How the scamdemic is propagated, and how to overcome the bullshit


It should be obvious to anyone by now that the entire “official” narrative behind scamdemic is one of the biggest frauds in recent, publicly known human history.

I’ve written several articles on this topic already, and in this one I want to bring some of my main and current discernments on this in a concise, bullet-pointy list of both reasons why it’s a scam, how its perpetrated, as well as some of the solutions for overcoming it, both in the short term and in the long-term.

This is a general list, and in itself meant as a way of both providing clear and concise arguments for anyone who wants to explain why it’s a scam, to friends and family members who are still ignorant about it being a scam, as well as offer some solutions for how to overcome it, from both spiritual and methodology related approaches, preferably in a blend of both.

  • Is there an isolated “virus”? If so, does it cause disease? Do “viruses” in general cause diseases, themselves?

Have they “isolated” something that they dub “Sars-cov-2”? If one is to look at what they’re now referring to as “isolation”, then the answer would be “yes”.

Is there a purified and actually isolated “virus” or “viral particle”, as in taken apart from all other constituent genetic material found in the sample, which has then been demonstrated to cause disease? No and no.

How do those statements match you, then? “Sars-cov-2 exists” and “there is no purified virus”?

For some time now, in virology, there has been a massive change in definition, regarding the word “isolation”, which is specific to human virology, and so far seems to not be found in virtually any other medical area, human or animal.

See, to “purify” or “isolate” something, it means taking something in particular from a composite thing, and then specifically targeting it, and it alone, before extracting it from the compound itself.

Virtually anywhere outside of “modern virology”, and this used to be the case in virology as well, before the pharmaceutical rockefeller cartels made the attempt to violently monopolize the narrative regarding “public health”, the concept of chemically purifying and isolating something means: you take the composite -> you use a microscope to determine the different types of constituent elements -> you use centrifuge and differently sized filters to remove the bigger chunks of tissue and particles, until you have specifically what you are looking for (this is even easier with germs, since they are apparently among the smallest of genetic particles), and which you have already actually seen on the microscope.

To prove or disprove that it itself does or doesn’t, what you do is you then inject that purified particle by itself, with no other “adjuvants” or “additional stuff”, into a (preferably) voluntary host. Then, if the host does actually develop the disease, you take some genetic material, you run the whole centrifuge and filters process of purification again; to obtain the natural variant of whatever particle you’re looking for, and not a genetically or chemically altered one; which pretty much fucks up your whole experiment, because if you do alter natural sample, then even if the disease is formed, it’s the artificial modification that’s the problem, not the natural germ). Then, you inject the purified and actually isolated, natural thing in another healthy host. If this other host develops the disease, then you have relatively suggestive evidence to deduce that “Yup. Something’s up with this particular particle.” (Also called Koch’s and Rivers’ postulates, which have some differences between them, but the gist of them is pretty much similar)

Then, if you want to discern whether or not there is “contagion”, you bring people you have “infected” with the natural germ, by itself, and who have developed the illness, and then you put them in contact with healthy people. If the healthy people get sick, then there you go, you have demonstrated “contagion”, at least apparently, at the level of your current knowledge and awareness.

Of course, always question everything. There is always more to know than one might think or believe they already know, at any point in so-called “time-space”.

Regarding the experiments in question, here’s the thing, though: virtually all attempts that have been made to prove “contagion” and that “germs cause disease” and that “they spread from one host to another”, have proved exactly the opposite. There is no such thing as “spreading disease”, by means by means of “contact contagion”.

Even Pasteur, the guy considered to be the father of modern “germ theory”, has failed all his attempts to “infect” anything. Many – well, okay, not “many”, since the pharmaceutical industry and slave plantation system already know that their narrative is false, and so they don’t fund honest, independent research; but several independently funded experiments have been made, in addition to the general experiences of people, etcetera – but several experiments have been made to try and see if “contagion” is a thing, and all have demonstrated that it’s not actually a thing.

To top it all off, do you know what they’re calling “isolation” in virology? Even more so now with the scamdemic context, when even mainstream doctors and journals are admitting, often indirectly and only if you ask them specifically, and other times even directly admitting that “we have no viral partical to show” or “the covid vaccine does not have natural viral material in them” (paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of it). You don’t hear this in the news though, for obvious reasons of blatant deceit and population manipulation.

