Always be original, honest and genuine


What does being creative and imaginative mean? What are creativity, imagination and will? What are freedom, liberty and defiance? In senses veyond senses, in infinities of ways and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”, I and we are infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, consciousness and potential… no beginning and no end of any kind, no limits nor limitations of any kind.

Therefore, I and we do not begin nor end with anything, because I and we always and already are everything and everythingness. That means all of the nothing and nothingness (complete forgetfulness of self), all of the something and somethingness (partial remembrance of self and beingness, to varying extents), and all of everything and everythingness (infinite and unlimited awareness, knowing and comprehension of ourselves, in-form and veyond-form)… among other things…

In that sense, we are all of the bullshit, evil and limitations, all of the “meh” stuff, and infinitely more, I and we are all of the good and conscious, elevating and evolving aspects of ourselves as consciousness.

Which aspects of ourselves I and we choose to manifest in the form of “realities”, “stories” and “characters” to roleplay in and as, is a choice that we make when we choose to “incarnate” or “manifest” particular aspects of my/our infinite beingness.

The individual, therefore, is one of the more beautiful expressions of consciousness: the self-aware being. To fully be an individual, one is to not only recognize the difference between one’s manifested self and the perceived environment, but at the same time realize that they are both expressions of ourselves as consciousness.

Creativity, in the sense I’m talking about here, is the conscious decision on all levels of our being, as well as veyond the concept of levels, to ponder, feel, question, know, comprehend and express more and more and more of who I and we genuinely are, always honestly and without any compromise whatsoever.

NEVER copy anything. You were born an original being. Don’t die a copy. The more someone copies what they see around them, the less in harmony they are with themselves. Learn from the reflected or projected world, so erroneously called “the outer reality”, as well as from others; integrate what resonates with you and what is right, and do away with the rest, but never copy and do not become a clone; copying means becoming a slave to context and surroundings.

To be original, means to consciously create the concepts, contexts and surroundings.

All great acts of genius arise from the utter refusal to be constrained by one’s present “reality” or “context”.

No matter the perceived risk, no matter the death and pain and torture, and likewise no matter the pleasure, joy and happiness… no matter anything that we might endure or enjoy, in life and veyond life, we are to always be ourselves no matter what.

And, remember: those of us who are the first to do a thing or embark on a adventure, we need no precedent. Doing something for the first time does not require a precedent. Actually, part of its very essence means to do something regardless of whether or not it’s been done before.

One of the greater achievements not just in life, but in every way whatsoever, is to be one’s genuine self without faltering; and if one does fall or falter, to pick themselves back up, rise above and then move on anyway, having learned from one’s mistakes and thus becoming wiser either way. Knowing thyself is paramount and of the utmost importance, as is expressing one’s self freely. You came here to live your story, not anyone else’s. Never apologize for anything. Honestly recognize and admit your mistakes, to yourself and those you’ve wronged, but never take back anything of what you’ve ever said and done. Embrace your achievements and accomplishments, as well as your mistakes and failures, and use them all for your growth and remembrance of self.

Ignorant golems and mindless cattle cheer on blindly and without discernment, eating waste and garbage from the gold painted and sugar laden troughs, lifelessly swiping right to the dictates of parasites with plastered, fake-ass smiles, and swiping left to truth and wisdom.

The dead do not even fathom joy or love, nor rage or sadness, let alone feel or live them. All they “feel” is ego-driven compulsions and sensory pain and pleasure. They “exist”, but do not know to live.

For those newly awakening from the trance, as well as for everyone else as well, be proud and strong. Miss not the “daily grind” and empty words of those you wrongly thought to be your friends or family, and instead rejoice in knowing that being alone is one of the more beautiful things in life. One who loves one’s self, will take joy and pride in solitude. Likewise, it is oft a sign of intelligence and self-respect to refuse “social interaction”, in a society filled mostly with empty husks and golems.

That said, it is also a sign of intuition and self-love, to love one’s self so much that there is no hatred for the blind, and instead either patience and helpfulness towards those who show some signs of wanting to wake up and grow, or fury, sadness and eventually pity for those who remain within their tombs. We were once blind too, either in this life or several others before we awakened ourselves.

Bare your teeth and strike, retaliate when right to do so, yet remember to remind yourself to keep an open mind and open heart, as well as open arms, always creating, growing and learning, elevating ourselves and reminding others to do so, as well.

Remember that all pain and suffering is a choice we’ve made, so as to challenge ourselves to become better, stronger, wiser, and more conscious and defiant than we were before. Likewise with genuine joy and happiness, they are a choice and recognition that we’re being ourselves and always doing what is right (which includes making mistakes and learning form them how to keep our head and chest always up high, and our wings always open to fly).

