they won’t overcome it, for as long as they’re pansy-ass bitches and pretend like they’re spiritual, while in actuality expressing the exact opposite.

Which one can clearly notice, when one sees that most typical “new agers” are devout cultists at the church of slavery, little girls and boys who want some manner of “mommy” and “daddy” to solve their issues. That’s why they fall for the various malicious agendas, like those where various aliens (or humans pretending to be such, through remote viewing, implantation of false memories, MK-Ultra or other ego-fracturing methods of mind-“control”) want to portray themselves as “da zolution”, in an attempt to fool the gullible into letting themselves enslaved or “assimilated”. Or, they fall for the AI agenda, and they’re like “well, if this reality is like a video-game, why not plug into AI and become a hive-mind?”, which is nothing other than slavery, and it’s like an in-game character trying to “remember who they are”, by plugging into a more limited “reality”, which is like an in-game character becoming addicted to an in-game video-game. A game within a game, so to speak.

That’s why you hear phrases like “we are one”. No! That’s an phrase designed by a hive-mind to try and get people to become drones of its system. Fuck that shit!

We are not just “one”. We are not just “many”.

I/we are infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

If you want to actually remember that, how about ungluing your eyes from the proverbial screen and moving your attention beyond the fuckin’ game. Stop being a fuckin’ addict! To remember yourself, you need to remember yourself. You won’t do that by combing the mirror, by screaming at the projected movie, nor by obsessively distracting yourself with editing the aesthetic or functional elements of the game-character.

Zoom the fuck out and look within yourself. Well, there is no “within” and “without”, “inner” or “outer” and all that, but you get the point.

Anyway, the whole agendas thing is a combination of other topics, that I have and will be talking about in other articles, videos, recordings, podcasts and so on.

Right, part of the point that I’m making is, among other things, when we choose courage and fearlessness, being ourselves no matter what, and consciously assuming responsibility (which we always have anyway), that’s when we create, mold, shape and shift “reality” towards something better and do it consciously.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Why, how and what we choose to manifest, as with everything, is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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