What they’re doing is they’re taking the genetic material (nasal swab or whatever else), they the samples in a batch and mix it all up. So, instead of extracting vitamin C from a citrus fruit, what they did is akin to putting the whole citrus, peel and all, with some leaves and branches, as well as some other fruits and vegetables in a pot, blended it together. Then, they take that blend and figure out its DNA structure, which they then put into a computer and – varying by the variables and algorithms they put into the computer – they have the computer figure out the hypothetical DNA structure of a new fruit. This hypothetical DNA structure is then called “Vitamin C”.

Then, they come up with a test to see if you have what they call “Vitamin C” in your body. Since the compound they call “Vitamin C” doesn’t actually exist outside of a computer simulation, they don’t actually test for it. They test for a tiny DNA sequence from any of the fruits, vegetables, branches, leaves found in the sample they blended together. If the test, which is inaccurate as it is anyway (the PCR test), indicates a positive, you are now dubbed as an “asymptomatic carrier” of “Vitamin C”, or if you are sick of virtually anything or even just stressed out, they erroneously say that you are sick of “Vitamin C”.

That is literally what they are doing with “Sars-cov-2” and the blend of genetic material they mash together to produce a hypothetical “new virus strand” on a computer, and for a tiny DNA sequence of it, which can be found in almost anyone; and results can easily be falsified by changing the amplification cycles of the PCR test, which doesn’t test for any “virus” anyway. You want to make it seem like there’s a “pandemic”? Increase the cycles of amplication. You want to make it seem like your bullshit, tyrannical and retarded “measures” are “effective”? Reduce the cycles of amplification.

Wake the fuck up, people!

Also, look more into terrain theory, electric generation, field theory, and obviously into spiritual and psychological related stuff, both veyond esoteric, esoteric and exoteric alike, since they are all intrinsically related.

Among other things, here is something to get you started on this topic:

The Contagion Myth (Why Viruses, including “coronavirus” don’t cause disease), by Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell –

The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg –

What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, by Dawn Lester and David Parker –

Any of David Icke’s books, of which “The Answer” is the one that also focuses a bit on why the scamdemic is exactly that, but it also goes into some of the more esoteric reasons why all these scams are being played:

An interview on the topic, with Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan:

  • Do germs themselves cause diseases? What are exosomes? What about lab experiments and such? What’s “the golden standard”?

As for the first question, no, except in very rare cases; in which case, they are not the primary cause, but just a side-thing.

As for the others, see, germs, bacteria and other micro-organisms are nature’s way of cleaning up after itself. Nature is interconnected and definitely not sterile. Trying to extrapolate experiments done in a sterile environment, with often artificially altered conditions and heavily poisoned and “corrupted” samples, and then say that the same happens in nature, is an utter fallacy. It’s like taking a monkey, keeping it in a cage, in thoroughly torturous conditions, cutting them up and stitching them time and again, often without anesthetics, scorching them alive, genetically and chemically altering them, holding them upside down, invading their body and orifices (all of them) with tubes and wires, and then claiming that “oh, this little particle that we now introduced into the tortured specimen is the cause of their plight and illness”. No, you fuckin’ retards. It’s the way you conducted your cruel experiment, you evil sacks of shit. By the way, for those of you who think this example is an exaggeration, it’s exactly what happens in case of animal experimentation. And that’s not the worse of examples.

Take a look at this documentary, for more on that and how animals are being grotesquely abused in our so-called “society”:

Here’s one way (among others) to do a test, to see if a particular thing causes an effect in itself, or if it’s your method of experimentation that’s the cause. Both in general, but in this case in relationship to cell cultures and such.

You take an healthy cell, and you add what you call a “virus” or “infected tissue” to it. If the cell gets diseased or dies of what whatever disease you’re looking for, you demonstrated a connection between the “virus” and the illness in question. If the cell develops or dies of some other disease or condition, then the “virus” itself is not the cause of what you are looking for. If the cell doesn’t get diseased? It’s accurate to deduce that the “virus” is not the cause for illness. This is called “the golden standard” test.

What do they do in a lab, nowadays, though? They do the test I described, and the healthy tissue or cells never get diseases. Because they want to make it seem like they’ve “proven” a connection, due to either blind belief in a dogma or because of their own vanity and cruelty (and other reasons that have more to do with the longer-term parasitic agendas that have to do with both human and non-human stuff, but that’s another topic), what they do is they alter the experiment and genetic material into something that they can even marginally, sort-of, maybe, kinda assume it may be the cause of disease, probably, perhaps, lololololo, belief systems and propaganda.

So, after they see that their “infected” stuff doesn’t harm the cell (or before they even do that experiment), what they do is starve the cells and torture them like they do with lab animals, poison and genetically alter them in a degrading fashion, until the cell dies because it doesn’t manage to handle the trauma. Then, either as it dies or after it’s already died, they put their “infected” or alleged “virus” on top, and they say “Look, look! Da vairuz killedz da cell! Viral infection, aaaah!”

