Freedom is the answer, and why slavery is never a “solution” to anything


I recently spent some time spreading the messages about freedom and anarchy, as well as stuff exposing the slavery system of our current society, to an “audience” that was not aware of such things, and most of whom were devout zealots of the plantation (a.k.a. the cult of “government” and so-called “authority”).

I wanted to help them help themselves through means of direct conversation and debate, along with sharing information, to people who were not aware of this stuff, and whom I wanted to help awaken. I think it’s important to share this type of information not only with those who are open to it or/and already aware of it, but also with those that are ignorant about it, even if they are vehement in maintaining their cognitive dissonance or mental and emotional retardation.

Why? Well, who most need awakening? The slumbering or thosewho are already awake and alert? Who most need reminding? Those with amnesia, or those who already know who they are and why they’re here?

Those who consider themselves awake, because they realize how fucked up our society is, or/and because they believe themselves to have found some manner of spiritual insight or inner peace, if they’re not actually doing anything to help themselves and the world get better, they have not fully awakened. At worst, they may egotistically believe themselves to be “so awake and high and mighty, fuck the rest” or at best may actually be on their way to fully awakening and are genuine in various regards, but have yet to go all the way.

“There are only two mistakes with regards to growth in conscience: not starting, and not going all the way.”

Awakening to the awareness, knowledge and comprehension of all the bad, evil and fucked up shit, all the “meh” and “mediocre” stuff, as well as all the good, elevatory, infinite and unlimited… that’s just the start.

There is always more to feel, to think, to know, to comprehend, to do… the more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know. When we remember ourselves beyond the impression of ourselves, then we remember, acknowledge and realize, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond…

What we choose to manifest, what stories we write for ourselves and what we create, and everything else… is always a choice; and the choice is always ours.

There can be no “chosen ones”. Only we can save ourselves, and it’s always our responsibility to do so.

It’s important to remember that because, aside from the spirituality, harmony, knowledge and comprehension itself, it’s very helpful for maintaining and improving our lucidity, not letting our judgement and discernment swayed by whatever moods we’ve chosen to experience on various levels, including our bodies and other constituent parts of our in-story (or “in-reality”) manifestations, at any time (“physical”, astral, etheric, ethereal, etc. or whichever other aspects related to our individual characters or in-game personas).

So, in other words, feel the mood and ride the wave, it’s there for a reason an’ all that, but don’t forget to steer the fuckin’ ship, or whatever other means you’ve chosen as a method of traversal. Of course, the waves, the ship, the ocean, the skies, cosmoses, the omniverses, reality and veyond… I/we are everything and everythingness…

Having said that… holy fucking shit! I feel so fuckin’ infuriated and enraged, when talking to cultists who zealously support the slavery system, whose heads are so far up their asses that they don’t even see the blatant and painfully in-your-face cognitive dissonance and bias they have, while at the same time accusing others of the very same bullshit that they’re doing, but which they want to ignore about themselves.

Initially, I spent a number of pages describing what a typical conversation with someone who zealously clings to a belief system usually goes, but that was more or less me blowing off some steam through means of a written rant. Plus, I doubt people reading this haven’t had any frustrations in their attempt to talk with people who (wittingly or unwittingly) support and condone the evils in our world.

So, instead of posting about that, I want to adress one of probably the most common excuses that supporters of “government” or any other form of slavery like to throw around: fear mongering.

One scenario in a recent “conversation” with a zealous cultist of our modern slavery system, was an extinction event by means of an impending collision with a comet; the sort the supposedly killed the dinosaurs. Their premise was that slavery was somehow “necessary” to prevent extinction, and that everyone should be forced to work in order to save humanity (everyone meaning literally everyone in the world). Of course, their “solution” was an attempt to impose more “government”, because they believed that doing so would magically solve the issue.

Here is why such a belief is always erroneous. Firstly, it’s immoral and evil, and as such always goes towards extinction or worse, for both esoteric and exoteric reasons, because evil always tends towards limitation by the very core of its concept and manifestation.

On the other hand, good and everything that is right always manifest evolution and more conscious expressions of freedom, by the very nature of good tending towards the more infinite and unlimited aspects of ourselves as spirit, consciousness, etc.

Secondly, aside from the notion that the premise of attempting to impose more slavery is utterly evil, it’s also highly impractical, both in the short and long terms, for various reasons, including:

  • Censorship would just limit communication and clarity of information.

Of course, one of the “solutions” that many statists put forth is trying to have only the “official” narrative be delivered to the public, while attempting to silence alternative views. Well, if you start off with that, chances are there isn’t any comet to begin with, and it’s just a scam to try and get the masses in panic mode, for easier manipulation.

Assuming that there was an actual comet or any other impending extinction level event, censorship would just manage to distort information, while also decreasing the chances of wide-spread cooperation, because people would be rightly suspicious.

