Face diapers are tools for mind-“control”. Don’t fall for it.


I find it particularly funny, albeit in the tragic sense of the word, how some people are still gullible and retarded enough to believe the mainstream media and what the “official experts” spew forth form their shit ridden mouths.

I’ve written more in-depth about why the scamdemic is exactly that, a bullshit ploy to try and fool the masses into blindly gobbling up even more tyrannical fuckery, as well as criticizing some of the mentalities I’ve seen that support the easily demonstrably fake “official” narrative, in these articles:

In this one, I want to dismantle some of the common excuses I see people bring up, when supporting the bullshit and occasionally now even sexualised practice of wearing a face diaper. I mean, seriously, sometimes I think that some people actually just fuckin’ deserve their chains, since they’re so self-loathing that they’re addicted to them.

“Oh, it’s not so bad…”

Oh, it’s not just “so bad”. It’s fuckin’ retarded, idiotic, completely ignorant and self-hating.

Yet, I know each and every one of us can overcome it, because we all create our own reality and I/we are all and always infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, consciousness, etcetera. Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

So, if we want to express the more conscious and good aspects of who we are as consciousness, we are to love and respect, know and comprehend ourselves. Therefore, that deep love of self naturally translates into unbridled and utter rebellion and defiance.

What is rebellion? Rebellion is standing in utter defiance against all forms of evil.

Everyone who is rebellious will always abhor everything that has to do with slavery, nomatter the form the latter takes. Wearing a face diaper is exactly that: an edict of slavery and a practice of indoctrination, and occult initiation into the “new religion” of the “new world order”. Actually, it’s an old and decrepit religion tied to the just as retarded, desperate “old world order”, which is barely clinging to its dying breath. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so desperate. Who ever gets desperate when they believe they’re “winning”?


  • The face diapers DON’T WORK for their advertised purpose. In addition to that, they’re also toxic, especially if used frequently or for prolongued periods of time.

For one, there is most likely NO FUCKIN’ VIRUS (that is my current discernment, which may or may not be wrong, but I think it’s most likely, looking at the information I’ve seen about the topic so far).

Well, at the very least, not in the sense of what people generally refer to as “a virus”. Look terrain theory, exosomes and how they’re often misinterpreted as “viruses”, as well as how it’s technically never actually been proven that “viruses” actually cause disease.

Here’s something to start you off with, in case you haven’t yet looked into the matter. Of course, always question everything, etc.

Besides all that, even with the current mainstream definition of what a “viral particle” is believed to be, the face diapers’ mesh is not nearly dense enough to stop a “virus” from passing through it.

It is also rather toxic, in part due to breathing in small plastic particles, as well as because you’re creating a closed environment around your mouth, breathe in your stale air and reduse your intake of fresh oxygen, as well as a host of other reasons.

More on that here: https://drrimatruthreports.com/masking-the-facts-are-clear-ebook/


  • Yes, they are quite likely to negatively affect your health

Well, a more accurate way of putting it would be “if you so choose to have the experience of being affected by it, you shall, but if you choose to be immune, you shall be immune”, because we always create our own reality, etcetera; however, that’s a more esoteric conversation that I’ve gotten into and will elaborate upon again, but in other articles.

Anyway, aside from the short and long-term effects of having reduced oxygen intake, it also plays into the whole mentality of constant fear and panic, which is all the more maintained by a reduced flow of oxygen to the brain.

People get in a state unease or panic, and so their brains and bodies naturally tend to suck in more air, as a means of having more energy to help with orientation in a context of perceived threat. With reduced oxygen, the impression of a “threat” and the state of stress continues artificially, which then triggers the brain to breathe in more sporadically in an attempt to suck in more oxygen, which expends more energy and the body gets more exhausted, more quickly (unless there is a conscious exercise of choice and will to overcome that situation, in which case the context no longer matters).

Seeing as how, as unfortunate as it is, the masses nowadays don’t seem to exactly exhibit the qualities of what would be known as “shining examples of mental and emotional fortitude”, that constant stress (either chronic or acute), coupled with ignorance, shitty lifestyles and attitude, as well as often an already compromised immune system, all feed into the morons getting into an even more aggravated state of retardation than they may have been prior to the scamdemic.

