Feeling and thinking freely is part of being genuinely alive. Those who do not, are partially dead.


Part of being a living being, not just biologically, but as a soulful entity and a conscious expression of ourselves as spirit, is to express our own conscience and discernment. In other words, to think and feel freely and independently.

Therefore, any character/person/entity who does not express their own judgements, is not a fully living being. This applies to both those who blindly seek to “follow orders” and to those who look to “give orders”. Neither modality of ego implies that a fully living being has been developed, because they neglect their own conscience, through the very notion that they try to abdicate their personal responsibility for their lives. Either by seeking to do something blindly, or by trying to manipulate someone into doing one’s bidding. Both are examples of cowardice.

Therefore, you see, ALL order givers and ALL order followers are evil. This is one of the few blanket statements that’ll never be innacurate. ALL cops and soldiers (as well as anyone else who does things blindly) are bad people, along with the parasites who drool and slobber at having others get their hands dirty in their stead, because they’re too chicken shit to do anything themselves without an army of violent thugs to back them up, are spineless, cowardly, evil cult members who grovel at the altar of so-called “authority”.

Why is that? Plenty of reasons. Some of those have to do with how the idea of “police” and “military” came into being; the latter as a disposable group of thugs who wanted to steal land and territory from others, and the former as a gang of thugs who tried to prevent slaves from escaping the plantations they were on. Other reasons include the notion that police brutality is the norm and not the exception, and that every war is practically a mass blood letting ritual.

It’s also about how wars are always manipulated by the same “people” who are behind both sides, which are only ostensibly in opposition, on the stage of exoteric “geo-politics”. There’s also the idea that the police is little more than an oppressive, revenue generating machine for the slavery system called “government”.

Likewise, you can even logically deduce that there is no such thing as a good cop, soldier or any other order follower, even without doing any of the research into either conspiracies, coverups, history (both manipulated and actual), along with other areas and topics. For example:

  1. All “laws”, “rules” and “regulations” are nothing more than impositions and opinions, backed up solely by the threat of violence, coercion, theft and manipulation. I’m not talking about instructions or voluntarily agreed upon social interactions. I’m talking about putting something on a pedestal and trying to impose it onto others, by way of violence or threat of violence (a.k.a. duress).
  2. Most “laws” are cruel, unjust, arbitrary and are only designed to try and subjugate a population, while exempting a “special class” of people from them.
  3. “Laws” that reflect something that is actually moral, like “don’t murder” or “don’t steal” and so on, are utterly unnecessary. Aside from that, if someone does something moral just because they’re told, that is not moral behaviour. Because it was not done through conscience. It was done because of a so-called “command”. If the “command” was to do something immoral, and a person would then switch over and do evil shit, again because they were told, that person wasn’t actually exercising their conscience to begin with. Thus, they are either deliberately evil or just machine-like in their mentality.
  4. Cops and military “swear oath” to uphold ALL “laws”, no matter which they might be.
  5. Therefore, ALL police and military are either deliberately evil or mindlessly evil. Either way, unless and until they decide to evolve beyond that mental cage, they are ALL bad people.

But, aside from all of that, there are the spiritual, philosophical and esoteric implications. From the perspective-beyond-perspectives (so to speak) of ourselves as spirit and consciousness, we create reality like we write a novel or paint a picture; both literally and metaphorically. In that sense, everything is an expression of ourselves as infinity and unlimitedness, and ourselves as such, manifested in form. Therefore, nobody ever “loses” themselves. The worst that ever happens is that some of us, as characters in the story, choose to experience amnesia or forgetfulness of who we are. If we want to become aware of ourselves as spirit, the choice is then to, well… remember. That’s it. That’s the essence. However we might choose to have that experience of remembrance manifest in the story-world we call “reality”, is salad dressing. Important, of course. But, salad dressing.

In other words, no matter the in-game experiences and hurdles we might go through, the essence of it is that we choose to do what is right and what is conscious. Choosing knowledge and comprehension, over ignorance. Choosing intuition and intelligence, over idiocy. Choosing love, over apathy. Kindness over cruelty. Good over evil.

All of that means exercising conscience. It means making our own judgement, feeling, thinking and discerning things for ourselves. Making choices through gnosis of knowledge, courage, fearlessness, etcetera.

We, as soul and spirit, always do that anyway. If we, as in-story or in-“reality” characters want to actually be fully living beings, we are to think and feel freely, no matter the abundance or adversity we might face and experience (which is always by our own choice anyway, since we create our own reality).

Cops and soldiers do not and, for as long as they have that mentality and indoctrination in place, cannot be fully living beings, other than biologically. Why? Because they have attempted to abdicate (and have forgotten) their own expression of free will and conscience, just by simply doing things on “command”. They have attempted to abdicate their responsibility for their own actions, and have chosen to literally be a mind slave. Likewise with anyone who supports such behaviour, thus practically being complicit cult members.

