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Well, “gifts” isn’t an accurate description, seeing as how “gifts” aren’t exactly a thing, since nothing is ever given or taken, because I/we are all and always free and freedom, infinite and unlimited consciousness, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond…

Anyway, with regards to the topic of this article…

Art is generally two things. Well, it’s many, many things, but in the context I’m implying, it’s people interpreting nature and trying to transcribe their impressions into a form that is individual to their unique interpretation. Likewise, in a more advanced form, it can also be a means to use allegory so as to refer or make allusions to things beyond nature and beyond what people generally perceive through their “senses”. So, it can be both a way to discern more about the already known and perceived, as well as about the unknown and what is beyond the concept of form. Which I/we always and already are anyway, but anyway, art is a means of communication, with which all conscious beings resonate particularly well. However, it can also be used to trick the minds of those who are not aware of how their own minds work.

Let’s look into what is called “predictive programming”. In short, it’s a psychological tool that’s often, if not always, used in the deceptive mass media, and it basically implies subliminally injecting ideas, concepts or notions into the public’s minds (or try to stimulate the formation of reflexive associations in the brain) through symbolism, numerology, repetition, patterns repeated over and over again, as well as a number of other things, like manipulating the pain-relief-pain-relief-pain-relief patterns of the stimulus response or reaction, that our current fleshy vehicles are equipped with. We are not the body, though. We do not “have” souls. We are souls. What we “have” is bodies. Well, I/we are all and always infinite and unlimited consciousness, so nothing is ever “had” or “not had”, since we are everything and everythingness, among other things…

Anyway, as for the topic of this article, the “unbegun” mind (in other words, the mind that has yet to fully assert itself, so to speak) is typically comfortable around the familiar (in a debilitating way that usually forms an addiction to a particular belief, opinion or set of such), while the growing mind yearns to expand, abolishing the addiction to comfort (as well as all addiction whatsoever) and reveling in experiences and stuff through which it grows and evolves.

With regards to how the slumbering, or worse ignorant mind can let itself influenced, various forms of art can be used both for the benefit of helping it awaken, as well as to its detriment, in the case of deceptive and malicious practices. When shows, movies, magazines and so on constantly repeat a particular number or symbol, it’s usually with a purpose in mind. Ya see, all numbers have their own meaning, in numerology; while there is interpretation in symbology (and in everything), that is unique to every individual, there are also symbols that appertain to nature; which, well… are also interpretable, seeing as how all meaning can take any form, but let’s look at the “flower of life” – or, I think it was the seed of life, but anyway – which you can see repeated over and over in nature, and it’s also how the fertilised egg in humans looks, when it first starts multiplying to form the embryo. The fibonacci sequence is another among many examples, like the pentagram (the non-inverted one), the circle, cube and triangle, the ankh, vaginal and phallic symbolism, as well as more esoteric stuff.

These symbols are more or less recognized by the unconscious or subconsicous mind, and if those two aren’t harmonized with the conscious mind, ideas (both good and bad) can be made familiar to the individual, without the individual, persona or ego being aware of it. For example, the number 9/11. 9 is the number of ego. 10 is the number of “divinity” (though I don’t like that term, due its religious implications; plus, in terms of what I’ve seen thus far of numerology, “divinity” typically refers to what I call either the in-game fabric or “dev-code” of our reality, while we ourselves as consciousness are way, way more than that; we are both the story, and the characters, and reality, and the creator/s and player/s beyond the story-world, and infinitely more than that).

Anyway, 11 is the number of copying, mimicry or artificiality. 9/11 symbolically implies that the ego is blindly copy-pasting itself, out of fear that its perceived present state might become different to what it’s come to view as familiar (the ego erroneously perceives that as “death”, like someone being afraid to shed their clothes, believing they would “die” if they do so). Thus, if it remains in that state of ignorance, fear and cowardice, then the ego does not evolve to recognize its own “divinity” and beyond. In a ploy to deceive people towards harboring a mini-version of the psychopathic and scared shitless mindset that the parasitic dark occultists (human and non-human alike) who deceive humanity from behind the scenes, they constantly barrage the public with malicious uses of symbology, not least 9/11 symbology, be it in 9/11 forms or others that numerologically add up to that (related and unrelated to the complete bullshit “official” narrative about the twin towers collapsing).

There were countless images with the twin towers falling, or suggesting that they fall, often with planes being subliminally implied, or other aspects like aliens and ufos, ever since television became a thing. NOTHING placed in movies, pictures, series or TV shows is placed there by accident or randomly. It’s all subliminal mind-games, both for better and worse, varying by intent, practice and use-case.

For example, here’s another story – the name of which I don’t recall at the moment, or where it happened, but it was in the US. There was a small business at the time, that made an “instant cake mix”; but it wasn’t selling well. They hired some marketing psychologists, and after some back and forth (longer story; this is the abridged version), they told them to add just one element to their commercial blurb on the back of the box: “Add two eggs.” They did, and added a picture of a woman’s hand holding a pair of eggs above the mix. Then, it started selling extremely well, compared to prior.

Why is that? Why such a difference, with just that one line and a picture of some eggs? Eggs are a symbol of fertility and feminine energy, basically the “gate of life”, while the phallus or phallic symbolism is the “key of life”. Back in those times, a majority of women in the US were housewives, so they generally handled most of the cooking and homestead-related stuff. They were involved in being the feminine part of the family, and upon some marketing research, the psychologists discovered that the majority of women felt like an “instant cake mix” would mean that they didn’t put enough love and effort into what they did for their family, or that they “cheated” and didn’t make the cake with enough care and passion. The “add two eggs” line and picture on the box subliminally implied that now, since they’re “doing something” by adding the eggs (a symbol of life, passion and renewal, as well as feminine energy), most of those womens’ persona-minds were like “woop, I’m now putting my passion into it”, and so the cake mix sales spiked exponentially literally over night.

Also, here’s another example:

Of course, none of those things actually work, when all aspects of the mind and heart are in harmony with one another. Ya know those subliminal images where there’s a word hidden in the imagery, and it seems like it’s not there at all, but when ya actually spot the word it becomes so utterly and completely obvious? That’s what all deceit is. When you see it for what it is, you won’t be blind to it ever again.

Well, that also applies to all knowledge and awareness, because once we expand our awareness, we’re pretty much never gonna regress ever again, but you get the point. I mean, there is the option, because we’re infinite consciousness and that means infinite potential and possibility, but why would any self-loving and self-respecting being choose to degrade to a level that they’ve already overcome? Answer: we don’t. What we choose is to always grow and evolve, be more and more of who we genuinely are, etcetera, etcetera.

Question everything. The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know. Among other things…

Nobody and nothing whatsoever has any “higher claim” to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated. By us, from us, with ourselves.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnzMmEt4pIb90E4mNJMVTwyE_E5iGW8fm – presentation on part of how this stuff works.

Also, some books to get you started. This also gets into how AI started and what it actually is. Of course, always question everything etc. By the way, if you’re looking for books that are out of print, not circulating that much around the internet, or generally banned/censored, use libgen.is


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