How to deceive without actually lying outright; and how to recognize and overcome that, by always questioning everything, etc, etc, among other things…


With just a little bit of shrewdness and knowledge of psychology, it is extremely easy to fool the majority of people nowadays, without ever actually lying to them outright. It’s all got to do with context, inferrence and emphasis, along with neuro-linguistic programming. In other words, how to trick the brain through artificially triggering some of its natural, but faulty pain, threat and attack, defence or relief. Don’t get me wrong. Our bodies are vehicles for us, as souls, spirit and consciousness, to experience whatever realities we choose, if we so choose to experience through means of interacting with it via a vehicle of whatever sort.

That said, if someone becomes blinded by the “mecanims” of the vehicle itself, even worse to the point of forgetting themselves as the driver of the vehicle, creator and experiencer and so on, those “mecanims” (in quotes, because everything is a choice, so there is no “mecanim” per se) can be exploited to deceive – not the soul or individual, but rather the ignorant ego-persona of the individual; but never “control” – in the “hurr durr, cuntrollololz” sort of way that “control” is usually misinterpreted to imply, nowadays – for there is no such thing outside the illusory impressions of the ego.

I/we are all and always both individual consciousness and infinite and unlimited consciousness, freedom, spirit, imagination, will and intent, intuition, intelligence, etcetera, etcetera… among other things…

When we remember that, we are no longer susceptible to any kind of deceit.

As for the latter sort of stuff, one of the ways in which I used to do this, during my “dark age” or “psychopathic period”, was that I would read people (which I still do naturally and better than before, but without the next part), and then use that knowledge about some of their behavioural and mental patterns, to deceive them without actually being overtly dishonest with them. I would see what meaning they attribute to certain words, phrases and behaviours, and then I would use the context in a deceitful way, by using those words and phrases in a context where I knew what their association and assumption would be regarding what I say, while actually meaning something completely different.

For example, for a while I used to take psychiatric poison on and off, whenever I thought of doing it and never actually like it was prescribed, and technically still am in “treatment”. Because, in our fucked up world, seeing beyond the five senses and not falling for the bullshit, retarded beliefs that the mainstream media propagates, is erroneously considered “illness”, much like how a seeing man would erroneously be considered “insane” or “mad”, by a throng of blind people who are addicted to their expressed lack of sight. And ya know what? In a society that revolves around apathy, ignorance, idiocy, degradation, depravation and deceit, as well as violence and slavery… in such a society, I am glad to be considered “terminally ill” and “utterly diseased”, because I love and respect myself, I question everything and I know and comprehend what genuine spirit, intuition and intelligence are, and I express myself as such. Wrong is wrong, even if everyone does it. Right is right, even if nobody recognizes or does it.

Anyway, so after a while of seeing that they not only didn’t do anything to help me calm my extreme anger (which I still have, but am now actually channeling it constructively and get angry for conscious reasons, instead of puerile ones), but just aided my body in being pretty much lethargic and ostensigly “helping” to increase the already intense murderous urges and suicidal tendencies that I had, the former ones requiring pretty much most if not all of the willpower I expressed at the time, to the extent that I would literally boil up and exarcerbate myself to the point of exhaustion, and sweat to the point of dehydration in a matter of seconds, have my visual sight basically blur or temporarily turn off, with occasionally feinting from the sheer effort of preventing myself from murdering even my own mother, who has never actually abused me even once (that I recall, at least), not to mention complete strangers… and no, I didn’t refuse to murder for bullshit reasons of “ooh, I might be caught or killed, myself”. I never gave a shit about that, and I still don’t. I did it because, on some level or another, I knew it was wrong. That’s a story for another time, though.

Point is, I soon enough stopped taking the pharma shit, interrupting them immediately and abruptly. No “side-effects” from “sudden treatment interruption”, as was incessantly suggested.

