How to overcome “competition”


“Overcoming competition”. At first glance, the title may give off the impression that this article’s gonna be about one-upping your “competitors”, or getting a leg up on that project and how to “git gud-er” than whoever it is that might be tryin’ to steal the spotlight from you, this very moment!

Fuck that. This article is going to be exposing how degrading and limited the whole “competition” paradigm and mental program is, as well as how to overcome it. It’s extremely easy. All it takes is a choice. The road to making that choice might seem to be more difficult, the more entrenched one is in that mentality.

First off, let’s get something straight. By “competition”, I don’t mean things like confrontation, friendly spouts, sparring or tests of mettle. When using the term “competition” in this context, I’m referring to the self-deprecating mentality of feeling the need to be “above” someone, in whatever regard.

 “Ooh, I’m better than that person. I mean, look what I’m doing and he/she is not.” That is the cowardly, “dominator” mentality. “Oh, I’m not good enough, compared to that person.” That is the cowardly, victim mentality.

Why are they both cowardly? Because they are both fundamentally driven by fear, guilt or any other negative emotions. On one side, you have someone who, knowingly or unknowingly, perceives everything around them as a threat to whatever ego-driven image of self they’ve concocted for themselves, and attempts to bring everyone around them down, so that they feel some superficial blend of satisfaction about themselves. On the other side, you have someone who puts themselves down. The two behaviours feed into each other, in a vicious, self-destructive cycle.

Look at the world around us. Society, I mean. Almost everything within our current social paradigm is almost entirely about competition. Businesses are constantly at war with each other, tryin’ to one-up the other in some fashion, all while wearing a smug, utterly fake smile on their lips.

In schools and universities, kids and young people (albeit, not all, obviously) let themselves indoctrinated into judging each other based on the “scores” they get for regurgitating whatever state or corporate funded bullshit the so-called “teachers” spoon fed them.

Some gloat about their “high grades” (ooh, you managed to blindly memorize some stuff and told the teacher what he/she wanted to hear; if your life’s goal is to be a tele-prompter, you’re all set), while others brag about how they don’t give a shit about grades and do their own things. This latter bunch is much more likely to respect themselves on a deeper level, but if they just judge themselves and others by how “rebellious” they are, but without actually grasping the meaning of genuine rebellion, then they’re still blocked on an “I’m better than you” mentality.

Both can be easily manipulated. The first one is obvious, because they’re just repeaters of what they’ve been “bred” to believe. The others, if their rebellion lacks discernment, can easily let themselves swayed, if they are presented with an “alternative”.

For example. Back during the tobacco craze, women who were fed up with being “good little housewives” or who experienced abusive relationships with men in general, were sold the notion that smoking is “a hallmark of female independence.” Many women fell for it and, along with the “medics agree that smoking is good for you” propaganda the mainstream kept spewing at the time, believed that they were being “different” and “independent.”

In actuality, the same people who tried to keep women in the stereotypical mindset of a “little housewife”, were also behind the tobacco scam. Either way, both types of women were letting themselves duped.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t a bad thing. I was specifically referring to the stereotype of the woman whose view didn’t expand beyond the kitchen, family or household.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about a genuinely intuitive and intelligent woman, who consciously cares and nurtures for their children and family, providing the beautiful (as well as essential), genuine feminine energy… the woman who decides to home-school her kids and is aware of how our current society tries to separate man and woman, as well as dissolve the notion of family, because part of what makes society is exactly those familial bonds.

Well, that kind of stay-at-home mom is definitely an example of a strong, conscious woman. Being a strong woman isn’t about copying masculine behaviour. It’s about consciously stepping into the feminine energy of care and compassion, along with all the rest of it. Whether that expresses itself in a more feminine or masculine demeanor is irrelevant.

Now, I brought this up for a specific reason. Competition is a negative masculine trait. All negative masculine traits (e.g.: brutality, violence, hierarchy, the desire to “control” others, hatred, etcetera) come when the masculine energy is devoid of feminity, or highly disproportionate by comparison

Likewise, the negative feminine aspects (e.g.: complacency, passivity, apathy, etcetera) come when the feminine energy is not accompanied by the masculine.

On the example from earlier, regardless of whethere the kids or young people in school and university have whatever grades (or any other “metric” for subconsciously sizing-up their “competition”), they usually fall into the “dominator” or “victim” mentality. Or anywhere in-between, but still within the same paradigm. A paradigm that revolves around fear, self-loathing and therefore tendency to behave thustly towards everyone else, as well. To varying extents. This applies at your workplace, in sports, and especially in business and government (even though the same hidden hand is behind all of those latter elements). This applies anywhere there is a hierarchy.

