Inner harmony, plus how to easily be attractive.


What does a man need to do in order to attract the women? Make them wonder and think about them, anywhere from “a lot” to being obsessed with them? Have them oozing at the thought of even just hearing his voice, whispering in her ear?

Nothing. Literally nothing. I could end the article right there, but I want to elaborate a bit on why that is so. By “nothing”, I don’t mean that a guy needs to be a blank faced, cardboard cutout, nor that he needs to be a cold fish that’s just “meh” about everything and ignores a woman’s signs that she’s into him.

What I mean is that you don’t need to be doing anything in particular. If you go out on a date or are in a relationship, and what you do is you specifically try to impress the girl, or get her to notice you, or even worse, try to “bribe” her into having sex or being with you (buying her gifts, going on expensive trips of having expensive dinners, etc), you’re doing it completely wrong.

The advice that I give people, both men and women, in this regard is “Chill the fuck out, yo. Be yourself and enjoy whatever it is that you like doing.” See, those of us who love and respect ourselves, like I mentioned in one of my previous articles, don’t give a shit what people say or think about us. Not in the sense that we don’t respect people’s opinion or criticism, but in the idea that we are not affected by it. If we find value in it, then of our own conscious volition, we may take it into consideration. If we find that it doesn’t apply or it’s completely off, we just say “eh” and move on.

Natural self-confidence that comes from loving one’s self unconditionally, as well as from respecting one’s self (therefore, since the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”, one then naturally tends to exhibit that kind of behaviour towards others, as well), is not only something that people consciously or/and unconsciously sense about you (and, not that it matters, but it’s also a highly attractive trait), but it’s also an example of one’s inner strength, drive, passion and spirituality. That is, if we’re we’re talking about confidence that comes from more than what I call an “in-story character” (or “incarnate) oriented perspective.

You see, men and women, both energetically and physiologically, naturally tend towards being assertive and ambitious, as well as creative and nurturing, respectively. When the male and female energies come together in balance, harmony and excellence, beautiful stuff happens. Physically, this also includes the activity of sex, which… guess what? It produces life; or, more specifically, new life-forms. Yes, of course sex doesn’t have to be just about making kids (no shit), but I’m talking about the essential intricacy of the male and female interplay. Physically, it brings forth another living being into the world; and, like I said, the so-called “outer world” is a projection of the so-called “inner world”. On every level.

Both men and women have male and female energies within them. The part of them that’s more creative, calm, compassionate, kind, nurturing, intuitive and holistic in its approach; those are some of the positive traits of the feminine energy. Then, there’s the masculine energy, which brings forth positive things like intelligence, critical thinking, ambition, drive, firmness (in more ways than one) and a detail oriented approach.

In other words, the feminine is about chaos (both positive and negative), while the masculine is about order (again, both positive and negative). Chaos is infinite potential, and order is the individual travelling the vastness of it. Essentially, they’re one and the same thing (I/we as consciousness) manifesting in different ways.

The feminine is the artist, while the masculine is the thinker. The heart is the knower, and the mind is the comprehender. In order to comprehend something, you first need to have something to comprehend. You can know how to read and write, but you need a book in order to read, and imagination in order to write something worth writing.

The wind is ever flowing and carefree, but it alone knows not how to appreciate the details. The mountain stands ever strong and firm, but it alone knows not how to open up to the essence of things. When the howling storm and mountainous fury come face to face, they can either tear each other apart, or they can soothe and embrace one another, becoming the compassion and the strength that lovingly caress each other, ever soaring to new heights and beyond.

When those aspects come together in harmony within one’s self, the war stops. The heart and the mind embraced each other lovingly and strongly. That’s one of the ways in which an individual rises in consciousness and grows as a both a soul and a character, in harmony with who we always are as infinite and unlimited spirit, consciousness and potential.

Now, as for specifics when it comes to romance and sexual relationships, if you grasp and integrate what I’ve just explained, you pretty much already know what to do.

So, in essence, if you’re a man, be a man. If you’re a woman, be a woman. Have fun, relax and create the opportunity for romance and sex (which is pretty much one of the things that a date is supposed to be about). Let things flow naturally. Be playful, teasing and mysterious. Don’t blow each other’s phone, don’t waste time talkin’ on it or texting teach other. Instead, be confident, set definite dates and have fun.

See, love is not serious. The gist of it is – both when it comes to romance, as well as in general – it’s good to treat everyone like bratty little kids, no matter who they are. You love ‘em, you’re interested in being there with them, but you also love yourself, so you ain’t gonna be takin’ any shit. You know how to treat them both playfully and seriously, but you’re always gonna be doing things to fuck with ‘em. To tease and to have fun, and if you’re not compatible, shrug it off and move on.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. We make mistakes, we learn from them. We endure hardships, we overcome them and stand up stronger and taller than we’ve ever stood before. We experience joy and fun, and once again, rise above and continue soaring higher and higher.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours.

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