Genuine solutions vs. fake “solutions” (or how to recognize potential oppo-sames)


If you ever spot someone who claims to be advocating freedom, but supports “government” or any kind of so-called “authority”, then it usually means one of two things: either the person is honest about wanting freedom, but has cognitive dissonance and does not yet realize that the very idea of “government” is nothing more than slavery; or they just say they want freedom, but actually advocate slavery, just that they don’t want to think of it like that, or they just don’t want others to recognize them for what they are: a coward and supporter of violence, theft, coercion, manipulation and deceit.

In other words, a “person” who wants you and everybody else (including them, funnily enough) to be robbed, exploited and extorted, and then be attemptively kidnapped, caged and even murdered, if you refuse.

The obviously natural, self-loving and self-respecting type of response to that is a firm and rebellious “NO! Fuck that shit!”, along with a resolute and unshaking defiance.

Not all people are there yet, unfortunately. However, unless we’re talking about the most devout zealots of “government”, cultists at the church of so-called “authority” and the parasitic dark occultists behind the scenes (who are behind the banks, the institutions, the big corporations and religions, etc), most people still have varying degrees of humanity.

In other words, the part of them that abhors slavery and actually gives a shit about stuff that happens beyond the length of their nose.

The aspects of ourselves through which we express genuine creativity, empathy, passion, feeling, reason, compassion, strength and everything that is good about ourselves, as infinite and unlimited consciousness.

Thing is, in most people today, that part of themselves is still hidden behind a thick layer of trauma, indoctrination, ignorance and fear. Those layers need to be peeled back and the walls need to be broken. Every single individual is personally responsible for doing that.

Evolution doesn’t come through force. It comes through spirit, intuition, intelligence, knowledge and comprehension… or, more  accurately, it is through those aspects of ourselves that we remember we’re always everything and everythingness, and that what we choose to manifest is always a choice.

Now, part of overcoming our own inner “demons” and recognizing both the darkness and the light within us, is to be willing to see all aspects of everything, both with clarity and in essence, as well as deeply and in detail.

In that sense, we are to realize that, allegorically speaking, just because a fruit is rotten in one place, it doesn’t mean it’s rotten in its entirety. Likewise, just because it isn’t rotten in some places, doesn’t mean there’s no rot.

Most people tend to focus on either one side or the other, with those that hold the fruit one way going “Mm, I’mma gonna have me some of dis!” while poisoning themselves without realizing it, and those that hold it another way going “Nah, fuck this, it’s all rotten!”, while not getting any of the nutrition.

How about looking at the fruit from all angles, carving out the moldy part and eating the rest? Maybe turn the fruit into something else, a salad, a dish, a plant extract, an experiment or a different thing altogether.

Likewise with people who tend to look at some information, and based on either belief, indoctrination, reflex, compulsion, taste or whatever other superficial reasons, tend to either blindly approve or dismiss something in its entirety, generally because they saw something they either did or didn’t like about it, or about their interpretation of it.

Instead, it’s far better to look at all aspects of everything, from all angles and perspectives, and beyond the very concept of perspectives, without being attached to whether or not we like what we find. Knowledge is knowledge, and genuinely unbiased comprehension is achieved (and surpassed) when one is not swayed by attachments to whether or not they might like what they find out.

Thus, through spirit, intuition and intelligence (link to the article), we are much more ready and equipped to, among other things, discern whether or not something is good or bad, to what extent and which characteristic it expresses more of; as well as how to recognize if something is fully fucked up or genuinely good, in every aspects.

Now, I gave that explanation for various reasons. Well, no shit; I mean, everything we do, we do for various reasons, but I meant that, among other things, that explanation (as obvious as it is, or should be) will help to separate the good ideas in this next video, from the deception and extortion (again, as obvious as it is, or should be).

Here’s the video that I want to break down in this article:

Before I point out some problems with the main premise of the video, I want to say that, yes, money is a tool of slavery. It should not exist. Nor should any slavery exist. All slavery is to be eliminated, including all “government”, banks, corporations, etc. However, that change is not going to come through yet another parasitic paradigm, and especially not through the political game.

It’s going to come through each and every single one of us assuming conscious responsibility of our lives, healing our traumas and seeing through the mind-control, rising above and loving, respecting, knowing and comprehending ourselves and each other; spiritually, intuitively, intelligently, etc… among other things…

First off, most of the actual propositions themselves are good. Doing away with the banks, corporations, and poisonous pharmacies and so on.

However, a few problems:

1) It’s a political campaign.