Anyway, while I was visiting the piss-poor excuse for a human and a thoroughly indoctrinated sack of shit of a “psychiatrist” that I currently have, who is an utter devotee and fanatic zealot to the church of slavery and pharma, like most – not all, but most – of those whom I’ve met in that line of work, I was constantly asked if I “take the meds”. I’m like, “yeah, I am” with a smug, shrewd smirk on my lips. She was confused, and asked again and I still replied that I am. Time and again. Other psychologists and psychiatrists asked me the same, and I just casually said “yup, I am taking the meds”, and upon further probing and some “subtle”, but obvious psychologist tricks that are meant to test the pacient by means of body language and other such tells, they started to believe that I was actually taking the meds, when I was not, and that I’m just toying with them because they thought I wanted their attention. I was laughing so hard throughout, and even outright telling them how easy they are manipulated, and ironically that fueled their erroneous belief that I’m actually taking the meds and that I give a shit about anyone’s attention, even when I outright admitted and always showcase through my behaviour that that’s not the case.

After doing some shadow work and actually becoming a more conscious living being, having risen above being blinded by my own psychopathic tendencies, and actually beginning to  know and comprehend myself more than I had before, blah blah, long story for another time, I started telling them outright that I’m not taking the meds and that I’ll never again take them, for reasons that it’s just chemical suppression, poisoning and that “mental institutions” are literal torture camps.

Then, they kind of asked me, all confused and “concerned”, about whether or not I’m actually taking the meds. I replied, just as smugly and before, “yup, I am taking your bullshit drugs and addictogens”.

Then, to their confusion and to one of them’s actual, honest amusement (the one that actually had some semblance of conscience and wit, who actually laughed out loud), I clarified. “I am, indeed, taking the meds. I’m taking them from the pharmacy (I’m no longer doing that either, because it just puts money in their pocket, but I still did at the time). I’m taking them home, taking them from one shelf and moving them to another, taking them in my hand, before taking them to the garbage bin and throwing that shit away. I am not¸however, ingesting them and have not done so for several years.”

Or, as another example, let’s say someone asks you how you met your spouse. You don’t want to answer, or you want to misdirect by asking “Well, would you believe [insert story here]?” That “would you believe…?” often contextually implies that the individual posing the question, considers the alluded premise or events to be rather unusual enough (compared to the general experience of whoever they’re talking to) for them to be dismissed as unlikely.

Regardless of whether or not the person wanting to find out how they met believes the story or not, he or she will typically interpret that [insert story here] part to be a statement of some kind. However, technically, it wasn’t a statement. It was a question. In and of itself, it’s answering a question with a question, which isn’t a statement. It can imply a statement, and statistically speaking it often does, but in and of itself it is a question. Then, if the person finds out that the story was different and that they were deceived, the deceiver can say “Pfft, well, I didn’t say that’s how we met. I asked you if you’d believe it, if I would have said that is the case.”

Likewise body language, intonation and psychological misdirection. Look at the more or less massive differences between someone who is speaking naturally, and someone who is performing a rehearsed speech; or who deliberately modulates the tone of their voice, makes specific gestures at key points in a conversation or presentation, inflects at other specific points, so as to misdirect or contextually imply stuff that may very well be quite different, or maybe even completely opposite to what they actually meant.

A genuine individual who is speaking naturally is way more interested in the information they’re communicating, rather than how they’re communicating it or their appearance when doing so. A fake person attempts to “modulate” their appearance, usually does so as to seem different from how they actually are. Also, that includes the bullshit notion of “politeness”, which is admittedly not the most egregious kind of dishonesty, but it is still a form of dishonesty either way. We are to always be ourselves, no matter fuckin’ what!!!

Anywya, I realize that the particular examples I presented are, relatively speaking, a pretty rudementary way of deceit, but really that’s all it takes to fool people nowadays.

That’s not even going into symbolism, predictive programming, trauma based mind-“control” and social engineering. You can literally fool most people nowadays, without ever actually lying to them outright. Bait and switch, distract, misdirect and use the context to infer something that is different or even opposite to what you actually mean.

Oh, and speaking of predictive programming, check this out.

I’m not saying this as a means of suggesting that people should be deceitful. On the contrary, honesty is what shows and demonstrates a profound and conscious expression of self-love and self-respect, as well as knowledge and comprehension, etcetera.

See, the so-called “inner world” always creates the so-called “outer world”, both beyond esoterically, with regards to how we always create our own realities, as well as esoterically in terms of how through our “inner way of being”, “resonance” (or however else you might want to call it) we create and attract different things in our lives, as well as repel things we don’t jive with, and also exoterically, in that our behaviour towards ourselves always reflects in our behaviour towards other living beings, our views on whatever it is that we’re lookin’ or pondering upon, etc.

