Look at things as play, not work


The message of that picture or meme is rather profound when we grasp the meaning behind the words, but I would say that instead of “for no reason”, but rather for deep, inner reasons of self-love and self-knowing, and that we are. Not because we are anything or anyone in particular, or because of some achievement or accomplishment, but rather because we are. When we love ourselves deeply and clearly, we won’t need any worldly “reason” to appreciate ourselves, and we’ll do it because we care about ourselves, because we are. When we live life with that abundant inner love and conscience, we’ll naturally grow and overcome all obstacles. Because the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”, along with everything we experience in-life and beyond-life; among other things…

I also disagree with the last part, seeing as how nothing is ever “given” or “taken”, outside of the illusory world of “form”. When we love and know ourselves genuinely, both as infinite consciousness and as individuals, we’ll always have inner clarity no matter the hurdles and hardships we’ll face, and no matter what “moods” that we (as incarnate characters) might feel at any point. We feel what we’ve chosen to feel, think what we’ve chosen to think and do what we’ve chosen to do. We always choose and everything is always a choice.

You see, compared to what probably most of people would say when it comes to the endeavor of thwarting the evils of our world and creating a genuinely more liberty oriented existence, both in terms of our “inner world” and with regards to making a better “outer world”, I’d say that freedom is the easiest and most effortless thing to do. Okay, from an incarnate or “in-game” perspective, to our persona or “ego” it might seem like there are hurdles to overcome and such, but if we choose to express more of who we *genuinely* are, and we express the imagination, will, intent and strength to overcome them, we always do.

What I mean by freedom being effortless is, among other things, that freedom is infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential. That includes all the bullshit, all the “meh”, and infinitely more so, all the good and conscious, elevating stuff. The more we choose to express the good and freedom-oriented things, the more we elevate and improve ourselves, and thus we overcome more and more obstacles, with more ease and grace.

In a sense, it’s kinda like the difference between someone who lives in a isolated, sterile bubble inside a basement somewhere, compared to someone who goes outdoors in nature and such. The one in the bubble may not experience the “hardships” and “trials” that the more advanced individual goes through, but they remain inept and incapable, while the conscious and self-elevating individual renounces the addiction to “comfort” (but obviously still uses the benefits of relaxing, healing and “recharging” when it’s good to do so), and thus always grows and improves themselves.

So, freedom is not “hard work”. The process of improving ourselves from ineptitude to aptitude may have its hurdles (which vary from one individual to the other, along with other factors), but seeing as how we become better and better in every moment and always evolve and improve ourselves, thus doing things that may have appeared “hard” before, but now we’re doing it with ease and casualness, we can see how what may have constituted a challenge before is now more or less child’s play.

So, in other words, being addicted to comfort and being a complacent, weak-ass bitch is basically what constitutes having the most difficulty in doing anything, because of the inept state of mind, body, etc.

Being proud (in the conscious sense of loving one’s self, and therefore loving others as well), strong and defiant, playful, teasing and mysterious, conscious, confident and fearless… well, that’s fuckin’ easy, once we realize that “hardship” is an illusion that only the ego is susceptible to.

Or, in other words, when you know that what you’re doing is something through which you elevate yourself and make the world a better place and you’re looking it as play, you no longer see the hurdles as “hardships”, but rather as obstacles that we all place in our paths, with the explicit purpose of overcoming them and growing as a result.

Besides, what is the purpose of all obstacles, if not to be overcome and as a means (among others) to improve ourselves? Becoming better and better in every way than we were the moment prior.

So, to all of us who may be experiencing lots of anger, stress and resentment at this time when even more constant bullshit, propaganda, deceit and overt tyranny and slavery taking place, along with some of the masses getting even more zealous in their ignorance of the matter, now is the time to smile. Don’t get me wrong, I have personally experienced lots of rage, sorrow and disappointment when looking at some of the more fucked up aspects of humanity, especially the bullshit scam-demic and the more blatantly attempted rollout of the technocratic bullshit, which you can read in some of my more recent articles on this site on the matter… anyway, regardless of all that, it’s always time to smile.

Why is that? All of this turmoil – both the genuineness of those who see it for what it is and the fakery behind the whole charade – along with all hardships in general, are an obstacle; and we will overcome it. We are overcoming it! Both individually and as a species.

We are to continue doing what is right and conscious, no matter what. The night is at its darkest before dawn. You see, evil is self-destructive by the very nature of it tending towards the limited and degrading aspects of consciousness, whilst the good is always tending towards the infinite and unlimited aspects of ourselves as consciousness; evil is parasitic and thus always manifests itself as needing a host. Good, on the other hand, is always self-sufficient, self-improving and self-elevating.

Besides, it’s all a game and a story that I and we, as consciousness, created so that we experience ourselves from infinities of individual perspectives, in addition to the “beyond-perspective” of ourselves as infinite and unlimited consciousness.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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