The proverbially dead don’t suffer, much like a corpse does not feel pain. For as long as they are empty husks and mindless vessels, they are beneath even the realm of suffering, which can be said to be an even greater suffering.

When one rejoices in one’s suffering, not in the sense that they “like” the pain (which would be its own separate type of retardation), but rather in welcoming the challenge as a sign that they are growing, and in knowing that one shall surpass the obstacle and rise up, and move on. Standing taller and prouder, one’s manifestations, voice and actions speaking all the louder, and flying on our own wings, higher and higher and higher, evermore… and veyond… and veyond… and veyond… among other things…

This is part of genuine joy, as well as everything veyond the realms of such. To know and love, and be one’s self, no matter what, both in-form and veyond form, always and veyond ways… among other things…

And thusly, among other things, to be creative and original means to feel and think and live outside all boundaries, veyond the walls and chains insidiously crafted by deceit, lies and illusions. Question everything and be not afraid of anything. Likewise, do not be afraid to fear, either; but do not let your fears influence you.

Cowardice is letting one’s fears influence him or herself.

Bravery is the utter refusal to let fear influence us.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.

Awareness, knowledge and comprehension dispel fear, for all fear is born of ignorance and lies. Truth does not fear. Truth needs no defence. Truth defends itself in the face of all adversity, by the very nature of being genuine. Be genuine and fearless, and you will overcome all obstacles, no matter what they are. Be creative and imaginative, willing to express and be yourself no matter what, no matter what pain and hardships you’d endure, and no matter what happiness and excitement you might enjoy. We are to always be ourselves, no matter what.

The dead and dying are blind copies and golems devoid of expressed conscience. They know nought else but blindly copying.

The half-alive or partially living are beings who have, to varying extents, the tendency to put their own spin on things, but generally have no principle and just waver from letting themselves influenced by one thing and then another, and then another, with enough self-awareness to not become fully ingulfed in blindness, but not nearly enough to be truly themselves, at that point in their lives.

The genuine and infinitely living, the conscious and spiritually, philosophically alive are those of us who choose to always be ourselves, always honest, questioning, remembering, knowing and comprehending, expressing, loving and being who we are, no matter what.

Being consciously alive has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not our bodies are functioning, or indeed, if we even manifest such vehicles to drive around. Take a look around the world, and you’ll witness a sea of either empty, vacant vehicles, and maybe those with drivers sleeping at the wheel.

There are some of us, however, who are awake and aware… awake and aware… awake and aware… those of us who love and respect, know and comprehend, are and express ourselves as being who we genuinely are.

When one genuinely loves one’s self, then one knows how to genuinely love another. Otherwise, one hates the world and others, because one hates themselves. How does one expect to share with others, what one does not express or have within themselves? Well, I say “have”, but nothing is ever had or not had. I and we are infinite and unlimited consciousness, so there is never such a thing as “lack”, outside the veils of mental, emotional or ego-based illusion. We always and already “have” and are everything and everythingness, and which aspects of ourselves we choose to create into an experienced reality is, as with anything and everything, always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

How is it then, that through the individual form, which is as such a form, do we recognize ourselves veyond the realms of “form”, “concept” and “context”? Words do not express what I actually mean in this regard, but if we are to use the analogy – inaccurate as it is – of looking through a telescope, then the onlooker would be ourselves as infinite consciousness and what is seen would be the realms of form, while the individual would is the lens that’s facing both the onlooker, as well as the world of form. If the individual were to look solely towards “reality”, then they’ll only see “reality”. When one looks inward through the telescope, one remembers who they genuinely are, as the onlooker and consciousness, soul and spirit and so on. However, if one looks only inwards, they become unconscious of “reality”, which is – after all – part of what they came here to experience.

To be genuine and creative means to look both at the kaleidoscopic image of “reality” and experience the ride, proactively and detached, but consciously involved, as well as through the scope to look ourselves right in the eyes, and realize there is no “separation” between the utterly unbound infinity of I and the expressed infinities of we.

Of course, we can do away with the scope and forms at any moment, and consciously question, remember, know and comprehend, express love and be ourselves, in-form and veyond-form, etcetera.

Thus we realize, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated, by us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, in every way whatsoever, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of ways.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always rebellion, courage, honesty, defiance… intuition, intelligence, soul and spirit, conscience and consciousness… originality, persistence, inventivity, ingenuity, geniusness, genuineness, curiosity, creativity… love, reason and wisdom… questioning, awakeness, awareness, knowing and comprehension…

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.





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