How to distinguish between different types of entities


Aside from discarnate and incarnate experiences, remembrance and other such stuff, I’ve also seen quite a few videos and articles, as well as read at least “a few” books about the topic, ranging from being pro or against the notion of entities and channeling.

Some people, especially in the new age bullshit religion and more traditional religions like christianity, either blindly approve of entities and channeling, while the latter just dismiss it.

It is relevant and pertinent, as well as conscious to question everything. From first hand incarnate and discarnate experiences, I can confidently say that just as there are varieties of humans, some evil, some neutral and some genuinely good and conscious, so there are different entities and races other than humans.

Yes, some races – such as reptilians, greys, some nordics, mantids, demons etc – do statistically tend quite a bit more towards psychopathy and parasitism, while other races – like some angels and other actual light beings (I’m talking about actual light beings, not those who portray themselves as such without being so) – generally tend towards being neutral or good.

However, an individual’s qualities are their own, no matter what their race generally does. You can have evil angels, good or neutral demons and any other combinations; it’s all about the individual’s intentions, consciousness, etc.

That said, regardless of how good, neutral or evil any entity might be, nobody and nothing has a higher claim to anyone’s life, other than the thing that’s or who’s living that life. So, therefore, no matter what the intentions of any entity might be, if or when they come in contact with another being, everyone has the infinite and unlimited right to choose how they want to interact or not interact.

In this particular video/post/article I will explain and elaborate upon what I know (or at least interpret) to be signs that anyone can use to discern what kind of entity (or person, human or otherwise) they’re interacting with.

As an aside, I view channeling as a sort of partial possession, which is definitely something I’m against, because it implies allowing another entity other than yourself to partially control your body. Of course, through free will choice we can easily and effortlessly (or with effort, if at a level where such impressions still occur) thwart and bypass it.

Any contract, any agreement, any deal and anything else can be bypassed with conscious choice and free will, no matter the terms and clauses. Because we are all and always free will, freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond, etc… among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do. Only we can save ourselves and only we have the responsibility to do so.

Anyway, onto the signs that we can use to discern what type of person or entity we’re interacting with. This works both in so-called “day-to-day” life, as well as in terms of more esoteric stuff.

  1. What is your intuition saying? (I mean genuine intuition, not reflex association through repetition, program or belief)

With or without mentally explaining it, do you feel something is wrong or off, in some way? Or you feel a tug in your chest that, deep within you, says “nuh, this ain’t right”? It’s not fear, it’s not anxiety. You don’t fear it, you’re not afraid, you may not even have any immediately apparent, logical reason to suspect something, but you intuitively feel like something is off?

Then, it’s very likely that either there’s something wrong or – even if it isn’t – it’s not an experience you want to have, either generally or at that point in your life.

Do you intuitively know and feel like something is the right thing to do? I’m not talking about just compulsory excitement, happiness or any emotion. I’m talking about genuine intuitive knowing and spiritual joy, or at least a knowing that “hey, this is the right thing to do”, no matter how illogical it might seem to the incarnate mind. Don’t get me wrong. Logic is good; far better than blind sentimentality. However, similarly, there are things beyond mental logic. Logic only operates on the level of what it knows or perceives. Intuition goes beyond that.

Genuine intuition, in the sense that I’m using the word here, is remembering ourselves as spirit and consciousness, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

If you feel something is right, go and do it, regardless of the perceived odds or consequences; both of which are actually the props we create for ourselves in life and beyond.

  • Does the entity want to make a contract, deal or agreement?

Massive red flag. For as long as they remain in that retarded mindset, parasitic entities always look to exploit and manipulate others into creating their desired reality for them, because they don’t know they can create it themselves, were they to choose not to be parasites anymore.

One thing they do to propagate their bullshit, is they try and coerce or manipulate people into making contracts and having them believe in that deal, so that for as long as they hold that belief, they use it to create a reality that works in their disfavour.

In other words, people who fall for the bullshit are literally using their own power against themselves; and when they see that that’s the case and they choose to rise above and move on, the parasites and their schemes just fall apart. Because that’s all they ever do on their own. With nobody to blow smoke up its ass, the big dragon shrivels up into the blow up doll it’s always been, while in that state of parasitic existence.

