Cognitive dissonance: still believing someone who is trying to deceive you, even though you realize that’s what they’re doing.


Oh, boy. Isn’t it particularly fucked up to see loved ones and other generally “decent”, and who may sometimes be even informed to an extent and do at least mentally acknowledge and realize what’s going on with regards to the more and more blatant slavery that’s being attemptively rolled out, yet still somehow fall for the bullshit, propaganda and mind-“control”?

That’s one among other things I want to talk about in this article, which is going to be somewhat shorter than my long-ass last one, where I detailed some of my current discernments about the fake-demic, with studies and information to back up my more medically-inclined assessments. Of course, question everything, blah, blah, blah.

So, among both my good, good-ish and fucked up experiences in terms of speaking to people with the intent of trying to help them wake up to what’s going on, and why our species is currently in a situation of slavery, as well as help them realize that, if we so choose, we can all easily overcome it and evolve, both individually and as a species, I have come across people who know, or at least claim to know, some or occasionally even most of the things that I espouse and explain about why the medical industry is hijacked and is poisoning people deliberately (for both “modern” profit-driven agendas, as well as those more ancient and non-human in origin). Yet, when it came to seeing how they respond or react to the current scamdemic situation, some of them just… go along with it.

I’m not talking about those who are just plain cowards and do it solely because they’re scared shitless of the “state” or a most likely inexistent “killer virus”, but rather about a particular assortment of people who rightly would (for example) be willing to kill a house slave (“cop/soldier”) in self-defence, either in general or if they violently tried to inject a vaccine in them or in their non-consenting loved ones.

I’m talking about people who actually do realize that something is fucked up, that the “medical” (specifically aleopathic / synthetic / rockefeller funded and dark occultist run) industry is exactly that, an industry, instead of the healing endeavor that medicine is supposed to be. People who also, even though they unfortunately aren’t really anarchists and still have a dose of the indoctrination of “statism” in them, at least don’t actually trust what the “government” tells them. At the same time, they still do what it says and still falls for their propaganda and the mainstream media news-cycle, even though – when in a more lucid state – they admit that it’s all bullshit.

I mean, I’ve been studying the obviously-not-taught-in-school history about the “medical” industry, along with the dark occult stuff behind it, along with independent studies about why “viruses” don’t exist in the way they are described as “ooh, transmittable killers, ooh” (but are apparently exosomes and proteins from which biological life seems to form), cross-referencing them with ones that claimed otherwise, and have reached the discernment that – in actuality – what people call “viruses” either don’t exist, or at the very least are not causes for disease; likewise that the “war-based model of infection” is just a result of the whole “us vs them”, “survive-survive-survive” and “fear-fear-fear” based, extremely limited and retarded mentality of both the psychopathic, human and non-human parasites that came up with this model of society in the first place, and the people who still buy into it because of ages-old indoctrination, social engineering and mind-“control” techniques. As well as, of course, because on the level of soul, they’ve chosen to have that retarded experience for the time being. If they chose to rise above and move on as well, they shall. Everything is choice and consciousness.

Anyway, so I was talking to a more or less long-time acquaintance, who had been working in (unfortunately) the aleopathic “medical” profession pretty much all her life, as an epidemiologist and medical inspector. To her credit, she’d never taken bribes, often broke “regulations” and didn’t give “fines”, or more accurately said extortion notices, if the places she inspected were sanitary and functionable, but didn’t tick every exaggerated checkbox or fulfilled every arbitrary, retarded minutia that the “system” comes up with to extort more money from people. She also eventually decided to renounce her job because of all the unfairness and corruption of the “medical” system; or so she said, but knowing her and how fucked up our “health” system is, both in terms of the cabal-owned “medicine” industry itself, as well as in terms of our country’s heaps upon heaps of mismanagement, negligence, bribery, fake diagnostics for profit practices and the like (although this is by far not unique to my country, and is unfortunately pretty much the “industry norm”, in our fucked up society), I’d say she wasn’t lying in that regard.

