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What is honesty? What is integrity? What does it mean to always be one’s self, no matter what? Those things, among infinities of other good things, are expressions of genuine and unconditional self-love and self-respect, which naturally include a deep, profound and clear, unbound will and intent to always know, comprehend and be one’s self, no matter fucking what. No matter the perceived adversity or abundance, no matter what anyone else says, no matter how “safe” or “unsafe” it might seem in any particular context.

When we genuinely love ourselves, we would rather die and even endure all forms of pain and torture in existence, compared to forgetting who we are. Freedom means, among other things, infinite and unlimited consciousness, beingness and potential. If we want to express to good, conscious and elevating aspects of ourselves as infinite and unlimited consciousnes, then we are to always love and respect, know and comprehend, as well as be who we genuinely are; without any mask, without any veil and without any bullshit. Freedom and principles come first; before life and before family and friends.

“I would always rather die on my feet, than “live” on my knees.”

“It is better to live even a single moment as a lion, than a whole lifetime as a sheep.”

As a genuine, honest and free spirited man, I find it sickening and infuriating to walk among so many of corpses. For a variety of reasons, the more egotistical of which revolve around the anger aimed towards the notion that I’m sharing a world with such fuck-ups. At the same time, there are more spiritual and empathic reasons as well, being furious at just how grossly and desperately people are mutilating themselves, often without being aware of it, and even worse, with some cheering it on, even sexualizing their own enslavement. Fucking retards, self-loathing sacks of shit, self-hating cucks and cowardly, passive bitches. Slaves to the egoes of others, without whom the parasites (human and non-human, “royal” or whatever other empty meaningless titles and terms they might clamor themselves with, that basically just translate to “narcissistic psychopath and self-mutilating, fucked up parasite”) wouldn’t manage to do anything.

I have deep, deep pity for the parasites, which is about all that they deserve, if even that. Of course, I definitely wouldn’t be against seeing them go through the same torture they engage in behind closed doors, or at least see them killed, by my hand or by whoever else’s if we as individuals and as a species create a reality where it’ll come to that bloody revolution kind of scenario, or whatever else. However, since they’re parasites, they express themselves in “reality” as being utterly powerless. Which is exactly why they are vampiric in nature and try to deceive others into channeling their energies, often unwittingly, towards propagating the parasites’ agendas.

That is why the parasites themselves, while obviously responsible for their share of involvement in the agenda of attempted human enslavement, are less responsible for the bullshit that’s going on, compared to the actual population and people who are bringing it about through their fucked up, socially engineered behaviour.

That is part of why I pity the parasites, but at the same time find them totally unworthy of my anger. The people who fall for the bullshit though, since in many aspects (while probably slightly less mentally aware of various bits of information about different aspects of the psyche, how “reality” apparently works and all that) are not so dead inside so as to become deliberately evil. That is why I find the population to still be worth being angry about. So far, anyway.

And one of the main reasons why things are so fucked up in our society is because, aside from the social engineering, ancient genetic manipulation, constant propaganda and subliminal symbolism used for malicious purposes and all that, is because they are not being honest with themselves. Not being who you are is probably the biggest trauma you’ll ever experience, on any level. From that results all other trauma, which if left unresolved and thrown under the proverbial carpet, will make one all that much easier to deceive and manipulate. Why is that? Because they’re already being dishonest with themselves. Dishonest people are the easiest to manipulate, because most of the “job” in that regard is already done by the intended target, themselves. If someone is already lying to themselves, the only thing you need to do to deceive someone is to furnish the lie and appeal to their sense of ego.

That is why I find that pandering, no matter the shape or form it takes, or what context it’s done in, is one of the most disgusting things that anyone can do to another and to one’s self. Only those who hate themselves would ever have the tendency, or even worse the urge to belittle themselves and put someone else on a pedestal. The same goes in reverse, as well. In order to put yourself on a pedestal, and vainly proclaim that you are “so ultra mega and above everyone else”, you need to hate yourself. Narcissism is self-loathing masked as “confidence”. Only an insecure mind that has succumbed to trauma would seek to belittle themselves or another.