If you’re lying to people on any level, it means you’re already lying to yourself, on that same level. When we no longer lie to ourselves and are instead fully and utterly honest with ourselves, we naturally abhor being dishonest with others, just as much as we abhor being dishonest with ourselves. Don’t lie to yourselves. Don’t lie to others. Be honest, no matter what.

Anyway, I wanted to point this stuff out about how easy it is to fool people who don’t know themselves and who don’t know how to spot deceit, partly because I want to give a rather fitting allegory that more or less practically applies, in terms of how people are deceived into hyping up the bullshit and completely fake “pandemic”, around a “virus” that either doesn’t exist or doesn’t “cause” ilness to begin with. Look into terrain theory and research, exosomes and a bunch of other stuff, a starter about which can be found here: . Obviously, question everything, blah, blah, blah, make up your own independent discernments, and so on.

Oh, and here’s another thing, with even “official” sources more or less admitting (after pushback, most likely) that the “virus” doesn’t exist and is mostly computer generated shenaniganry, albeit indirectly and without saying it in their “conclusions”.‘Virus’-Is-Computer-Generated—Couldn’t-Infect-Human-Cells—David-Icke:9

Of course, question everything, etcetera, etcetera.

Anyway, so suppose you have a new trend going on, and “official sources” say that: “We have now discovered 10 people with Medical! Condition! X !!! – M! C! X! Get hyped!”

Then, next week, they say: “Well, we have now discovered 100 more people with Medical! Condition! X!!!”

Next month, they say: “We now have tested and discovered 1000 people, with Medical Condition X!”

The next day after that: “Woah, we now have 10.000 people with MEDICAL CONDITION X! Overnight! Aaaaah!”

Then, they also add that “Everyone we’ve encountered, who has been in contact with those discovered to have Medical Condition X, have also been tested “positive” for it and actually have Medical Condition X!”

Most people who are not aware of the details and don’t stop to ponder the actual context, or the essence of what’s being said and why, may assume that “Woah, hype! Medical Condition X is spreading like wildfire!”

Especially if it’s then also mentioned that “virtually all corpses in all the inspected morgues, have so far tested positive for MEDICAL CONDITION X!!!”

Most people who, again, are not aware of the context and don’t take a moment to ponder the wording, the context or deeper stuff, would say “Woaaah, Medical Condition X is so deadly, aaah!”

What I would suggest is that people actually question things in more depth, detail and with greater clarity. Some of the main questions would be, in this context, “Well, what the fuck is medical condition X? Also, what are the actual causes for it, not just the immediate effects? Is this a psyop or not? Who has what to gain from a majority of people believing this narrative, and why? Do people die of this condition, or with it?” Among many others.

Oh, um… medical condition X is actually, uh…  having a forehead. The cause of it is that you’re born with a fuckin’ head (the use of which may vary from person to person).

Of course, it’s preferable to have harmony between both your thoughts and emotions, the biological and biochemical expression being an expression of the more esoteric and beyond esoteric aspects of what the genuine thoughts and emotions, heart and mind, intuition and intelligence, soul and spirit actually are, but that’s another topic.

Now, to be fair, although the message of this scamdemic allegory was pretty much obvious and in your face, and I gave other analogies of the sort in both this context and others, the specific and rather funny “medical condition X” format was given by Larken Rose, with whom I don’t agree on a number of things, but whom I generally appreciate for who he seems to be, what he is doing and find his information worth sharing:

Anyway, see how, in this allegorical context, none of the statements regarding “medical condition X” were actually false, but the hype of it being a “fast spreading, deadly disease” can easily be induced, through means of simply exploiting some basic psychological fallacies in the immature and “unrisen” or “unbegun” human psyche. Which is where a fortunately dwindling, but unfortunately still a majority of people are at, in our current society. (Fortunately dwindling majority, in the sense that people are gradually waking up and rising from their proverbial graves, and not in the sense of genocide.)

Add to that the several millenia old indoctrination, the geo-engineering and GMO alteration of foods, the neurotoxic vaccines and the chemically suppressing pharmaceutical  and psychiatric industries, the cradle to grave programming through the media and part-time prisons and full-time indoctrination camps known as public schools and universities, the tracking and psychological profiling through social media and spying, along with the push towards AI and attempting to fool people to connect their brains to it, and the deceit becomes that much easier.

