Love and the desire for closeness


What is love? I mean genuine, conscious and spiritual love; not the wishy washy “I love ya ‘cause I fancy ya, or because there’s some pleasure or convenience involved.”

Genuine love is not something that words alone would manage to describe. And, no, I’m not talking about the fallacy of someone erroneously assuming something to be “indescribable”, on account of them not managing to find a means to describe it at a particular point in so-called “time-space”, when they don’t actually comprehend the thing in question, with the latter perhaps being more advanced and complex than their current level of personal discernment about it, but still within the realm of “form” and some manner of “description”. In which case, the thing itself is not “indescribable”, but it’s more a matter of the person not managing to aptly describe or explain it at some point in their life.

When one chooses to heighten, evolve and elevate their awareness, knowledge and comprehension, all of which stem from genuine imagination and creativity, they know how to actually describe the thing more pertinently. With this “always question everything” sort of approach, there is also something rather interesting to be (re)discovered once we remember, know and comprehend ourselves veyond the illusion of “form” and “reality”, which is, among other things, the realization that without any perceptively “finite” point of reference or definite element of comparison… there is no description. How does one describe something for which there is no point of reference? No conception of form and no boundaries whatsoever. How do you describe such a thing, if we’re to even call “it” a “thing”? You don’t. It’s something you know, not something you “describe”.

See, knowing and comprehension have nothing to do with description, nor even with mental or emotional explanation, with the latter two things being elements of the ethereal, astral, etheric and “physical” forms of “bodies” that I and we occasionally express when deciding to manifest “in-form”.

Thinking veyond the “brain” and feeling veyond the “body” is something that we always do anyway, but the problem with most people nowadays is that they do not integrate that higher aspect of insight, feeling and cognition within their “persona” or personified characters, which they play out in the “stage” or roleplay session we call “life”.

I and we are, among other things, love, and so therefore we recognize genuine expressions of love when we see it, if we so choose. That’s precisely it, though. What we see in the “world” and what we describe as being “loving” are expressions of love. Love is veyond the concept of description, but it can be expressed within the realms of “form” and “definition” in ways that can be described.

One such type of expression is the desire for closeness, the warm embrace with someone you love, affectionate teasing, cheek and faces brushing up against one another; a loving kiss, a soothing touch; a playful grope on the buttocks, a firm and rough, but affectionate and tender thrust into a woman’s moist and burning folds… the raunchy heights of passionate, conscious sex, and the beautiful, endearing moments thereafter, as you cuddle up into each other’s arms, so close and intimate that you not only hear each other’s breaths and heartbeat, but feel them and so much more; both “physiologically” and energetically, and in myriads of other ways.

Imagine feeling this constantly, all the joy, happiness and pleasure, as well as the pain, sorrow and rage, both that which comes from one’s individual self, as well as that of those around you, and of course, from all the freedom, liberty, defiance, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… that I and we always and already are… this is something that is clearly and profoundly beautiful on so many levels, and veyond the concept of levels.

Anyway, so while it is true that one can love another regardless of “bodily closeness”, seeing as how love not only does not originate from the “body”, but has no point of origination at all (well, nothing does, when we realize we’re infinite consciousness, but that’s another topic), it is very much worth noting that genuine care, passion, drive and love do manifest in a profound desire to both do more of what we actually love and feel is something to be done, no matter what, as well as in a desire to be closer and more intimate with those we actually care and appreciate. The more we care, love and appreciate something, the more we want to do it. The more we care love and appreciate someone, the more we want to be more intimate with them.

However, for such care, love and appreciation to be honest and genuine, as well as to not make the confusion between it and mere attachment or egoic compulsions or addictions, one is to first care for, love and appreciate one’s self. Both individually as a manifested being, as well as infinitely and unlimitedly, as I and we, infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, consciousness, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

This means, among other things, that we reject all compromise, and that we always persist, rebel and defy, no matter what. In turn, this also means that as we appreciate our own liberty, we can appreciate that of others, as well. In that sense, love does not do attachments. Love means that one can simultaneously be detached from everything, through the realization that “reality” is an illusion, yet at the same time be directly, actively and proactively involved in it, through the realization that even though “reality” is an illusion, it is akin to a form of art, a novel or a painting that we’re always creating for ourselves, so that we have some fun. In that sense, there is a purpose to “reality” and to “life”, as well as “death” (which is actually akin to alt-tabbing or exiting a video-game, albeit infinitely more complex than that), because otherwise they wouldn’t exist.

It is also important to note that there is a massive difference between illusion and delusion.

Freedom, as in I and we as infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, consciousness, etcetera, includes all illusions whatsoever (all “realities”, “timelines” and all “forms”), as well as infinitely more than that. Everything within the realm of “form” is illusion, in the sense that it is a cherry picked potentiality or “scenario” from ourselves as infinite consciousness. A delusion is when an illusion identifies with its illusory form, and forgets what it is as infinite consciousness manifesting in form.