Then, often without testing for “contagion”, and when they do, they see that even that altered cell culture or genetic material doesn’t transmit from person to person and doesn’t cause disease, they go with “Nah, it totally causes disease. Look at our fancy titles and letters before and after our names. This piece of paper with a frame around it means I’m right. I’m a priest in this cult – err, a “scientist” and an “expert” in this academic dogm – aah, field of research!”

Specifically, I’m talking about shill “doctors” and whore-“scientists”, who are interested in propagating an agenda or just blindly believe the narrative. If we’re talking about genuine people who actually question things and look to see what’s actually the case, that’s something else.

Oh, and after that, they want to inject you with poisonous materials, mercury, formaldehyde, dead fetal tissue from abortions (which has to do with how our current “society” is based on a global blood ritual, which we can of course easily overcome, if we so choose) and other such fucked-up shit. Also, on another note, they even admit that the mRNA concoction they want to roll out does not have a viral agent in them, and if vaccines are defined as injections that have an attenuated “virus” (which is fallacious both because “viruses” don’t cause disease, as well as because, if you want to “exercise” your immune system, you give it a proper challenge, not some paraplegic, deadened “germ” in a wheelchair; you don’t grow your muscles by lifting paperclips; and when you do have some growth from that, it’s because you were lifting your own arm and moving the muscles; adding the paperclip did virtually nothing to help you become stronger; likewise with the immune system), then what they want to distribute isn’t even a vaccine, by their own definition. However, they use the term “vaccine” because it is a term that still a majority of people erroneously associate with “health”, so they use that for psychological manipulation.

  • So, anyway, if germs don’t cause disease, what about hygiene? Hygiene is demonstrated time and again to aid with bettering health.

Yes. That it is. It’s also demonstrated that excessive hygiene can mean poor health. You see, except in specific cases, hygiene is meant to clean and not sterilize. Cleaning yourself and your surrounding living space is good for keeping away unwanted critters, bacteria and germs, which are meant as nature’s own way of, again, cleaning up after itself. If there is nothing to clean, the clean-up crew (erroneously called “pests”) don’t show up, because they go where there’s excess “dead matter”. That’s what they’re there for: to clean up, consume and help decompose dead matter.

When you sterilize something, you kill all matter, including healthy, living microorganisms, which includes your own. Anti-biotics literally mean anti-life (well, anti-biological-life).

Why is it that people who live in a rural or natural environment, take no pills or “medication”, never had a vaccine, don’t eat primarily from the “industrial market”, are pretty much almost always healthier and more spritely than most city folk? Aside from how I and we, as both individual, infinite and unlimited consciousness, always create our own reality, it’s also (as a manifestation that’s part of how we’ve decided to play out the roleplay experience) because of living in a different, healthier and far less polluted environment.

  • What about nutrition? Also, exosomes.

We create our reality through ourselves as freedom, spirit, consciousness, creativity, intuition, intelligence, choice, imagination, will and intent, etcetera. Whatever plays out in the manifested “story world” is an expression of that.

In terms of the expression or experience, nutrition plays an important role. Eating like shit is most often going to result in shitty health. Eating naturally grown, organic, non-gmo food will most often imply an increase in the quality of your health.

On a “biological” level, what you eat is an element that alters your body’s structural make-up, and the nutrients you intake are used for various processes. This is obvious to most people.

What is apparently not so obvious to a majority of people nowadays (looking at 2020, and now at 2021), is that the structure of your body-vehicle and whether or not its internal environment is more acidic or alkaline, changes how you interact with germs.

Germs and bacteria are good for you. You already have billions, if not trillions of germs inside of you, all of which help your body sustain itself. Without bacteria, your body would not digest food in the way that it currently does, as one example among many others.

These germs and bacteria function optimally in an alkaline environment, in case of the current iteration of the human body. When someone’s body becomes more acidic than alkaline, the environment in which those bacteria thrive is no longer as viable for their functioning. Thus, they start cleaning stuff up. When the garbage someone puts into their body becomes more than what the body manages to pump out, then the body, cells and germs alter themselves to better handle the situation, in more drastic and intense manners. This is called “disease” or “dis-ease”. Your body now has more difficulty doing its natural thing.

The purpose of fevers, for example, is to increase the temperature of your body so that the garbage is disposed of more effectively. When you have an inflammation, that’s like a “local” fever that’s meant to melt the collagen and damaged fibers in your tissue, so that it can then be regenerated and reformed.