In contrast, genuinely benevolent and conscious beings will never seek to make any form of a contract or deal, because they know that everything already creates its own reality through free will, imagination and consciousness.

  • Does it come bearing gifts, promises, protection or bliss?

Another massive red flag. They try to give you the impression that “only they” can give you something you want and they’ll ask you ro provide something, as a form of exchange. This can seem innocent and even fair at times, but they’re just trying to buy you. Do not let yourself seduced.

We can always provide ourselves with everything we want. Those of us who are benevolent know this, so we never offer any gifts. Likewise, we offer no promises, because there is no such thing as certainty. Nothing is set in stone and everything is free will choice.

We also don’t offer bliss, because we know that it’s not always the best thing to experience. Anger, rage, fury, sorrow are all just as relevant as joy, calmness, peacefulness and happiness, assuming we’re not blinded by any of them. Benevolent beings do not seek to “protect” anyone. We know that everyone can protect themselves and we choose to help others remember that.

  • Do they put on a show or parade?

If they do, if they come “guns blazing” and hooing about how enlightened they are and how “this is the THING that will be MOST DEFINITELY, SUPER SURELY BE MEGA –ULTRA” for you to experience right now, then it’s a negative entity; or a neutral, mischevious one at best.

Benevolent beings know that everyone has their own judgement, free will and discernment. Rarely would a benevolent being make itself overtly known, because it respects free will and doesn’t want to interfere. If anything, it’ll give hints along the way, but rarely –if ever – actually intervene like “Hey, look a’ me! Im’ma here to help ya! I’m yo guardian angel and shiz!”

Besides, what’s the point of making a show about it? We’re all different aspects of ourselves of, and as infinite and unlimited potential, nilomni, etc… so, both incarnately and discarnately, we’re all technically always helping (or sabotaging) ourselves.

  • Do they try to downplay you? Or act as if they’re “saviours”?

Do they try to talk down to you, be it overtly or covertly by saying “Oh, you don’t know yet, for you are young and inexperienced. I shall teach you and welcome you in my wings. I shall protect you”? Etcetera.

If yes, then it’s most likely a negative entity. It tries to give you the impression that you depend on it, when in actuality, it depends on you.

Genuine and benevolent entities will criticize, but will never say or imply that you “need them” for your growth. They know we all and always create our own everything through imagination and free will choice.

  • How do they act when you question or reject them?

More often than not, parasites have little patience, if any. If you’re not immediately discerning what entity you’re interacting with (and even if you do), question them directly and criticize them, or reject them, mock them, make fun or whatever else. See how they react.

If they insist, especially if repeatedly as if to convince or coerce, and more so if there are actual threats – overt or subtle – then they are very likely negative entities.

Benevolent entities and beings always respect free will. If you reject them, they have no problem whatsoever with that. Even more so, we rejoice when we see someone standing up for themselves and consciously choosing to make their own story in life.

  • Do they tell you what you think you’d like to hear?

Parasitic entities try to manipulate through means of pandering to the ego, because that’s basically the only “language” they know. They’ll whisper all the “sweet nothings” to coerce you.

Benevolent beings don’t give a shit about how you respond about what they say or imply. They never make it a point to convince you of anything. They give their information or advice and you make of it what you will.

Among other criteria, but regardless of it all, nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do. We don’t owe anyone anything and nobody owes us anything, aside perhaps from non-aggression or non-violence.

If we want to help ourselves and each other, let’s do it without any strings attached, without any ulterior motive or interest, other than for the sake of doing it. Spirit, intuition, intelligence, kindness, love, compassion, etc.

And if either we or someone else doesn’t want any help, no problem. We can always sort it out ourselves, and we are the ones responsible for doing so.

Besides all of that, we are all and always infinite and unlimited spirit, freedom, consciousness and potential, etc. So, therefore, every degradation is self inflicted and any evolution is self facilitated.

What we choose manifest is exactly that: a choice.

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