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The utter importance of self-love and self-respect

Although there are many, many nuances and facets to people, as well as to everything for that matter, when it comes to one of the more profound ways through which I and we express ourselves, as both consciousness and as individuals, it is pretty much always the case that the so-called “inner world” creates the […]

The importance of knowing, comprehension and unbiased research, as well as making independent discernments

Ho-lee-fuckin’ SHIT! I had just finished another article, and during the process of linking it in various discord channels and also browsing through some of the other stuff there, I came across an extremely retarded forbes article, which was basically promoting ignorance and blind belief in “experts” and “the system”, to such a blatant level […]

How to effectively spread the message of freedom

Aside from “man or woman“, I would also add “all parasites”, instead of just whatever parasitic entity people refer to as “the devil”, “god”, “satan”, “allah”, “enki / enli” or whoever else. Likewise, it’s not really that much of a feat, relatively speaking, since all parasites rely on burrowed power, since they don’t actually express […]

To people who blindly approve or dismiss information, based on belief

Over the years, and especially during this bullshit “fake-ass-demic” period, I’ve been seeing and continue to be seeing a steadily growing number of people questioning what they previously believed they knew, doubting the increasingly desperate and very flawed mainstream “official” narrative. I also have and continue to be seeing an, again, steadily increasing number of […]

Everything is free will and imagination; there is no such thing as “predestination”

Except the metaphorical paintbrush is never actually given or taken. The worst that ever happens is someone forgets they’re the one who always writes their own story and makes their own choices, and thus paints someone else’s desired picture. Instead of doing that, we are to remember who we are and that we are always […]

Dismantling “minarchy”, “constitutionalism” and other forms of slavery-lite

While I personally don’t like using labels to lump groups of people into specific categories, as regardless of whatever similarities people might have to one another, there are also many differences, and each and every individual is a unique expression of who I/we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential. However, […]

Self-love, self-respect and how to overcome ignorance and complacency

One of the first things I want to say in this article is that there is never any excuse for slavery and evil. Period. Those who are commiting evil, looking to enslave other living beings and deliberately initiate violence, theft, coercion and deceit on others are immoral. On top of that, they are also fucked […]

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