That’s why bullshit excuses like “oh, but surgeons use it for 10-12 hours at a time”, or “naah, that’s just a conspiracy theory” are often used, by fuck-ups who immediately look away form anything that doesn’t have a headline that tickles their egos or belief system.

First off, surgeons are trained to work in those kinds of conditions, which by the way aren’t all that common for any one doctor (12 hour surgeries aren’t exactly something that most surgeons contend with on a daily fuckin’ basis, ya know). Also, during  many heavy operations, if there are enough surgeons “in da house”, so to speak, they often change places when one gets too tired, groggy or otherwise is less likely continue the operation successfully. So, no, it’s unlikely that any one surgeon or another constantly wears the thing, especially not daily or for that many hours every day.

Besides that, what’s one of the first things that surgeons do when they come out of the operating room? They hastily take off their mask and get a bit lungful of fresh air. I highly doubt any one of them would actually claim that wearing it for the mask was a “pleasure” in any way.

Aside from that, in some cases, it even says on the fuckin’ face-diaper box that “this product does not prevent the spread of covid-19” (of course, in small print), varying by where you’re at. Also another tragically funny thing, here’s a funny story. Where I’m at, they literally sell expired hand lotion as “special covid-19 disinfectant”, with new stickers plastered on top of the squishy lotion bottles. No, these aren’t charlatan street peddlers who are looking to profit off of the hysteria. These are international, big-brand pharmaceutical companies, who sell them in-shop. Basically, global charlatan peddlers and far, far worse.

Those are most of the “experts”, or rather paid mouth-pieces you see in the mainstream media. Do you really think they wouldn’t lie to you? On a massive scale? They’ve been at it for ages. Time to wake the fuck up.

Oh, and here’s another hilarious thing, albeit tragically so. Ya know all those people who occasionally collapse, feint, have increased respiratory problems due to long wearing of face diapers? Guess who’s getting falsely diagnosed with “covid-19”, if they go to a hospital or if someone calls an ambulance (and they ineptly opt to actually hop in, instead of taking the bloody thing off)? You guessed is! They do!

Quite literally, wearing a mask increases the chances of getting diagnosed with the supposed “covid-19” disease; which is actually just a fake diagnostic, made with fake tests and often even no tests at all; besides, it’s most often just a clump of all respiratory diseases (and others) lumped together and falsely labeled as this “new deadly illness”. Which also explains the rather large list of peculiarly non-specific symptoms that this “super-duper-serious disease” supposedly has.

Oh, and by the way, do you think you’d need to “test” to see if you had a deadly illness or not? If the world was actually awash with some manner of a super-lethal-whatever, one would think there wouldn’t be any need to hype it up so much! Or fake numbers! Or scam statistics! Nor try to censor and obscure alternatives that showed a different picture!

Guess what? If there is censorship, there is slavery and there is a hidden agenda.

Aside from censorship being immoral in and of itself, it also speaks volumes (ironically, but not really ironic, actually) about those who support it. If you try to use censor someone, or in any other way employ the initiation of violence, theft, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit, that shows that (a) you either have little to no confidence in what you’re saying or (b) that you know you’re talkin’ shit, but you want to hide it. That is, in addition to being a pathetic, spineless, weak-ass, psychopathic bitch.

Genuinely conscious individuals always prefer to have the free flow of information… well, freely flow. Why? Both because it’s moral and a demonstration of love and respect towards one’s self and others, and also because of a conscious approach of “knowledge and comprehension for their own sake”. All information is welcome. If we find out we’re right about something, we find more reasons as to why that is so. If we’re wrong about something, we’re open to finding that out and thus also, once again, improve our repertoire of information. In both cases, our knowledge and comprehension grows, and that is beautiful and joyous beyond what words would manage to describe.

  • Face-diapers are part of a psy-op and are meant as a cult-initiation rite for the gullible masses

In dark occult traditions, one of the more common ways of initiating a new “apprentice” into the indoctrinated mentality of a cult member, is to isolate the person from contact with other people.