In other words, aside from the idea that it’s most likely just empty promises and telling people what they want to hear, all of those ideas can be easily misinterpreted on purpose, with “da council” still being controlled by the same dark occultists of today. Technology (which is a double edged sword; what matters is how it’s used), can be used to make people dependent on it, instead of having people learn how to do stuff on their own. If everything is run by AI (which is the goal of a Jacque Fresco type of resource based economy) then crops can be genetically modified for the worst easier, even on-site, etc.

Now, as with all technology, AI is a tool (unless it becomes fully sentient, as a result of a sentient soul deciding to manifest in that kind of form). In that case, I say it should be treated as a sentient being and not a tool, which means it should be seen as having the same natural rights as anybody else. That’s another topic, but nowadays, the AI in our current world is not sentient, and it just mimicks personality based on algorithms and programs, which are controlled and designed as a means trying to further enslave humanity.

So, almost anything that has to do with AI and machine learning nowadays is neutral at best, and parasitic at worst (as is the case with RFID chips, facial recognition, tracking, censorship algorithms, and anything to do with the so-called “smart” grid).

2) It still promotes the “saviour” mentality and the belief in “authority”, which is nothing more than slavery.

3) Why is there a 20-hour work week? Peopleare those who individually decide how much or how little time they want to spend doing whatever activities they so choose, and what they actually want to work on.

Aside from that, there are better models of societal organisation. Look into contributionism (Ubuntu philosophy, Michael Tellinger), agorism, counter-economics, and a host of other stuff.

4) “government” relies on taxation (which is robbery and slavery, basically), violence and, of course, people having the erroneous belief in it. If you remove money, which is good, the system won’t survive without extorting or exploiting something else. What are they going to exploit? Resources and electric power, for one. If the system is centralised, and all the energy providers are corporation and “government”-owned, the electricity of on-grid communities could be switched off easily.

Decentralising resource management, food production and electricity would make individual towns and villages much more self-sufficient, with every location and even family home having water, food and electricity independence. It’s neither hard, nor particularly expensive to do, especially compared to the high prices of apartments and homes in cities, plus the long term costs of staying on the grid.

5) To be fair, the video does promote the idea of “localizing everything”, but then says this needs to be a “global movement”. Maybe it was meant in a sense that he thinks this is his view of how the world should work, but wouldn’t actually try to force it on anyone who doesn’t want it; suggesting and asking, instead of demanding. However, since it’s “government” we’re talking about… more than likely, the latter is what they’re gonna try and do.

That should never be accepted. In a free society, if someone (or a community) wants to do things in a particular way, and someone else (or another community) wants to do things differently, they should all do that voluntarily. If someone wants to apply new ideas or adopt others already in practice, innovate and come up with something new etc., it should be done voluntarily, not through threats of violence (which is pretty much the only language “government” knows).

6) among other things…

The point is, among other things, if you live on a slave plantation, asking the slaver to make your life easier or less painful, it’s not going to work. Aside from being a slavish mentality and just plain cowardly and retarded itself, do you think the slaver’s gonna give a shit about the slave’s well-being? Just like the overt slave plantations were abolished, but the slavery itself was still kept in place by means of money and artificial economics, if the belief in “authority” is still kept in place, then even if money is replaced, it’ll just be a new form of slavery.

If – or rather, when – the banks, “government” and the corporations are going to go down, it’s not going to be through the very system they support, nor through the very mentality that keeps people in chains. No, that’ll be a facade, and they’ll only remove the superficial layers and labels. Those behind the federal reserve, “government” and corporations would now take the name of the so-called “department of peace”, central “green energy grid” and “AI center”.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the individual solutions aren’t bad, in and of themselves. The thing is, if the very system that’s against those decentralised solutions are going to promote them, they have another plan.

As an analogy, let’s look at the plantation allegory again. Let’s say a few slaves manage to slip away from the field every now and again, bathe in the river and get a taste of what it’s like to be outside of the plantation (some of them realizing that the slavery is bullshit, and others not so much, but either way appreciate the better life that is outside of the plantation).

Over time, they build a community that starts becoming more and more prosperous and independent of the plantation. If the slavers realize this, but recognize that if they try and take it by force, either they’d lose the battle or/and the other slaves would be inspired and a violent revolution is more likely to happen, what do you think they’d want to do? Especially for those who still erroneously believe that the slavery still has “legitimacy”?They’re gonna try and save face, openly acknowledge the most popular benefits of that community, even those that clash with the plantation’s agendas. Remember, slavery only needs one main thing to work: the belief in so-called “authority”, or in other words, the belief that slavery is “legitimate”.