Why? Because the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”, both esoterically, in terms of how we always create our own realities, as well as exoterically, with regards to how our views and behaviours about ourselves translate into our views and behaviours towards life, reality and other living beings.

When we love and respect, know and comprehend ourselves, then that naturally translates to a profound desire to honestly and earnestly appreciate and criticize both ourselves, as well as everything and everyone.

On the other hand, if someone is so pathetic and weak so as to try to beg, dictate or coerce others’ to change their behaviour to suit the bitch’s or bitch-boy’s fragile ego (for they aren’t actual men or women, in the genuine sense of what either of those things mean), or they just retardedly “accept” taking that shit from anyone, then they are not worth interacting with.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, everyone has and is infinite potential, and everything is always a choice. No matter how fucked up someone has let themselves become, they can always grow and evolve no matter what, if they so choose. However, for as long as they choose to remain dead or dying, or in other words, for as long as they’ve chosen to refuse helping themselves, then nobody’s gonna manage to help them.

Likewise, and infinitely more than that, when we DO genuinely choose to help ourselves, heal, grow, evolve, rise above and move on, then NOBODY and NOTHING whatsoever will ever manage to stop us.

Why’s that? Because I/we are all and always infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential, and so that’s why everything is always a choice, and everything happens through consent. Consent which the ego may or may not be aware of, at whatever point in “time-space” that the individual in question has yet to harmonize all aspects of one’s self, being and beingness.

That’s a topic for another time, but the point that I’m looking to make, is that because of that, when we DO genuiely choose (not just want or wish, but rather make a soul choice) to help ourselves, heal, grow, evolve, rise above and move on, then NOBODY and NOTHING whatsoever will ever manage to stop us.

The main reason why there is still slavery in this world, is because a significant enough but fortunately declining majority, as it seems like more and more people are gradually waking up… although it may not seem as obvious when you look around the street, because the numbers have yet to reach critical mass; no matter, though. Doing what is right is to be done for it’s own sake, no matter what!

Anyway, one of the main reasons why slavery is still a thing, is because a majority of people have yet to acknowledge their own power, importance and uniqueness.

When we individually remember ourselves as who we are, both individually and as infinity, unlimitedness and veyond, our lives change literally in an instant, although the ego may sometimes take some time to realize what’s going on, varying from one person to another.

Besides that, there is no such thing as “power”. There is no “powerlessness” and there is no “powerfulness”, either. Power is a finite, “in-game” illusion, because it has form. “Power” or “force” can be defined or witnessed in the process of some particular thing interacting with another particular thing. In other words, “power” implies that manifestly finite things are butting heads against one another.

Omnipotence is a tiny speck and illusion, compared to who we are as consciousness. “Power” is your in-game persona’s “character level”, progressed through in-game means. Which means and which “power” can be bypassed with cheat codes, utilizing the developer kit and console, as well as effortlessly drawing new concept art and making new stuff on the fly. That is somewhat akin to what synchronicities and lucid reality creation is like (although it’s much more complex and intricate than that, so don’t take the analogy too literally), which we always do by the very nature of being.

And the more spiritual, genuine, creative, intuitive, intelligent, passionate and honest we are, and the more involved we are in what we do, but detached from the outcome, the more we create our realities and live our lives much more beautifully, earnestly, synchronistically and lucidly. Thus, we overcome all obstacles and always grow, knowing that every experience, no matter how fucked up or how good it might be, it’s always something that we choose to experience, so as to learn and grow; always being more rebellious, more fearless, more conscious and more alive with each and every single moment.

Therefore, we are to always be ourselves, no matter what.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate.

In other words…

Never a slave, never a master. Never give up, never give in.

Never fear, never be feared.


Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Bravery is the refusal to let fear influence us.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Why, how and what we choose to manifest, as with everything and everythingness, is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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