So, yes, the scamdemic is exactly that; a fake. Disease is not what the aleopathic poison industry wants you to believe it is, nor are the causes. The tests are not only inaccurate for the most part, but they don’t even test for a fully fledged “pathogen”. The statistics are way, way over-hyped and hyper-inflated, and the cause of ilness is not a new, politically inclined and arketable “deadly virus” called “covid-19”, which also appears to be a late-night party beast, and typically has hangovers during the day (fuck the curfews, fuck the “lockdowns”; go out when we feel like going out; whenever, wherever, however and with whomever and however many we want). They have never proven that “viruses”, which is a heavy misinterpretation of how biology works anyway, actually cause disease.

Could I be wrong about any of that? Probably. If I am, I am willing to know, and I am constantly questioning my own discernments and looking at all sides of the thing, and all sides of everything, as well as beyond the concept of sides. Because of that, and many other reasons, as well as generally being rather dilligent about doing unbiased research, because of knowledge and comprehension for their own sake and such (of course, don’t take my word for it; you’re not in my head and you don’t know if I’m just saying that; I mean, I do mean it, but you’re not in my mind to actually know if that’s the case, with certainty), my current discernment is that there is no “covid-19” and no “pandemic”, especially not in the way that they’re describing in the mainstream media.

Likewise, it’s actually been demonstrated time and again, both before and during this fake-ass-demic, that infections don’t actually spread like they want you to believe, as well as that both disease and healing occurs in the mind, which then influences the genetics and how your biology integrates that energy and soul choice, in manifestation.

Look into the placebo effect, psychosomatics, spontaneous healing, energy healing, homeopathy, osteopathy, naturopathy, “water has memory”, as well as more esoteric stuff like how we create our own reality, etcetera.

It’s all a mind game and the bullshit “plandemic” is both occult mockery, as well as a way for the pathetic deceivers of the world to see what they manage to get away with, before people stop taking shit anymore and kick their asses.

However, there is a good side to all this; and a very good one, at that. There is infinitely more good than evil, in everything, because of the very nature of what good and evil actually are. Good is the conscious and self-elevating, evolving aspect of ourselves as infinite consciousness, while evil is the retarded and self-sabotaging element.

See, evil always tends toward limitation, while good always tends towards unlimitation. As such, evil always tends towards scarcity and good always tends towards abundance. Therefore, there is always infinitely more good than evil, in everything. If you tunnel vision a particular pixel on the screen, and let’s say it’s a dead or black one, you might erroneously assume that “ooh, eeevil is go prevalent, ooh”.

No, it’s not; evil always needs good in order to even exist in manifestation, because evil is parasitic, and therefore doesn’t manage to do anything on its own. The very idea that there is evil in the world demonstrates that there is good, albeit it also means that some of the good or at least non-parasitic aspects aren’t conscious enough to realize that they’re enabling evil, and are therefore proverbially shooting themselves in the foot.

Point is, if we want to thwart evil, we are to do what is right and conscious, no matter what. Say NO to evil (and mean it), and evil has no sway. It never does anyway, because everything is always consensual, even if the ego doesn’t recognize it at any point in time-space.

Everything is always a choice and we are always responsible for everything (infinitely), and of course also everything that we do as individuals (individually). Among other things, that also means: don’t blame yourself for other’s bullshit, and likewise don’t blame others for your own.

Parasites are scared shitless of consciously assuming responsibility. Think of how fragile and scared shitless someone needs to be, in order to pull off such desperate measures across several millenia, just to fool a bunch of people, who can still easily overcome the bullshit at a moment’s notice, if they so choose.

That desperate attempt of the parasites is both a demonstration of their own weakness and depravation, as well as a testament to humanity’s will, both individually and in the aggregate. So many millenia and so many attempts, and there are people who still see through the bullshit. Even now, while there are still the “golems”, “the dead” and “the empty vessels” (which include the shit-stain parasites and dark occulstists, human and non-human alike, aside from the fucked up parts of the population) who’ll remain in ignorance and apathy for probably their entire lives, there is a steadily growing number of people who are either at least now starting to wake up (finally), as well as those of us whose resolve to do what is right grows and comes more and more to the surface, no matter if we experience abundance and peace, or if we face challenge and adversity.

Why? Because we remember, know and comprehend, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated. By us, from us, with ourselves, on every level and beyond the very concept of “levels”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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