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Genuineness, honesty and the utter importance of always being who we are, no matter what

(The picture isn’t exactly one of the better ones to describe what I mean, but it does allude to some manifested effect of what I’m talking about. It’s infinitely more intricate than that, though.) I am a rather empathic being, perhaps to the point of what most people nowadays would call “extreme”. The words I’m […]

About symbolism and predictive programming

Well, “gifts” isn’t an accurate description, seeing as how “gifts” aren’t exactly a thing, since nothing is ever given or taken, because I/we are all and always free and freedom, infinite and unlimited consciousness, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… Anyway, with regards to the topic of this article… Art is generally two things. Well, it’s many, […]

Stop worrying. Start feeling, thinking, knowing and comprehending.

Ever heard bullshit beliefs like “overthinking leads to worrying”, or other other similar notions? Especially when someone has an agenda or wants to hide something, and wants to deceive you into erroneously assuming that your curiosity or questioning is “the problem”? BULLSHIT!!! There is no such thing as “over-thinking”. There is, however, such a thing […]

How to deceive without actually lying outright; and how to recognize and overcome that, by always questioning everything, etc, etc, among other things…

With just a little bit of shrewdness and knowledge of psychology, it is extremely easy to fool the majority of people nowadays, without ever actually lying to them outright. It’s all got to do with context, inferrence and emphasis, along with neuro-linguistic programming. In other words, how to trick the brain through artificially triggering some […]

Face diapers are tools for mind-“control”. Don’t fall for it.

I find it particularly funny, albeit in the tragic sense of the word, how some people are still gullible and retarded enough to believe the mainstream media and what the “official experts” spew forth form their shit ridden mouths. I’ve written more in-depth about why the scamdemic is exactly that, a bullshit ploy to try […]

How to communicate effectively

How would you better get your ideas across? How does one express their thoughts and feelings in ways that have both clarity and depth? How does one communicate effectively? Well, the answer(s) to that question would vary quite significantly, relative to what species or types of entities we’re talkin’ about. With regards to current-day humans […]

About self-love, self-respect, honesty and integrity

What is honesty? What is integrity? What does it mean to always be one’s self, no matter what? Those things, among infinities of other good things, are expressions of genuine and unconditional self-love and self-respect, which naturally include a deep, profound and clear, unbound will and intent to always know, comprehend and be one’s self, […]

Remembering ourselves as infinite consciousness, while still having the in-reality experiences

I was talking with someone about metaphysical stuff, as well as some other things, and as I was talking about remembering ourselves as infinity, while still experiencing the in-game character’s perspective as well, I was asked: “That’s both a blessing and a curse, isn’t it?” I’m like: “Fuck no! It’s neither. That’s just a matter […]

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