What is the first mantra of all the “(anti)social distancing” and the diaper-wearing? There’s the “physical” isolation through means, along with the mental and emotional isolation. If you don’t see a person’s face and full expression when you’re talking to them, chances are you’re less likely to form an emotional or emotional connection to them. This, in addition to the bullshit mentality of seeing everyone else as a potential “enemy” (another element of cult-indoctrination), generally makes most people far less likely to develop deep connections, which then translates into far poorer relationships, which then translates into apathy. We already know that the parasites and dark occultists (human and non-human alike) are attempting to deceive people into forgetting the concept of “family” alltogether.

Why is that? People with strong connections between them, who care for each other and have a profound, mutual trust for one another, are often much, MUCH more likely to form a cohesive resistance against anyone who might try to threaten them or their kin. That’s part of what humanity does, or at the very least is supposed to do – helping ourselves and each other out; passion, kindness, compassion, empathy and all this beautiful stuff.

So, no, all that bullshit about “distancing”, wearing face-diapers, not gathering in large numbers and so on? It was never about health. You have an industry that profits off of sick people, an agenda that seeks to commit genocide and reduce the world’s population to about 500 million (from around 8 billion, supposedly), along with a more ancient endeavor to try and genetically degrade the human genome, for reasons that have to do with parasites of the more “off-world” sort, but that’s another topic for other articles.

As for the people who come up with the bullshit excuses of “oh, but I got a family to feed” or “but I don’t afford to not have a job”, renounce that fuckin’ job!!! You are literally working for a company that deliberately puts you and your health at risk, in addition to all the psychological mind-“control” at play, both in the short and long terms, on personal and aggregate levels. Have a fuckin’ spine! What? Are ya gonna say the same thing and come up with the same bullshit excuse, if or when they start to try and jab you with a poisonous, DNA altering, nanobot ridden concoction they plan to roll out?

“Oh, no, of course I won’t!”

Yeah, I heard people say that too before the lockdowns became a thing. Oh, they’re not gonna wear a mask, pfft, fuck that shit! Yet, when threatened even in the slightest with losing something they’ve grown familiar with (in this case their job, which most of the time they disdain anyway), or the idea that maybe they’d need to actually do something to make a change in their lives for the better, nah they just put the face diaper on, because they’re scared shitless little cunts.

Look, I ain’t talkin’ out my ass here! I’ve literally been threatened to be taken to a “mental hospital” and to jail over shit like that, with a whole gang of house slaves attempting to intimidate me, but I stood my ground and I was prepared to die right then and there. Didn’t show them any ID (they yanked it from my backback, though), didn’t tell them where I was going and told them to their face that they’re cultists and slaves, and I refused to sign any bullshit papers or verbal process. I’m not afraid of death and I’m not afraid of pain. I won’t wear their bullshit face diaper, especially if they threaten me to do it, in which case I’ll refuse all the more. I’m not bashing people for the things that I haven’t done or am not willing to do, myself. If I bash or criticize people for something, it’s because I myself have overcome whatever hurdle I’m talking about, and I know it CAN be done. Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

If people want to have any manner of a accuracy to the claim that they love and respect themselves, and that they uphold freedom and have principles, well fucking show it in your behaviour and your actions!

Look, in some rare cases, I suppose one could opt to wear one as a one-time thing, like let’s say if they were a freedom oriented person, who decided to get on a plane and go to another country that is less affected by all the desperate so-called “power” grab of the slavery system, so that they’d more effectively continue the journey of exposing the slave farm and retaliate against the slavery system. In that kind of case, it’d be like momentarily wearing a disguise to get to the other side of a wall, where more of one’s freedom oriented friends and movements are, but at the same time… while I can see the “logic” in that, I still wouldn’t do it.

Anyway, my advice, don’t wear a mask for any reason (you do what you will, though, since it’s your life and your choice; also, I mean that advice in the bullshit scamdemic situation; if you want to wear a mask, for reasons of having an easier time breathing in a highly dusty or grimy environment, for example, that’s a completely different scenario).

Imagine if most people just said “NO!” from the start. The agenda would’ve abruptly ended then and there. No “measures” of which to speak. Oh, gee, but what’s this? A majority of people have fallen for the bullshit (be it through actually believing in the fake-ass “official” narrative, or just through being cowardly shits), and now they’re going on about coercing or/and “forcing” people into letting themselves jabbed. Honestly, I don’t exactly have much trust in people who say that they won’t accept the vaccine, but at the same time just wear the masks when threatened even in the slightest.