You have those who are imbalanced towards the negative feminine, and keep their head low and do most of the work. Then, there are those who are imbalanced towards the negative masculine, who bark out decrees and stipulations, often caring little for those around them, unless it negatively impacts their “profits” or “immediate personal gain”.

Now, look at how this kind of competition-based mindset and society works:

  • People act out of trauma and fear (thus, being cowardly). Therefore, for both esoteric and exoteric reasons, they won’t ever achieve much, because they handicap themselves through their ego-driven compulsions.
  • People do things blindly and are driven mainly or entirely by material gain and immediate comfort, without actually being interested in conscious growth, knowledge or anything even resembling consicous evolution.
  • Dishonesty is propagated, because people want to either manipulate or keep up appearances, precisely because they are insecure about themselves. They look for “answers” to their internal struggle in the outer world, which never works. It may provide some temporary relief at times, but that’s like trying to drink your problems away. It never works. The point of having a struggle of any kind, is that it’s an obstacle that we’ve decided to experience and overcome.
  • Any evolution or positive progress is stunted, and even that is only temporary. Why? Because that’s not the main intent. The desire is to “be on top”. If someone with a “competitive” mindset believes that they’ll be on top through actually making a good product, let’s say, they’ll do that. But that’ll be hindered, because they’ll only make it slightly better than their competitors. Also, when they perceive themselves to be “on top” or that they’ve no competition, they’ll just stagnate and degrade.
  • Sabotage is the norm. To the “competitive” minded person, if being “on top” is more easily done through sabotaging the competitors, they’ll quite likely opt for doing that. Censorship is part of that. Also, once again, if they believe they’re “on-top”, they stagnate and degrade.
  • It enables things like planned obsolescence (deliberately making things that are designed to be obsolete, instead of producing something that lasts), hierarchy, government and, of course, perhaps the most retarded belief in existence: the belief in so-called “authority”. Which is just a euphemism for slavery.
  • Basically, the belief in living at the expense of someone of something else. Retarded and needlessly wasteful.

Now, compare that to a situation where people are more conscious, harmonizing the male and female energies within them, harmonizing their thoughts, emotions and actions. Empathy with intelligence. Thinking and feeling. Tactics with artistry. Creativity and strategy.

  • People do not act out of fear, nor trauma. Instead, we are courageous and face all the bad, the evil and the negative aspects of ourselves. We face ourselves and feel everything we need to feel, knowing we can and are overcoming them. Thus, everything is created much more beautifully, consciously and decisively. Because it comes from self-love and self-respect; and, since the so-called inner-world creates the so-called outer-world, we naturally tend to behave thusly towards others, as well.
  • We are much more concerned with spiritual, conscious growth, with personal gain being a tool for helping ourselves and others evolve, but never a purpose.
  • We do use our own heart and mind, use our own intuition and intelligence, introspecting deeply and clearly, while also doing unbiased research. All our choices are informed, and we accept that we may be wrong about different things.
  • We question everything, for the more we question, the more we know… and the more we know, the more we question; thus, we know and comprehend, through spirit, intuition, intelligence, etcetera… among other things…
  • We are honest with ourselves and others, because we are confident in ourselves and who we are, always improving ourselves and helping each other, as well. Therefore, all evolution is unhindered and natural, since that is actually the intent. In terms of social interactions or ventures, we either voluntarily work with each other or amiably refuse to collaborate. Either way, there is no sabotage involved.
  • If there’ll ever be anything resemblind “competition”, it’ll be in the form of friendly “sparring”, where the “combatants” are engaged in a battle of skill, not with the desire to “dominate”, but with the intent to learn from one’s self and each other. Regardless of whoever is the most skilled, everyone learns something and improves.
  • Everything that is created or produced is meant to last. Quality over quantity. Little or nothing is wasted.
  • There are no limiting beliefs or belief systems.
  • There is no censorship and there is no centralised system.
  • Everyone acknowledges that they are responsible for their own lives, choices, etcetera.

So, in summary, if one wants to overcome all mental programming, they need to first make the choice. In order to make that choices consciously, we need to harmonize ourselves, within ourselves. Then, naturally, that will manifest in the so-called “outer-world” or projected reality.

The positive feminine: creativity, nurture, joy, calm, chaos, playfulness, spontaneity, self-reflection, etc.

The positive masculine: firmness (hah), reason, decisiveness, order, action, extroversion, drive, etc.

It’s easy, once we make the choice. To harmonize our feminine energy into applying the “non-aggression principle”, with our masculine energy into applying the “self-defence principle.”

In other words: “Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.”

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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