To use the video-game analogy again, who we are veyond the game is who we genuinely are as self and selfhood, conscience and consciousness, etcetera, while our in-game characters are our “illusory” selves. A delusion is born when someone becomes so attached to the game and their character-selves, that their in-character personas forget who they are veyond the game.

Almost everyone in our current “society” is pretty much like a traumatized video-game addict, more or less, so attached to a particular area of the game-world that they blindly refuse to carry on with the “main quests” of their lives.

The “main quest”, as in the general purpose of all life, being to grow, evolve and elevate ourselves in consciousness; to become more loving and discerning, wise and honest; prouder, stronger and more fearless and courageous. Confronting and embracing both our inner darkness and the light of our own being, as well as everything else. Always being ourselves no matter what, both in-form and veyond-form… and then realizing that all change, be it for the better or for the worse, is not “winning”, “gaining” or “losing” anything, but rather choosing to express different aspects of ourselves, either good or bad, but which either way are always within us.

What’s the essential difference between a good or a bad/evil person? The choice of which aspects of themselves they choose to manifest. We always make choices, with or without the incarnate ego or persona being aware of it. Consciously assuming that responsibility, which we always have anyway by virtue of being consciousness, means integrating it into all levels of our being and thus activating all of ourselves.

This includes energetically and “physiologically”, as well, which means becoming aware of which parts of our behaviour, habits and tendencies are veyond-natural (to do with who we are veyond “reality”), natural (to do with “in-reality” stuff, illusory but relevant to our in-character experiences) and which are those we’ve let become “ingrained” through social-engineering, mind-“control”, indoctrination and brainwashing through repetition, “society”, predictive programming and a bunch of other stuff. All of the latter being done rather constantly and feverishly by the parasitic entities and dark occultists (both human and non-human),  because they fear humanity’s ascendance and awakening – because no manipulation ever works on those who love and respect, know and comprehend themselves, who reject all compromise and fear.

Imagine what the world would be today, if people said NO to face-diapers, rejected the “official” narrative and actually questioned everything on their own. Imagine a world where support is withdrawn from the slavery system, and our efforts are instead aimed towards what we actually want to do in life. Whether alone or together with anyone, it doesn’t matter. Doing what is right is to be done no matter what.

No matter the death, pain and torture; and no matter the pleasure, joy and happiness.

No matter anything whatsoever, that we might endure or enjoy in life and veyond life, we are to always be ourselves, no matter what.


What is freedom? I and we as infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit and consciousness.

What is liberty? The good and conscious, elevating aspects of ourselves as such.

What is defiance? In the moral sense, it is rebellion against all evil. In the general sense, it is rebellion against all limitation and degradation. In other words, rebellion and defiance mean choosing good over evil, empathy over apathy, discernment over ignorance, love over hate, conscious rage (for things worth being angry about) over petty ego, hissy fits, and likewise courage over fear, and generally everything that is good over what’s evil.

The funny and obvious thing is, that good always “wins” and evil always “loses”. In quotes, because there’s not even any competition to begin with. Why? Because evil is the retarded aspect of ourselves as infinite consciousness, and good is the evolving and elevating aspect of ourselves as infinite consciousness. Therefore, evil (for as long as it remains as such) always tends towards degradation, depravation, deceit and limitation; hence, also towards scarcity and self-degradation.

On the other hand, good always tends towards evolution, expansion, elevation and conscious intricacy and complexity, and therefore towards the infinite and unlimited aspects of ourselves as being and beingness, consciousness, etcetera. Therefore, good also always tends towards abundance, both generally, as well as of everything that is worthwhile.

Thus, there is always infinitely more good than evil in everything. Even in the highly unlikely event that our species, in the aggregate, may fall to the ploys of parasites, or more accurately said to its impertinence in letting evil run amock, then our species is going to extinct itself and something new and better will flourish in the stead of that depraved version of the human race.

In the far more likely event that humanity will rise up from its grave as a species, it’ll be through the efforts of all of us who both individually and together, stand up in freedom and reject all compromise.

Maybe it’ll be an extinction level war at some point, where the good and conscious of us will rightly defend ourselves and overcome the parasites through that means. Or, more likely, it’ll be through means of people rising up and refusing to assist evil “people” and their bullshit agendas.

I think the end of slavery in our world will be a resounding success, even though the process itself is likely going to result in a fizzle, by enough people refusing to assist the plantation system known as “gov” and its retarded, religious cult of “auth”.

“How did humanity end its several millenia-long enslavement?”

People stopped assisting the plantation, both individually and in the aggregate.

And that’s because they’ll have overcome their traumas and will have chosen to express the good and conscious aspects of who they genuinely are.

Who am I? Who are we?

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Nobody and nothing whatsoever has any “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, in every way whatsoever, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…




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