Genuine courage, fearlessness and the meaning of everything


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Fear is a sentiment, derived from having a mental blockation on the emotion of anxiety, to the extent that it overrides (partially or in full) the cognitive processes that surround that particular thing that one might fear.

So, technically, fear is a result of both poor emotional and mental cognition. In other words, fear is an expression of ignorance and stupidity. Fearing something, in and of itself, does not make one stupid, generally speaking (that is, assuming the person’s fear is a small part of them, and they are not actual cowards). It is, however, a stupid aspect of the ego and it does contribute to the general distinction between mental and emotional fortitude, and the weak or stupid parts of one’s character.

So, genuine courage and fearlessness are signs of mental and emotional fortitude, as well as spiritual remembrance of self and consciousness, etc. By fearlessness, I don’t just mean something that has no fear. A laptop has no fear, for example. It is not actually intelligent, though. It is too simple of a construct, conglomerately speaking, so it doesn’t actually feel or think on its own.

By fearlessness, I mean having risen above the sentiment of fear, through ourselves as spirit, intuition, intelligence, etcetera… among other things…

My discernment is that fear (along with cowardice) is one of, if not the biggest limiters of the incarnate mind. Yes, ignorance, apathy, greed, psychopathy and so on, are all elements that contribute to the limitation of one’s manifested conscience, awareness and perception. However, all of them derive from being blinded by fear. Fear of the unknown, which is being afraid of knowledge (especially if it contradicts an addictively held belief system). Fear of responsibility, which is technically being afraid of your own power and potential. Also, and perhaps the most prominent, fear of one’s self.

The current human condition, both in the aggregate and also in the case of (still) a majority of people in this world, is one of slavery. Most people, even though they know it at least on some level, won’t want to admit it, because they’re afraid of assuming the personal responsibility that becomes more evident with knowledge and comprehension. In other words, if they knowingly realized they were in a state of slavery, they would realize that they can and should do something about it, but they’re afraid to let go of the comfort they’ve grown accustomed to (be it mental, emotional or material comfort).

Yet, if they choose to remain in that state of comfort, they’ll do so while knowing that they’re contributing to the slavery system. Unless someone is in a state of pure apathy or psychopathy, the latter option will always be made with more or less utter reluctance. But some people still accept that latter choice, with all the reluct it comes with, because they’re afraid of losing the objects of their addiction: fear and comfort.

In order to feel comfortable in their self-destructive choices and self loathing, people derive all sorts of self limiting beliefs and ideologies: nihilism, “the purpose of life is to die”, “the meaning of life is: we are born, we live, we die”, pure materialism, transhumanism (for those who are particularly afraid of death, which they inaccurately believe is an “end”, purely based on lack of knowledge), belief in not doing anything now because of some “after-life” (which, even though there is always life before and after any manner of “death”, they just use that belief as a way of excusing themselves from doing anything in their present life; kinda like constantly postponing something that you can and should be doing now), all forms of belief in so-called “authority” (belief in slavery and violence, basically), along with many others.

To everyone who’s ever experienced hardships of any kind, and have let yourselves blinded by them, to such an extent that you consider life meaningless: you are fucking cowards! I’m not sugar coating it, but neither am I trying to make you feel like shit. On the contrary, what I mean to tell you is that the main, if not the only essential reason why you’ve chosen to have that mentality is that you’re utterly afraid of your own power and potential. In other words, you hate yourselves and you’re afraid to see the beauty that you have within yourselves, just waiting to be tapped into. Stop being afraid of loving yourselves, motherfuckers!

When we experience difficulties, hardships and any other obstacles in life, it is precisely because we, as soul and spirit, have chosen to have those experiences. To learn, to grow, to be better than we were the moment prior. That applies to all experiences.

Everything, including everything we experience, is a choice. When faced with obstacles that we don’t easily manage to overcome, we can choose to either wallow in self-loathing or self-pity, or get the fuck back up and try again, finding new ways of overcoming it and bettering ourselves, while also helping others choose to help themselves, as well.

That’s the difference between a weak-minded person and a strong-minded individual. It’s not physical strength, it’s not just skill, nor expertise. All of those are more or less pointless, without a conscious drive, will and imagination behind them. The strength that I’m talking about is strength of heart and mind. Strength of will. Strength of character. Characters who remember themselves beyond who they might believe they are, on the ego or incarnate levels.

“All great acts of genius and courage, always come from one essential consideraton: do not be constrained by your present reality.” I think Leonardo DaVinci said that, or something to that effect (when it comes to meaning, the meaning matters more than who said the thing). I would also add that the idea of not being constrained by our current reality, always comes from a deep and clear remembrance of who we are. From self-love and self-respect; so therefore a natural love and respect for others.

When faced with obstacles, rejoice. The immediate experience may not be pleasant, but rejoice nonetheless. There is something to learn from it. Besides, what is the purpose of all obstacles, if not for us to overcome them? All hardships are there as experiences we’ve created, so that we learn something more about ourselves, as well as about whatever. We need but be willing to learn, do the inner shadow work and face ourselves (and everything), no matter what we may find.