At the same time, I know that everything is always a choice, and that anyone can overcome anything with a choice to actually do so. Therefore, I’m also open to the possibility that maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if or when they introduce mandatory vaccines, be it through directly trying to violently jab ‘em door-to-door or on the street, or if indirectly through means of “no purchase, no travel” without it, people would finally say “NO!” en masse.

Regardless though, I don’t and won’t wear a mask, and I don’t and won’t accept any bullshit concoction!

Rather than be a slave, a slaver or a moron, or any other kind of parasite, I would rather die and even endure ALL forms of pain and torture in existence!!! Of course, knowing that death, pain and torture are illusions, and that I always rise above and move on anyway, etcetera, etcetera.

Anyway, with regards to the bullshit situation our society has let itself steep into, the point is, NO this was never about “health”. The agenda has always been about tyranny and slavery. Slavery systems never give a shit about those that they (erroneously) views as slaves. If they did, they wouldn’t exist. If the plantation-sponsored “medical” industry gave a shit about you, it wouldn’t exist. All forms of slavery rely on violence, theft, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit. Our current society is just a glorified slave plantation and a cattle farm. Make no mistake, that is what those who get on their pale-ass high-horse, who parade and wave their flags, and blurt out empty slogans on TV, telling you how much “they care”, actually view you as. They view you as cattle. The only way in which the parasites “give a shit” about you, is in the same way that an industrial farmer “cares” about the quality of the “meat” they harvest from the penned, isolated and “medicated” (drugged) animals.

By the way, if you dig deep enough into documents and such, even having an ID card or birth certificate literaly labels you as an “asset” of the state. Of course, we are definitely not any of that, because we are consciousness and all this beautiful stuff, living conscious beings and infinite beingness, but I meant that psychopaths literally (and erroneously) consider you to be “meat” to them.

That is because psychopaths, dark occultists, parasitic entities and all other manners of parasites are deeply, deeply broken and destroyed, so entranched in their suffering and misery, that that is the only thing that they – for as long as they remain parasites – manage to conceive of.

In actuality, the deep retardation and psychopathy that the parasites find themselves in is a reflection of themselves and NOT of humanity.

Chin up, my friends, raise your chests up high, for the spirit never dies.

There is also another side to this crossroads and hurdle that humanity finds itself at, during this rather pivotal moment in the history of our species, which is that to those of us who are more and more spiritual, intuitive, intelligent and wise, we view and use this as an opportunity to grow and evolve, seeing it as another challenge to overcome. Which we are and we shall. All obstacles are meant to be surpassed. That is their very purpose. They are experiences that we create for ourselves, so as to learn, grow, rise above and move on. Well, that is the purpose of all experience, but you get the point.

Whatever anger, resentment, disdain and disgust we may have, let’s express it fully, but without being blinded by it. Instead, channel it towards doing something to help free ourselves and each other of all chains, break all the shackles and heal, grow and evolve.

When we stumble and fall, we are to rise back up and move on, learning how to stand more strongly and firmly than ever before. No mistake is ever a failure, unless one fails to learn from it. The essential lesson to be learned from all hardship, pain and suffering, is how to better overcome it, standing taller and flying higher than we’ve ever flown before.

Again, this obviously applies to all experiences and not just adversity, but the point is to always rise above and move on, becoming more spiritual, intuitive, intelligent, wise, passionate and everything that is good and conscious. In other words, being and expressing more and more of who I and we always and already are, both as individual conscience and infinite consciousness… among other things…

Freedom and principles come before life, and before family and friends.


Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate.

Never a slave, never a master. Never give up, never give in.

Never fear, never be feared.

Rather than be a slave, a slaver or a moron, or any sort of parasite, I would rather die and even endure all forms of pain and torture in existence. Of course, knowing that death, pain and torture are illusions, and that I always rise above and move on… moving on, movin’ on…

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Bravery is the refusal to be influenced by our fears.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.


Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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    1. Take your kids out of school, though, regardless of whether or not you currently have a plan for homeschooling them. Schools are part time prisons, full time indoctrination camps and now even more blatant torture centers (what with the bullshit scamdemic “measures”).

      Where there is will, there is always a way. Even if you have the erroneous impression that there isn’t, do it anyway, and create the way (which is always good to do, being creative and all this beautiful stuff).

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