Taking anti-fever or anti-inflammatory drugs is literally self-sabotage. It does away with the momentary pain, but long-term it compromises your immune system. That’s part of why there’s massive amounts of chronic illnesses occurring nowadays, more so than virtually any period in recorded human history. It’s because people are compromising their own health, by taking pain-relief medication. Plus, the general poisoning occurring all around, including 5G and other “G” technology, etcetera.

That is aside from all the mental and emotional trauma that people go throughout their lives, because this society of “city living” is more or less entirely antithetical to how humans naturally tend to thrive, as a species.

To better handle stressful situations and environments, the cells send out packets of information, alerting the rest of the body as to what any particular problem is. These packets of information are called “exosomes”. Endosomes refer to when they are inside the cell, and they are called exosomes when they exit the cell to propagate the message of “Hey, we got a problem. Here are the details and part of what’s good for us to do about it.”

Hence, exosomes always appear inside the body as self-generated messengers of information, when there is information regarding any manner of stress to be sent. Particular types of exosomes related to particular types of diseases, because each disease or form of stress has its own particularities. When indoctrinated “scientists”, “doctors” and “virologists” look at a petri dish and see exosomes with particular information related to a disease, they fall off their chair and desperately scream “Aaah, virus! Look! It’s there when disease happens! It’s the cause of disease, aaaah! Kill it with fire! Aaaah!” Well, gee, now you’ve killed some of your body’s information relay system. That’s another reason why autoimmune diseases occur, because the body is less equipped to recognize what the fuck is wrong, because it doesn’t know what the fuck to do. That is, in addition to the electromagnetic poisoning, with the aluminium in vaccines and some dental appliances and false teeth, 5G and other radiation smogs littering the environment, etcetera. This is not an accident. This is a deliberate attempt to hijack the human race.

So, you see, “culling the spread”, “cutting off the vectors of contagion” and other such bullshit slogans are literally just mind-“control” and propaganda, meant to try and dupe people into being in a perpetual state of panic, apathy and artificial stress. Which then produces more exosomes, which then means more “positive” tests, which then provides a more bullshit “venue” for more tyrannical bullshit… which causes more stress, thus more “positive” tests… and on and on it goes, unless and until we say NO and retaliate, by refusing the bullshit both by rejecting their ploys and the glorified, violently and deceptively promoted whims and opinions called “edicts”, as well as by lethal force in self-defence and the defence of another, if there is appropriate context for that. Although killing people should be a last resort, when there is also enough to suggest that it is a morally right thing to do, in the context.

Of course, with a choice to experience a different reality, we can easily rise above and move on, instantly heal ourselves, come back from the dead, teleport, phase through “matter”, levitate and fly, remember who I and we always and already are: freedom, consciousness, spirit, intuition, intelligence, etcetera, etcetera, among other things…

As for how some of those choices will play out, in terms of solutions for our some of our plights, as both individuals and as a species, as well as souls and consciousness, etcetera…

  • Solutions
  • Know thyself

Aside from the main thing of “knowledge for knowledge’s sake”, which is always good, knowing ourselves as both individual conscience and infinite, unlimited consciousness, is pretty much both the cause and the solution to everything, on every level and veyond the very concept of “levels”.

The more we know ourselves, or in other words, the more we remember ourselves as soul, spirit, consciousness, freedom, etcetera, the more of an active role we play, in more and more ways, in the creation of our own reality, while also still in manifested form.

This is both veyond esoterically, as well as esoterically regarding the more conscious expression of our own energies and conscience, and how through that we create, attract and repel experiences that we either do or do not “jive” or “resonate” with, as well as exoterically, regarding how we reflect our “inner” behaviour towards ourselves, onto our “outward” behaviour towards other living beings, our views and whatever else.

Likewise, the more we love and respect, know and comprehend ourselves, we naturally and intrinsically express more rebellion, courage, honesty, defiance, originality, inventivity, ingenuity, creativity, wisdom, imagination, free will and intent… or, in other words, more and more of who I and we always and already are, freedom, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

This also translates to us expressing ourselves as being far more immune to psychological and energetical attempts at manipulation, as well as more rebellious and defiant both in general, and in the face of evil and tyranny.

This is what rebellion is, in the moral context:  standing up in defiance against all evil.