To her discredit though, she still did send out extortion notices, albeit mostly to hospitals and other places that actually were pretty miserable in terms of hygiene and sterilisation. I mean, I realize that on a motivational level she may have wanted to do something decent, but that was pretty much underminded by her hiding behind “legislation” and basically still promoting the slavery system, via “voting” and occasionally “protesting” in the retarded form of begging the “politicians” to change some fancy words on paper, but then still pretty much doing what was being demanded, if they said “nope, fuck you”. I’d say she’s a minarchist at best, in terms of her approach to the “system”. Minarchism is basically akin to a slave who still believes in the slavery system, but has qualms about how they are being whipped seven days a week, and would rather be whipped just five or four days instead of seven. Which is still slavery, and all slavery is evil and should be abolished.

Anyway, after having done more research and realizing that the impression of what people call “viruses” is generally false and “infection” in the “military war” doctrine of so-called “medicine”, whereby diseases are caused by “invisible” and “dangerous” enemies called germs, which are basically a natural and helpful part of the environment, which harmoniously interact with everything else in nature. Likewise, all disease and healing occurs both esoterically through how we create our own reality, along with what we choose to experience, as well as exoterically, in the realm of energy and so-called “physical matter”, wherein imbalances in the energy field (emotions, thoughts and so on) cause chemical imbalances in the body, which then becomes ill as a result of being deprived of something that it perceptively “needs” to function optimally.

So, long story short, she realized that that’s the case and I’m like “okay, we’re getting somewhere”, then I explained how there are basically no “official” control tests in the “isolation” process of so-called “viruses” (that I’ve found so far, anyway) and that the actual cause of the cells dying in the test tube isn’t an allegedly infectious agent, but is rather the result of the actual testing or experiment methodology, as explained in more detail in my previous article, as well as in this paper:

Then, I explained how the medical profession has been basically hijacked since the 19th century by the rockefellers and their lackeys, and the theories and misinterpretations that aleopathic “medicine” presents have been easily dismantled even then, and have continued to be to this day, but that information is obviously censored and unpublished in most mainstream journals. See this video, which neatly compiles quite a bit of historical and medical data on the matter:

Also, do you think that you’d actually have noticed any of the so-called “pandemic”, if there wasn’t this mass hysteria in the media about the supposed “situation”?

“In all likelyhood, most likely not.”

So, after all that and her even agreeing with it and saying that she knew about it, as well as admitting that in-so-far as she is concerned, we didn’t actually disagree on the matter, I was like “So, then you realize that the whole “virus equals infection” thing, isn’t really a thing, yes? Or at least that, in all likelyhood, the so-called “covid-19” doesn’t exist; especially not in the way that has been described in the media.”

Her response was an immediate “Nope, viruses are totally real, and you can’t convince me to believe what I’ve been taught in medical university, no matter what you say.”

I’m like fuckin’ WHAT?! You’re not even willing to ponder the possibility.

She’s was like “Nope. There’s totally covid-19 going around.”

You admitted, in our previous talks about this, that you’re aware of not only a more or less significant part of what we spoke about with regards to this, but also that you don’t trust what the “state” tells you and that you realize that statistics are being faked, with second hand information from former collegues who are doing tests they admit are inaccurate (but they still do it anyway and go along with the fear-porn and “aah, pandemic” gravy train, the fuck-ups) and the diagnostics are being fabricated to suit globalist agendas.


How then, do you not even ponder the possibility that there is no virus, or at least that “covid-19” one doesn’t exist, or is at the very least so statistically trivial so as to be neglijable, even with the bloated and I say most likely completely fake numbers?

“I just don’t want to believe it.”

That is exactly what she said, without even a moment’s pause. What’s worse, is that she didn’t even seem to process or realize how much cognitive dissonance that implies, along with just sheer ignorance and blatant stupidity.

“Oh, but I did all these studies when I was a doctor.”

Purely from the narrow, sellout perspective of mainstream “medicine”, without looking at any other alternative, the model of which has basically not changed in any meaningful way since its inception. Genuine science is never “settled”. It’s always in motion, as there is always more to know than we might think we already know. Both because of this, and for more esoteric reasons, the point is to always question everything.