The level of self-loathing and self-hatred a character actually needs in order to chain themselves in that manner is monstrous. And that is evident in the way they treat other people. You can always tell how a person views themselves, through the way they treat other people. Because the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”.

If you hate yourself, you’re either gonna let others tread on you, or/and you’re gonna want to tread upon others. If you have no respect for yourself, you’re either gonna try and blindly follow the decrees of someone else, or/and you’re gonna try to impose upon others.

Genuinely spiritual, loving, reasoning, intuitive and intelligent, living beings are never gonna try and control another living being. We’re might step in every now and then, if we think someone is going to do something to hurt themselves, based on choices that weren’t made with discernment, and we’re definitely gonna step in to defend ourselves and others against imposition, in the endeavor of thwarting evil. But, we’re never gonna try and impose upon others.

The police and military (as with all cults), by the very nature of them blindly doing something just because they’re told and thus not exercising their own conscience, are thus never a fully living, self loving or self respecting individuals. On that note, they’re scarcely even individuals, since the very thing that defines individuality is exercising one’s own unique expression of consciousness.

In other words, to genuinely be an individual, we need to exercise our own fuckin’ judgement and discernment! Therefore, being an individual is diametrically opposed to doing things blindly.

If a cop or military perso – you know what, let’s just call them what they are: order followers and house slaves. I have the temptation to call them mindless order followers to get the point across more directly, but I think it would be kind of redundant, since following orders is – by itself – something that requires mindlessness. In other words, to believe that there is ever such a thing as “authority”, you need to be a mindless drone.

A character either thinks and feels freely, of their own conscience, or they don’t. This is one of those things where there is no in-between. There are different gradations of slavery (mental or otherwise), but it’s all just different flavours and severities of the same thing: slavery.

But, between a conscious expression of freedom and an expression of slavery, there is no in-between. You either fully reject the concept of slavery, or you’re a slave. Whether you hold a position of “slave” or “slaver” in that system, you’re still a slave. Whether it’s slavery to the ego of another (the “cattle” slaves) or slavery to one’s own ego (the dark occultists and “slavers”), it’s still slavery.

So, if you’re a cop or a soldier (an immoral piece of shit, in other words), someone who supports them (a complicit cult member) or one of the dark occultists who attempt to manipulate the whole thing (again, immoral pieces of shit) and, for some reason, you’re reading this, my advice to you is be to actually love and respect yourselves, as well as others. Break free of your mental shackles and actually exercise your conscience. And guess what? Humanity is gradually changing for the better and more and more people are seeing through the seams of your agendas and manipulations. Your time is up, fuck-ups. Your so-called “new world order” is not coming to pass. Not for as long as there is any good in the world. And if the world might ever fall into complete evil, well tough luck, ‘cause then you’re just gonna be destroying yourselves anyway. ‘Cause that’s what parasites always do. It’s the only thing that parasites manage to do on their own, by the very nature of them being such.

By comparison, as well as in and of itself, what is moral (basically, anything that doesn’t initiate violence, theft, coercion and manipulation), right and good always thrives, even in the darkest of times. Which is an experience from which the goodness in people’s hearts and minds will rise above, standing taller and stronger than it’s ever stood before. Not just that, but soaring high and flying, then moving beyond spatial-temporal impressions of sense-related perception of so-called “reality”, etcetera.

To everyone else, the same advice applies. If you want to see a world of kindness, be kind. If you want a world of peace, be peaceful (not pacifist though, because that’s an invitation for abuse; force is to be used, in this case in self defence). If you want to see good manifested in the world, be a good person. Exercise your own conscience and judgement, and respect others’ freedom to do so, as well. If there is ever any evil taking place, we are to stand up against it. Speak out against it and expose it for the bullshit that it is, and also be willing to use lethal force, albeit as a last resort.

Of course, as always, we are to remember who we are and always be ourselves.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never submit, never dominate. Never “beta”, never “alfa”.

Essentially, it all boils down to…

Never a slave, never a master.

Never give up, never give in.

Never fear, never be feared.

Being mindless is beneath the concept of fear, because a machine-like mentality isn’t complex enough to even process the idea of fear.

Fear is one of the most limited and limiting sentiments (not really an emotion), because it’s more or less a blockation on the forgetfulness of who we are, as consciousness.

Cowardice is letting yourself influenced by fear, or in other words, making your decisions based on it.

Bravery is not letting ourselves influenced by fear.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness, in the genuine sense, is having risen above the very concept of fear.

The more we remember ourselves, the more and more we are always brave, courageous and fearless.

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless. Minds beyond minds, hearts beyond hearts. Mindful hearts and heartful minds. Intuition beyond intuition, intelligence beyond intelligence. Intelligent intuition, intuitive intelligence.

Always question everything. The more we question, the more we know; and the more we know, the more we question. Thus, through spirit, heart and mind, we know and comprehend… and we realize, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we chose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours.

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