All knowledge is knowledge. The implications of particular bits of information might be negative or positive, but all knowledge is knowledge. Having and expressing knowledge and comprehension is always positive, because that’s part of how we expand awareness and grow in both conscience and consciousness.

When we remember ourselves as infinite and unlimited freedom, consciousness and potential, we always choose to live freely and do what is right, no matter the obstacles we might face. We know those are illusions, and we can overcome them with but a choice. However that choice may manifest in our incarnate lives, with or without hardship, that’s the story we decided to play out. It is our responsibility. We can change it at any time. It is never too late, nor too early. When we decide it’s time, it’s time. The time never comes for anything, unless we bring it about.

If we want to change something in the world, we need first become the change we want to see manifested.

“Those who believe that something is impossible, should never interrupt those of us who are doing it.”

If you think you “can’t” do something, you won’t. Not because you “can’t”, but because you’ve chosen to forget that you can.

If you think you’re “sort of” gonna do something, you’re “sort of” gonna do it, because you’re choosing to express and apply your own ability, albeit only to that extent.

When we know that we always can, are and will do something, we always can, are and will do something.

You see, cowardice is simply the notion of letting yourself influenced by fear, and making your decisions based on that.

Bravery is the idea that we do not let ourselves influenced by fear.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above all fear.

As an analogy for what I wrote earlier, nihilism and pretty much anything that implies a belief that something is “meaningless” is kinda like reading a book, failing to grasp the meaning of it, and then saying it’s “pfft, meaningless” because of one’s lack of comprehension. An impression born of ignorance, basically.

When we read a book and actually “get the gist of it” (at the very least), and more so actually see the intricate meanings and corelations behind the plot, the characters and the messages, etcetera… yeah, that book’s gonna be quite a good read. When we realize that we’re the actual writers of the book, and that all characters and stories are expressions of ourselves as the artist and writer, and ourselves manifested in those forms… the journey’s gonna be quite a meaningful one.

Likewise with life and beyond life. Everything has meaning, and we are all infinite and unlimited consciousness, potential, etcetera. What we choose to manifest is always a choice.

There is always meaning in everything, both precisely and broadly because we all and always have and are free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours.

For me, this song (and others like it) symbolizes the shadow work we do and when we face ourselves, and then choose to manifest the courage to stand up for ourselves and speak our minds and hearts without fear and without compromise, while also helping remind others (notice that, at the end, the composers and musicians are crossing the chasm/river, to bring back music to the land and help the people remember how to sing their own songs, once again) that we are all infinite love, reason, awareness, knowledge and comprehension. We need but remember and express it.

This song symbolizes the inner healing that comes from facing ourselves (and everything in general, both holistically and in detail) both deeply and clearly, harmonizing our hearts (the creative and genuinely intuitive intelligence, the feminine energy; care, love, compassion, hope, non-aggression, nurture; the artist, the knower, the chaos) and our minds (the reasoning intelligence, the masculine energystanding firm, self-defence and the defence of others, principles and freedom oriented order; the comprehender) and our actions (the flow of energy from the potential realms, into the manifested realms; right action and conscious determination).

Then, once we genuinely begin healing and improving ourselves in every way, we are much more equipped to actually recognize the chains, both those in our own minds and egos, as well as the ones in the so-called “projected” reality. While the video is more or less referring to the worldly expression of the violence (the wars, propaganda, govs, poisoning and all that), the same can be applied to our inner realities, with us refusing to accept the bullshit we’ve been “decorating” our egos with, wash it all off and break the chains, so that we grow in consciousness more and more.

This video is about realizing what we’re creating through our choices and actions, as well as how and why we are. Recognizing it and through both inner peace and conscious defiance, we stand up for ourselves and break the chains of limitation, in remembrance of ourselves, with self love and self respect, as well as a natural tendency to behave thusly towards others, as well.

This one is about finally coming together as a species in the manifested, so called “outer” or “shared” world and standing up against all forms of evil and parasitism (human and non-human alike), either through (preferably) just going “meh” at the parasites and then seeing them fizzle out of existence, because both the esoteric and exoteric parasites would not manage to do anything to anyone, if we firmly say “No! We ain’t havin’ it! Fuck off!” Likewise, it represents the willingness to also take up arms and defend ourselves physically as well, if it ever comes to that. That is obviously a last resort, and it’ll only ever come to pass if we so choose to have our experience in this world, but it is an option nonetheless.

Of course, there is no such thing as “death” and life is but a dream, among infinities of others. All of which are aspects of ourselves as spirit, and ourselves maniffested in form. I know and comprehend it, and can confidently tell you this from remembrance of past lives, alternate realms and realities, as well as from remembering (both within and beyond the very concept of “reality”) who I/we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential, etc.

I/we always and already have been, always are, and always will be… incarnately, discarnately and beyond incarnation… timelessly, timefully and beyond time… unmanifestly, manifestly and veyond manifestation…

Spirit, love and reason. Questioning, awakeness, awareness, knowledge and comprehension.

Free will, freedom, imagination, hope and intent… and, of course, infinity, unlimitendess and veyond… among other things…

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