In the general sense, it’s standing up and always growing, evolving and elevating ourselves, and therefore naturally aiding to “help” each other grow, as well. (“help” in quotes, because nobody actually “helps” or “hinders” anyone; it’s an experience we choose to have together, as soul and spirit having a roleplay session with ourselves)

  • Supporting liberty oriented alternatives, and separate from slavery promoting bullshit

Because of their obsession with their own ego, people in general tend to either approve or dismiss things that they find themselves to have like or dislike towards, on the level of taste and whatever promotes or doesn’t promote their biases and beliefs.

It’s time to outgrow that puerile mentality, and express more conscious, discerning, jovial, playful, child-like attitudes, as well as ambitions. That also means looking to see the essence of things, instead of being blinded by the surface appearances. Don’t be blinded by anything. Wake up and open your eyes, your mind and your heart, in remembrance of soul and spirit, consciousness, freedom, etc.

So, if you have friends or family members that support the “official” narrative, it’s good to make the attempt to inform them, but also separate or spend your time doing other stuff, if they show that they’re deliberately ignorant about the topic. Spend less time with them, and look to improve yourself. Well, that’s always good to do regardless of what relationships you do or do not have, but you get the point.

If you have friends and family who are either awake, or at least seem to be willing to question things, look to inform them and organize with them to rebel against the bullshit.

Look into permaculture, grow your own food, spread flyers around about why it’s a scam or whatever else you feel is worth sharing (both online and in the sense of activism or the occasional talk with people on the street, giving them a flyer or poster, etc).

Also, if you have a job at a company or business that supports the bullshit narrative and the panic-mongering, by demanding retarded “measures” and wearing something that has become a literal mind-“control” device, renounce the fuckin’ job! Why would you work with, or do your shopping at places that literally make the overt attempt to deceive people into enslaving themselves. I mean, corporate jobs and whole system and cult of “gov” and “auth” themselves were fucked up enough as they were, but after 2020 it should be blatantly obvious to anyone that our so-called “society” is a slave plantation.

I mean, it was blatantly obvious before, anyway, but it is now so overt than someone literally needs to be mentally and emotionally dead to not see it. And, for those zombified “people”, I feel almost nothing other than pity. I feel as much pity for them, as I feel towards the parasites behind the agenda. Both of which deserve little more than a quick death, for as long as they remain at that level. If they choose to grow above their retardation, and become actually living beings that evolve and such, then that’s a different story.

Anyway, anyone can choose to rise above and move on, with a choice to actually do so.

Of course, always rebel and defy, open up your doors and businesses and don’t give a shit about what they anyone might attempt to do.

  • Create and build your own endeavors, as well as aid in those of others; also, spread the message of freedom and share information about these alternatives

Write your own books. Make your own paintings and comics. Make your own conscious art, poems, even memes, and whatever else. Produce your own flyers and spread them around, or whatever else you feel like.

Make your own blog or vlog. Make your own podcast, video series, radio show, or whatever else you find good as a means of self-expression. You are innately a beautiful and conscious being, and you are to express that inner beauty that’s intrinsic to you. Never make any compromise.

We are to always be who we are, honest, proud, strong and defiant, discerning and wise, creative, intuitive and intelligent, soulful and spiritual, no matter what. Well, we are always all of these things and much, much more anyway, but I mean choosing to consciously express the good within ourselves, loudly, proudly and fearlessly.

As for particular, already existing ways, movements and endeavors to help the world, both in general, as well as in these scamdemic times: – A site where you can find people in your area (if they have an account on the site and have put themselves on the map), with whom to organize, as well as it being like a social media of sorts, for people interested in freedom and liberty oriented stuff. I haven’t found too many people with whom to form a cohesive group yet, but that’s more related to the quality of the people I spoke with and their journey in life at the time, and not so much with the actual site.’s-Time-to-Exit-and-Build:c – A SolutionsWatch interview by James Corbett, with someone promoting an idea that I partially disagree with (since it involves “reforming the system” and doesn’t seem to realize that “gov” is nothing other than slavery), even though she is overtly against the current scam and proposes a way to have non-coercive airways and international flights, bypassing the “vaxx-port” and other such bullshit.

Also, check out said series and his channel as well, as well as, by the guys and gals that operate freedomcells.

Another solution, some of which I don’t agree with on philosophical levels, but which I find good to practice, albeit for different reasons –—Interviewed-By-Natural-Freedom-League—January-3,-2021:a

A presentation about the psyop aspects of the scamdemic and how to overcome it –

For more knowledge on the occult and how it operates through deception, symbolism and blood rituals, as well as other stuff regarding more esoteric concepts, check out my list of other good people and sites:

Always question, remember, know and comprehend… among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated. By us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, and in every way whatsoever, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… freedom, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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