“Oh, yes, I agree. Science is always in motion and it’s foolish to claim that any one person knows everything about everything.”

“Then, you agree that questioning what you’ve been taught about “viruses” is a good idea, yes?”

“Oh, um… viruses are definitely real. The “science” proves it. I went to college and was a doctor!”

Fuckin’ what?! You just said it’s good to question everything literally a few seconds ago. Why the fuck are you going back on that in what’s literally the next thing that came out of your mouth?! I’ll tell you why: cognitive dissonance and indoctrinated belief, along with an aversion for knowledge outside that limited bubble of perception.

Look, I’m willing to admit both if I am right and if I’m wrong about something, because I’m interested in knowledge and comprehension, growth in consciousness and awarenes and so on, for their own sake. I’m willing to admit that I might be both right and wrong about virtually any “in-game” or “in-reality” aspect, as well as pretty much anything else.

In terms of everything that I remember of other lives, beyond-life experiences and consciousness, as well as research regarding conspiracies, studies both obscure, censored and “official”, putting them all together and making my own discernments, constantly questioning everything about everything and so on, along with being quite well versed in philosophy and psychology (I mean, there’s always more to know and there’s always room for improvement, and part of realizing that implies the willingness and ability to acknowledge and aptly asses one’s own strengths and weaknesses, without vanity and without humility).

So, when I see someone just wanting to believe something to such an extent of cognitive dissonance that the person in question displayed, I just feel more or less extreme anger and sometimes pity for the people in question, in seeing just how enthralled they’ve let themselves become to the ego and social engineering. At the same time, I look to remind myself and them, that I and we are all and always infinite and unlimited freedom and consciousness, and that everyone can easily grow if they so choose. Everything is choice and consent, even if the ego or persona is not aware of it at whatever point in “time-space”.

Anyway, as an analogy, I wonder how those people who first started realizing that the world isn’t flat felt, when they tried to explain or debate their findings with people who still wanted to believe what the church was telling them. Well, I mean, for various reasons, I personally don’t currently discern the actual “shape” of the supposed “world” we share. In various realities, including those very similar to this one, I’ve seen different variants and I don’t exactly discern with accuracy which version of “Earth/Terra/Gaia” I’m on at the moment, but I’ve seen both shitty, “meh” and good arguments for why it may be flat, spherical, hollow – which I think is the most probable scenario – and whatever else.

For the sake of the analogy though, I wonder how those people might have felt when they came to their loved ones and enthusiastically expressed their discernments about why the world most likely wasn’t flat, with the not-fully-imbecilic members seeming to ponder and question upon the hypothesis and information presented, if not even being aware of the information regarding it, but then just saying “Nope, the world is definitely flat and I won’t be convinced otherwise, no matter what information I come across.”, therefore showing that even if they mentally or emotionally realized that the church is being deceptive, they were still far too compulsively and sentimentally attached to the years and years of trauma and deceit of the catholic doctrine, addicted to the shackles of their belief system and mental prisons.

In that sense, it looks like an unfortunate (but fortunately dwindling) majority of people are still mind-slaves to one paradigm or another, mostly because of unhealed trauma and the artificial habit of trying to avoid facing that trauma, through every single distraction that they might use to avoid facing themselves and the things they don’t like about their own darkness.

When it comes to facing the shadow, the weak-minded do one of two things. They either omit it and remain in ignorance (the general masses), or they become blinded and consumed by it (the secondary and primary psychopaths).

Those of us who genuinely love and respect, know and comprehend ourselves, we are willing to intimatey know ourselves deeply and clearly, both individually and as infinite consicousness, with all the evil, all  the “meh” and all the good, conscious and elevatory aspects.

“Know thyself and everything shall be known.”

If you think you “can’t” do something, you won’t. If you think you’re “sort of” gonna do something, you’re “sort of” gonna do it.

Infinitely more so, when we know we always can and are and will, then we always can and are and will.

There is no such thing as “can” and “can’t”. There is always will and will not. In other words, what we choose to bring or not bring into out experienced reality, as with everything else, is always a choice.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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