If you want to increase chances of voluntary, moral and efficient cooperation, honesty and transparency are a key element. No, I don’t mean “surveillance”. That’s not transparency, that’s spying and privacy invasion, and a blatant example of dishonesty.

I mean compassionate and heartfelt honesty, loving and respecting both ourselves and each other.

  • Why does everyone need to relocate to Mars or apply any other “one size fits all” plan?

The premise of having a “one size fits all” plan for everyone in the world is a recipe for disaster. Both because, again, attempting to manipulate people is evil, and also because – from practical perspectives – less information and less solutions means less efficiency. If there’s only one plan or contingency, and it fails… well, it’s much more likely to go to shit.

On the other hand, when we acknowledge that we always decide our own lives and write our own destinies, there are diverse plans and solutions, along with a deep and clear comprehension of what’s being manifested, and therefore success is much more likely. Some might decide to go underground, some wold want to go to Mars, some to the moon, some may want to stay on the surface or resurface later to replant and repopulate the world, while others might want to find ways of destroying or diverting the comet from its collision course with Earth, etcetera.

When there’s no artificial tension and coercion, and people consciously assume responsibility for their own lives, cooperation is much more natural and fluid, while everyone also maintains and improves their individuality and is also able and willing to “operate” independently of the group as well.

Some plans might be fucked up, some “meh” and others might be genuinely good, with room for error and improvement. Either way, there’s no coercion going on and everyone consciously assumes responsibility for their own choices, actions, etc. It’s both moral and practical.

  • Why does everyone need to live?

Life and death, in the traditional “worldly” interpretations, are illusions born of varying levels of amnesia and forgetfulness of who we are as infinite consciousness. Don’t get me wrong, life is good and death is a gateway (among others) to other lives and lifetimes, but we’ve all come here to live the life we want. We choose when we are born, what lives we live and when we die; with or without the ego being aware of these choices at any point in “time”.

So, if someone wants to plan something in particular, or just say fuck it and enjoy the tan when the comet arrives (or synchronistically and lucidly survive the event), what’s the problem? It’s their life, so it’s their choice. Plus, they’re of no hindrance, nor impediment to those who want to prepare for the event, and in their casual approach might actually have some insight that some of those who are focused on survival might miss; if they decide to communicate that, it can also help the general endeavor to preserve humankind.

  • Trying to influence or/and coerce people on a mass scale would require relatively enormous amounts of time and resources, which would be far better spent on something that actually resembles a conscious solution.

To declare “martial law” on any large scale is practically not going to happen in our world. I mean, the “declaration” may happen, but in actuality it’s most likely not going to be a thing. There are not enough resources, plain and simply.

Aside from the esoteric side of things, think of just how much effort the “powers that wanna-be” need to put in, just to influence people nowadays: 24/7 “news” (ahem, propaganda) cycles, years and years of predictive programs through shows, movies, video-games and so on (which sometimes also communicate good stuff as well, but along with a lot of bullshit), hypnotic trance induction, symbolism and so on; and virtually the main, if not the only reason why even that works, is because a majority of the people believe their bullshit narratives and still cling to their belief in the slavery system.

Remove that belief, and the plantation immediately falls apart, liggety-split.

Imagine how much time and resources they’d have to waste to even try to get everyone into overt slave labour. Time and resources that would be much better utilized towards actual solutions that would be both moral and effective. Think, among other things, of how the “government” sanctions and lockdowns in this coronavirus so-called “crisis” are just making things worse, negatively impacting the economy (well, economies collapsing can be both a good and a bad thing, but that’s another topic), and just plain making a mess of things (although, that’s actually what they want, contrary to what they say on the air). Think of how much more fucked up a “government” intervention in an extinction level “crisis” would be.

Aside from that, there would also be many people who’d rightly rebel against the oppresion and would refuse to put in any work towards the “official” agenda. What’re they gonna try to do with these people? Shoot them? Aside from the plain evil-ness of trying to murder innocent people, think about how much resources would need to be spent on attempting to fight, round up and kill that many folk.

Or, maybe they’d decide to try and lock people up. Well, “congratulations”, now you’re wasting even more time and money on housing and feeding the inmates; resources that, again, could be spent on actually doing something voluntary, moral and effective about the supposedly impending comet.

Aside from that, what about the actual efficiency of the people who would begrudgingly accept to work in those (more) tyrannical conditions?

People are always much more efficient and effective, when they work out of passion or with the purpose of advancing some cause they resonate with. Trying to coerce people towards working in labour camps or in tyrannical conditions? Productivity is always gonna plummet, beside the idea that many are going to rightly try to sabotage the whole operation. Either for reasons of overthrowing the system, or just out of spite.

Again, slavery is always both immoral, evil and impractical in every regard.

Voluntary interactions, diversity and mutual love and respect is always much better and practical in each and every aspect.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen ones”. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose tomanifest, is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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