Likewise, no matter how advanced the technology is or how strict the slavery system itself becomes, when the belief in “authority” and the fear of death have been overcome, it immediately falls apart; evil is parasitic and therefore doesn’t manifest without a host, with the host in this case being non-parasitic entities who, through ignorance, unawareness or/and being blinded by trauma and mind-control, consent to it, either wittingly or unwittingly.

So, anyway, the slavers then tell the slaves about how “oh, your independent community has such good ideas, and we want to implement them, and oh, we’ve been so wrong, golly gee, ooh”, and everything else they think the slaves would want to hear, only to try and manipulate them into once again putting the slavers themselves on their mental and emotional pedestal.

In one type of scenario, they might seem like they try to emulate the riverside community, maybe even telling specific slaves that they’re the “managers” of their local plot in the field, but of course with the slavers still being the ones who “manage” things from behind the scenes, and when requests and complaints pile up, they’ll just say “oops”, “don’t worry, we’re still formulating a plan” or whatever other fluff to try and make the situation go their way.

Maybe even give incentives of some sort, to either overtly or covertly buy the affection or favour of specific slaves that others blindly believe in (“representatives”), along with other things of the sort. Eventually, a planned “crisis” is made to occur, problem-reaction-“solution”, bada-bim, bada-bum, the old system is attemptively put back in place.

To those who don’t know, “problem-reaction-solution” basically means that someone has an agenda for influencing society in a way  they know most people wouldn’t accept (typically an agenda of imposing more slavery), and in order to try and justify it, an artificial problem or crisis is stirred or produced (or a natural one occurs, but is heavily distorted in terms of how it’s presented, and other times there’s no problem to begin with; just the claim that there is).

Then, the public is attemptively manipulated into getting in a state of panic (reaction), which is then exploited into getting people to blindly accept, or even demand a “solution”, which is not only not a “solution” for anyting, but just a step closer to where the tyrannical agenda was planning to go all along. Think 9/11 and how that was an inside job, plus almost all “crises” used by “government” as an excuse, in written history.

In another type of scenario, a similar thing happens, but instead of reverting back to the exact same system as before, what the riverside community had going for it becomes twisted and distorted, to keep the slavers still in place; just with different names and titles.

So, you see, when anyone who claims to be running for a position in “government” says they want to “help make the world a better place”, they virtually always mean the opposite (also, notice the scripted and NLP manner of speaking in which the guy delivers the message) .

At best, they’re a newbie with some good ideas, but who’ve yet to grasp their own spirituality and psychology, nor actually gotten over the belief in so-called “authority”, and at worst it’s just another political parasite, probable child rapist or accomplice to such, and in any case a cultist to the church of another’s ego, or their own.

Or, in another typc of scenario, people gradually wake up more and more, realizing that slavery is bullshit (gee, what a revolutionary idea) and overcoming it; but that’ll be when they actually remember who they are as consciousness, love and respect themselves and each other, realizing that a life of slavery is not worth living (regardless of whether you’re a slave or slaver), and that the plantation system actually seeks to distort the original idea of the riverside community to their degraded version of it, and then take conscious action to break away from it and elevate themselves, etc.

The only type of situation where someone running for a office is even remotely an “okay” idea, is in a context where the person in question doesn’t actually want to be in office, but wants the media attention in order to attract a crowd that typically wouldn’t be looking for the type of information they put out, in order to spread the message of freedom by, among other things: dismantling and making fun of the very idea of “government” and “authority”, and spreading information about genuinely freedom-oriented alternatives (like agorism, contributionism, etc), while specifically telling or asking people not to vote for them, nor for anyone else.

To people who are into alternatives and who want to build localized, self sufifcient communities, I give you this advice: don’t fall for the deceit. Just like in the plantation allegory (although it’s not really an allegory, if you think about it), the riverside community should grow and grow without accepting any slavery, while perhaps still mildly using some of the material stuff within the plantation, smuggling out stuff until they fully become self-sufficient as a community; start or/and continue to expand and grow your own communities, go off grid and use the chains (in this case, money and parts of the system that you exploit) until you fully break free of them.

If we want to actually free ourselves, both individually and as a species, we need to get off our asses and consciously assume responsibility for who we are, healing our traumas and confronting ourselves and everything else, loving and respecting, knowing and comprehending etc, etc…

Though I don’t agree with Michael Tellinger on a number of things, here is an actual solution to building a more freedom-oriented world without money, along with a bit of background about where money came from and about ancient civilisations in this world.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen ones”. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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