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Stand up in freedom, and never accept any form of slavery

So, I wrote a few other articles on this whole plannedemic or fakedemic (in addition to the first one), exposing part of what I’ve come to discern are some of the implications and manipulations behind the whole thing. However, in this particular one, I want to recount an encounter I had with a bunch of […]

Let’s talk coronavirus panic and long-term agenda, reported numbers and other statistics

Okay, I didn’t initially want to cover stuff about this story, because I generally want to write about spiritual, philosophical, psychological and other more esoteric things on this site, instead of going with “trendy shit” or “riding the news wave”. However, seeing as how the parasites are attempting to distribute what’s basically become “fear porn” […]

Freedom is the answer, and why slavery is never a “solution” to anything

I recently spent some time spreading the messages about freedom and anarchy, as well as stuff exposing the slavery system of our current society, to an “audience” that was not aware of such things, and most of whom were devout zealots of the plantation (a.k.a. the cult of “government” and so-called “authority”). I wanted to […]

Genuine solutions vs. fake “solutions” (or how to recognize potential oppo-sames)

If you ever spot someone who claims to be advocating freedom, but supports “government” or any kind of so-called “authority”, then it usually means one of two things: either the person is honest about wanting freedom, but has cognitive dissonance and does not yet realize that the very idea of “government” is nothing more than […]

Confidence, as a trait of inner strength

What is confidence? That vibe of strength? That air of flair and playfulness? That firm, independent allure? Well, for one, confidence itself is none of that. Those are natural effects of being confident in one’s self; outer projections of one’s inner image and appreciation of themselves. That is what confidence is: an expression of one’s […]

Ways of knowing, comprehending and assessing information

As I/we always and already are infinite and unlimited spirit, freedom, consciousness and potential (among other things), there is always infinite knowledge and information, along with infinite ways in which to interpret, assess or/and comprehend everything. In this article, I’ll be talking about three in particular, namely the religious or faith-based approach, the genuine scientific […]

Abilities are *not* handicaps. That’s why they’re *abilities*! Because they imply growth and evolution.

Oh, boy… holy shit. Imagine you have a skill or any other aptitude. Let’s say, you know how to create art; or, you’re a very good problem solver. You like playing music and you do it well. Maybe you’re good at being very perceptive and attentive to stuff. Maybe you have more knowledge, experience or/and […]

If you want to consciously express freedom, stop believing in so-called “authority” (also, why “government/slavery” is never a solution to anything).

“Government” is slavery. It’s all it is. Strip away all the fancy, ego-pandering bullshit and propaganda, and you’ll see that – in and of itself, in both concept and practice – that’s the only thing that it’s ever been, is and is ever going to be. Even the term itself spells it out for you, […]

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