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How to effectively spread the message of freedom

Aside from “man or woman“, I would also add “all parasites”, instead of just whatever parasitic entity people refer to as “the devil”, “god”, “satan”, “allah”, “enki / enli” or whoever else. Likewise, it’s not really that much of a feat, relatively speaking, since all parasites rely on burrowed power, since they don’t actually express […]

To people who blindly approve or dismiss information, based on belief

Over the years, and especially during this bullshit “fake-ass-demic” period, I’ve been seeing and continue to be seeing a steadily growing number of people questioning what they previously believed they knew, doubting the increasingly desperate and very flawed mainstream “official” narrative. I also have and continue to be seeing an, again, steadily increasing number of […]

Dismantling “minarchy”, “constitutionalism” and other forms of slavery-lite

While I personally don’t like using labels to lump groups of people into specific categories, as regardless of whatever similarities people might have to one another, there are also many differences, and each and every individual is a unique expression of who I/we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential. However, […]

Self-love, self-respect and how to overcome ignorance and complacency

One of the first things I want to say in this article is that there is never any excuse for slavery and evil. Period. Those who are commiting evil, looking to enslave other living beings and deliberately initiate violence, theft, coercion and deceit on others are immoral. On top of that, they are also fucked […]

Genuine knowing, comprehension and research vs. confirmation bias

I’d say “change your lifestyle” instead of “vote with your lifestyle”, since “voting” is just a bullshit political scheme to give people the impression that they’re changing things for the better, when in actuality they’re helping maintain a slavery system by “opting” for a different puppet to whip them across the back slightly differently than […]

Misconceptions about anarchy; and why “government” and “authority” are just euphemisms for slavery.

Except I wouldn’t use the term “please”; neither in general, nor in the context at hand. I would tell them flat out, to their face, that they’re immoral sacks of shit for supporting slavery (at least, in that aspect of their persona; they may very well be at least decent people in other aspects, just […]

Be a child. Be “unreasonable”. Be yourself…

You look around nowadays, and pretty much a majority of people (albeit in declining numbers) are still wallowing in despair and misery, so entrenched in their programmed “rat-race” mentality and so addicted to their routine of mediocrity and stagnation, that for as long as they have that limiting view of themselves and of life, they […]

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